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  • Pac Man World 2
  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • Namco
  • Everyone
  • February 26, 2002


How To Defeat Pinky

Enemy: Pinky (loves Pac-Man, is pink, smarter the other ghosts)
Vehicle: Giant Ghost a. k . a . Blower (shoots snowballs from mouth, can freeze Pac-Man with ice coming from the bottom)
Moves: Butt Bounce and Rev Roll
Plan of Attack:
Pinky is tough. I was happy when I finally beat her. But now on to the cheat. When Pinky shoots snowballs from her mouth, hide on one of the bridge things that leads to the B-Doing. Rev Roll into her, and if possible, Butt Bounce on the B-Doing onto her dome. Happy Ghostbusting!

How To Defeat The Megawhale

Enemies: Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde (ghost gang, scary, unwittingly unleasehed Spooky, chase Pac-Man, are scared when Pac-Man eats a power pellet)
Vehicle: Megawhale (giant mechanical whale, shoots mines and ghost subs)
Weapons: Torpedos and Smart Bomb
Plan of Attack:
After meeting up with Professor Pac, Pac-Man is sent to destroy Spooky's lead flagship Megawhale being driven by the ghost gang. In your sub, shoot torpedos, destroy ghost subs and mines when neccessary, and use Smart Bomb to cause extra damage when you have it. You'll recieve the last golden fruit after you destroy it. Happy Ghostbusting!

How To Defeat Clyde

Enemy: Blinky (very smart, clever, sneaky, sly, maniacal, evil, scary, dangerous, etc. , etc. , etc. )
Vehicle:? (shoots fireballs, invincible from Rev Roll, scary, can burn Pac-Man from fire coming from bottom)
Moves: Butt Bounce
Plan of Attack:
To defeat Clyde, first dodge his fireballs. Then, when he floats over and hides next to one of the rocks, Rev Roll to it and Butt Bounce on him. Repeat. Happy Ghostbusting!

How To Defeat Spooky

Enemy: Spooky (defeated by Sir-Pacalot, unwittingly released by the ghosts, spent prison under a tree)
Weapon: Staff (shoots meteors, different fireballs, enemies, can daze Pac-Man)
Move: Flip-kick
Plan of Attack:
Spooky is hard to defeat. Even though Pac-Man is stronger because he's gold at this point, Spooky inflicts major damage, so I would suggest stocking up on ALOT of extra lives before this part. Flip-kick Spooky 11 times to defeat him, avoid his attacks, if he sends out an enemy, kill it so you'll get a health wedge. Watch out when Spooky says you can't defeat him when you're in a daze. He'll shoot a spell that looks like a spell that makes an enemy. Hope all my hints helped you through Pac-Land! Happy beating Pac-World 2!

How To Defeat Inky

This is my second hint to defeat bosses. Enjoy.
Enemy: Inky (best friend of Blinky, a little smarter than him, likes blue)
Vehicle: Giant Ghost a. k . a . Saw-o-Matic (shoots saws out of mouth, floats)
Moves: Butt Bounce and Rev Roll
Plan of Attack:
Inky is tougher then Blinky. To defeat him, Rev Roll into his body, and Butt Bounce on the blue B-Doings to damage his glass dome. Watch out for his saws, and try your best. Happy Ghostbusting!

X-tra Extra Lives!

This is how you can get more lives on the game. When you get to the snow levels, look around, break boxes, defeat Rev Roll Rams, whatever! Doing any of that and other things will help you locate extra lives! This is really usefull to! When I got to Pinky (counting deaths), I had 25 lives! Happy hunting!

How To Defeat Blinky

This is 1 of many hints I'm gonna put in. These are basically how to defeat the bosses. This first one is how to defeat Blinky. Enjoy.
Enemy: Blinky (ghost, is an idiot, gives away information purposely)
Vehicle: Giant wooden frog (has Golden Cherry throat, wooden and steel tongues)
Moves: Rev Roll and Butt Bounce
Plan of Attack:
First, Blinky will talk and say "And ya better not Butt Bounce! " . That means you have to Butt Bounce on his frog's tongue. Then he'll get mad and use a steel tongue, saying "And ya better not Rev Roll! " . Rev Roll on the frog's tongue into it's throat, the frog will then break and Blinky will disappear. You'll then get the Golden Cherry. Happy Ghostbusting!

Get Ice Skates

Beat Blade Mountain (Snow World)

Defeat Spooky

To defeat Spooky, you have to flip kick him 11 times. To avoid his meteor attack, jump the opposite direction the meteor is going. When Spooky is low, flip kick him. Repeat the process 3 more times. To avoid the homing fireball(last two sections), keep moving. Do the same thing as last time.(On the last part, Spooky will unleash a daze attack.)

Get Bonus Art

Collect 150 tokens

Butain-pain Super-life

On first checkpoint, look down tree, rev-roll into some angled B-Doing's, follow their lead and you will end up on a tree. There will be a switch, Butt-Bounce on it-extra lives and tokens will appear around Pac-Man, goody goody gumdrops!

Get Music Test

Collect 60 tokens

Get Original Pac Man & Ms Pac Man Games

Get 10 tokens to unlock Pac Man, 30 to unlock Pac Attack, 100 to unlock Pac-Mania and 180 tokens to unlock Ms Pac Man


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Ms Pac-man

Collect 180 tokens.


Collect 10 tokens.

Easter eggs

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