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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Intellegent Systems
  • Nintendo
  • Everyone
  • October 11, 2004


Danger Mario

Danger Mario is tough. To have him work, you have to equip 20 or 30 power rushes which can be found at the pianta parlor after you get the 6th crystal star and when you clear frankie's trouble. Danger Mario's attack power will be increased x2. He can also defeat the toughest enemies the Shawdow Queen and Bonetail.

Maximum Coins You Can Hold At A Time

The Maximum coins you can hold at once is 999.

Jabble The Jabbi

It is possible to Unlock a Jabbi that will travel around the Great Tree in Chapter 2 with you as well as your puni. If you remember correctly Punio mentions a friend of his when he first tells you about the Jabbi tribes in the tree. Well if you go to Pungent's Store to the left of the same area he told you this in, you can find Jabble hiding behind the three random pillars all the way to the left. He doesn't count for anything in terms of Puni count, but come on who doesn't want a Jabbi as a friend?

Danger Mario

Danger Mario is tough. To have him work, you have to equip 20 or 30 power rushes which can be found at the pinata parlor after you get the 6th crystal star and when you clear frankie's trouble. Danger Mario's attack power will be increased x2. He can also defeat the toughest enemies the Shawdow Queen and Bonetail.

Broken-Neck Mario

When you are under a small ceiling do an ultra- jump. When he hits the top pause the game then un-pause, it looks like he has a broken neck.

Yoshi Colors

When you pick your name for the Yoshi, name it the color you want it like "Orange" and it will turn that color but if you think that's stupid name him after something that color like "Fireball" and since fire is orange he will turn orange.

How To Defeat Blooper

You need to be able to go to this sewer (not the main sewer) and jump on Blooper's thing. He will say something and you need to fight him. Defeat his things and he will fall down from the top of the stage. If you have the Power Smash, you'd might as well use this (have a lot of BP or FP!)a lot in this fight. (Tattle with Goombella for details) Have either 95 or 99 star points there. If they ask you what you want up, reply 'HP'. Then you can also go to Petal Meadows.

Star Point Craze

To do this, the best place to go to is Keelhaul Key after you have completed chapter 4. But I advise that you get Ms. Mowz before you set sail (upgrade her to Super Rank before you go). Now when you arrive on the island, you will see that there are 3 fire ghosts (Embers). You beat them and then you go to the jungle and you will see a Green Fuzzy and he will jump right to you. Now when you're in battle, have Mario defend himself, while Ms. Mowz hits the enemies with her Love Slap. But when there are 4 of them, let Mario use his Power Bounce to kill 1. If you do this correctly, then you should have a whole bunch of star points in the end of the battle. Good luck!

Shine Sprites At Poesly Heighs And Star Pieces At Hooktails Castle

One sprite is at the very left of poesly heighs. Another one is in the place with the sixth crystal star, do a spring jump at the poles, go left and go straight down. You will also see the luigi emblem, but thats another cheat.
One piece in hooktail castle is in the room with the paper airplane, you go to the crack again and go right. Another is in the part when you jump out of the window, instead go right then you will get a star piece.

The Soft Touch

The soft touch is very simple, all you have to do is equip two or more soft stomp badges. If you do that, the enemy will be soft for about five or more turns.

Snow Bunny

To make a snow bunny, you have to mix a Spicy soup with a Golden Leaf , but first you have to solve Zess T. 's trouble by getting the legendary cookbook first.

Counting Sheep

To have your enemies in an endless sleep, you need to equip 2 or more sleepy stomps, which will knock out your enemies 5 or more turns, but temporarily.


Performing shrinky-dink requires 2 or more shrink stomp badges. The enemy will be shrunken for 5 or more turns.

Not So Simple Mario

To become unsimple Mario, you have to buy 2 or more unsimplifier badges at the howz of badges.

All The Partners Where When And How To Get Them And What They Do

Goombella:where rougeport, how to get:beat lord crump and go up the stairs, when:the beginning of the game, what she does:she can tell you about anything and anyone in the game in and out of battle.
Koops:where just outside of petalburg, how to get:get the sun and moon stone and then go back to petalburg and walk out of the borders of the town, when:near the beginning, what he does:he can be shot out forwards and attack enemies or retrieve items
Madame Flurrie:where her house in boggly woods, how to get:beat Vivian, Marilyn, and Beldam get her lucky necklace and go back to her house, when:just before you are able to get into the great tree, what she does:she can blow great gusts of wind to make enemies dizzy for an easy escape and to blow away invisible things to make whats under them visible
? (you get to name this partner yourself):where the hot dog stand in glitzvile you get the egg and then it hatches after you lose the battle for rank ten, how to get:King K will tell you the hot dogs are amazing then you go out to the hot dog stand and chase the egg until you catch him on the roof of the hot dog stand, when: (the egg) when King K tells you to gop get a hot dog (the actual partner) after you lose battle number 10, what he does:you can ride him to go faster and to glide for a short period of time
Vivian (yes the same one you fought in boggly woods): where in twilight town, how to get: beat doopliss and go back to twilight town, when: after you beat doopliss and he steals your body you go back to twilight town and find the superbomb for Vivian, what she does:she can pull Mario into the shadows and hide from enemies and other stuff like that.
Bobbery:where keyhaul key, how to get:get the chuckola cola from Flavio and give it to Bobbery, when:after you revive him with the chuckola cola, what he does:you can throw him and he will walk a few steps and then blow up but if you press X before he is supposed to blow up he will blow up.
Ms. Mowz:where after getting the fourth crystal star you can take her trouble at the trouble center, how to get: you finish her trouble at the trouble center (her trouble is you have to find a badge in hooktail castle, after you finish her trouble you get her and the badge), when :after getting the fourth crystal star, what she does: she can sniff out items and badges if you are really close to something and not moving her nose will twitch.

All Of The Places And The BOSSES

Hooktail castle, HookTail HP=20 D=1 Att=5
The Great tree, magnus Hp=30 d=1 Att=2
glitzville, Macho Grubba Hp=60 d=0 att4
Creepy Steeple, Doopliss Hp=40 d=0 att=4
Keehaul Key, Cortez Hp=20 (back to life 3 times) d=1 attack=4
Excess Express, Smorg Hp=50 d=1 att=5
x-naut fortress, Magnus Von Grapple 2. 0, Hp=70 d=2 att=6
Palace Of Shadows, Shadow Queen, Hp=150 d=1 att=7
Pit of 1oo trials, Bonetail, Hp=200 d=2 att=8 hardest one of all!

The Actual Legendary Treasure

After you beat the Queen of Shadows, start the game again. You'll see all of your allies standing in front of rogueport. Professor Frankly will tell you what the treasure actually was. And it turns out. It's a dried shroom. I know. Disappointing. But at least he gives it to you!


To find darkly, go to professor's Frankly's house. Talk to him and he will tell you to find darkly. Exit the house and talk to the Goomba. He tells you a hint. Go to the left of the house of the person that powers up your partners. Walk up to the wall and a secret passageway will open. In that passageway Larson will be there. Keep going and you will see Darkly hiding.

Important Facts

When talking to someone, if a word is in red print, that means that it is important an you should remember it.

Speech Backtrack

Sometimes, when some one is talking and their past the 1st speech bubble, press "Z" and you will go back to the first bubble

Happy Lucky Lottery

In the happy lucky lottery a new number is drew at midnight. its a good idea to change the clock to tomorrow so you have a better chance of winning right? WRONG!! if you change the clock to yesterday lucky will find out. he will ask you if you did it. if you say yes he will have this HUGE FIT! and you will have to buy a new ticket for 500.

Strange Sack

On the 50th floor in the pit 100 trials, the treasure chest has a strange sack in it. The strange sack allows you to hold up to 20 items.

Who Runs The Trouble Center?

Wanna know who runs the trouble center? Use paper mode to slide through the crack between the trouble center and Bobbery's house. Once behind, use Flurry to blow away the invisible thing thats covering the back door of the trouble center. Go through the door and you will find out who runs the trouble center. Its Goose from the gang of robos! Shh don't tell anyone!

Every 10th Floor Of Pit Of 100 Trials

Every 10th floor of the pit of 100 trials has a treasure chest containing something. See whats inside each one!

The Legendary Treasure

In the are of the sewers by the Thousand Year Door, is the legendary Pit of 100 Trials. As you can imagine, there's 100 battles. The last one is against Bonetail, Hooktails oldest brother, with 200 hp and an attack of 8. When you beat him, he upchucks a box with the legendary - Return Postage badge. This badge is like an upgraded Zap Tap badge, and gives an enemy half of the damage it gave you on direct attacks.

Glitz Ville , Great Blow Aways

When your in the storage room in the Glitz Pit use Flurrie's powers to blow away the boxes covers.

How To Make A Couples Cake

To make a couples cake, you need a snow bunny item and a spicy soup item, then go to Zess T's house and mix them. Note: you need to have solved Zess T's trouble at the trouble center.

Boat Mario

In chapter 5 go to the pirate grotto and go into the chamber with the big boat and go into the crack in it. Next, go up to the black chest and talk to it and then a blue flame will appear, battle it to get the black which will open the black chest. Then go through the practice session of being boat Mario.

Doubledip Badge In Fahr Outpost

When you first enter Fahr Outpost through the blue pipe, go to the right until you see a tree and jump in front of the tree to reveal a double dip badge.

Ms. Mowz In Trouble Center

In story mode, you will get six characters (Goombella, Koops, Madame Flurrie, Yoshi, Vivian, and Admiral Bobbery). However after Chapter 4, go to the Trouble Center and take the chore of the mystery person. You will figure out that it is the mouse thief and when the mission is over you get the partner Ms. Mowz. Also after Chapter 4, a trouble in the Trouble Center that has the recipient, ???. It is Ms. Mowz. She needs a badge in Hooktail Castle. In the room where you fought her, in the middle is an invisible chest. Use Flurrie. Give the badge to her, and she will join your party.

Who Is The Evil Spirit In The Thousand-year-door?

The evil spirit will only apear once you defeat leader of the X-nauts. Oops! I've said to much. But the name of the evil spirit is the Queen of Shadows. She uses Princess Peaches body for power. She has 150hp. At the start she 10 damage. Once you get her down to 100hp she gets bigger and she does 24 damage. I think if you get her do down to 50 she absorbs the audience and she restores ALL of her health. She knows the Shadow Sirens. They are her servants. When she grows she gets hands and they can suck up your hp. One of her attacks she gains 3 hp & fp.

Bubble Float

After getting Crystal Star number 2, go to the secend door and enter it. That pool at the bottom (bubbles will come up) you can jump in the pool and you float up for a bit!

How To Get Space Food

To get space food you can go to Fahr Outpost and sleep in the inn. Every time you wake up there will be space food on the table. It replenishes 5hp.

Beat Hooktail Without The Cricket Badge

Before you enter the tower put on your Power Smash badge or your Power Jump badge. Then keep using it and you will beat the dragon in no time.

Stronger Battle Enterances

Instead of using your regular ol' Normal Jump or Hammer attacks while hitting a foe before a battle, you can use the special Jump and Hammer attacks too. For example, if you ground pound an enemy before battle, you'll enter the battle with the ground pound attack. (Note:You can't do this with the spring jump move.)

M&L: SS Reference

Before you get Bobbery as your partner, he will ask you to get him some Chuckola Cola to cure him after being attacked by embers. Chuckola Cola is the same drink from the GBA game Mario and Luigi which was used to turn Queen Bean back to normal from a monster.

Free Sleep

For free sleep, you can either sleep in the beds in Glitzville, your bed on the Excess Express or you can just try finding inn coupons which allow you to sleep for free in inns throughout the game.

The Confusing Hallway In The Palace Of Shadow

In the Palace of Shadow in that hallway that sends you back to the previous room if you go the wrong way may be stressful. Well, all you have to do is follow the direction of the lit candles. Once you've finished this, you won't have to do this anymore.

Puzzles In The Thousand Year Door

Once youv'e beaten Gloomtail, go back to the room with all that water and those bomb dogs. There will be 2 statues of those dogs on each side of the room on a pipe. Use your bomb-omb person a make him blow those statues up. Go in each of them and hit the blue box at the end of the other side of the pipes. The boat mode thing will appear under the statue of the stars. Sail to the tower building. Go in and go to the first door on your left. Hit the far left box 3 times and the far right box 2 times and get the key. Go to the next door on your left and enter it. There should be 4 boxs, 2 red and 2 gray. Use your Ultra Hammer on the gray box on the far left then exit that room. Then go to the next door. I think its a room with nothing in it so take out Fluire and use her to blow away something in the middle and take the key. Go to the next door and enter it. There should also be nothing in there but walk straight to the other side of the wall and keep walking.(you will automatically walk through the wall)Get the key and go upstairs. Go to the frist room to the left and there will be those koopa skeletons. You must beat them in this order: the koopa with the green shoes, the red koopa, the red shoed koopa, then the completely blue one. And thats all I remeber so far. ;)

Ultra Hammer

Once you know how to do Spring Jump, go to Rougeport. Go in front of the inn and walk to the right intill your under a gaint box. Use your Spring Jump under it and it will fall off. Then you open it and get the Ultra Hammer. That will also be the last time you see Toadette!!!

Luigi's Adventure Friends

As you go through the game, you will see Luigi somewhere in Rogueport with a friend. Luigi will talk about his adventure. These are the list of his friends he went on an adventure with:

Blooey the Blooper
Jerry the Bob-Omb
Torgue the Buzzy Beetle
Hayzee the Crazy Dayzee
Screamy the ????
Blooey the Blooper(again)

Level Up Your Partners For The Second Time

Go into Hooktail Castle in the spikey room. Go to the far right of the room and take out Bobbery. Have him blow up the crack in the wall and go in it. Inside the wall you will see a blue block. Hit it and a chest will appear with an Up Arrow in it. Take it to Merlon in Rogueport. This will allow you to level up your partners for the second time when you find more shine sprites.

Get Missing Tattles

If you didn't tattle on bosses like Hooktail, just go to Professer Frankly's house and you will see something in the yellow garbage can. Go to it and press A when the ! appears. Now you have the tattle for the enemies you've missed.

Toadette Appearance

Every time you find a big chest with either boots or a hammer in it, you will see Toadette from Mario Kart Double Dash teaching you how to use them.

Showering Peach

In any event where you control Peach, go to the bathroom right next to her room. When you see the ! in front of the shower press A then she will take a shower. When she comes out, she will have a different hair style. It will go back to normal once you leave the room.

Parakarry Appearance

At the begining of the game, you will see Parakarry from Paper Mario 1 delivering your mail.

See The Owner Of The Trouble Center

Slide through the crack in the house on the east side of Rogueport. Then use Flurrie's Gale Force to reveal a hidden door behind the Trouble Center. When you go in it you will see the owner of the Trouble Center.

In Creepy Steeple

When you first enter the creepy steeple there will be no enemys. Turn into a tube and move upwards, there will be a hole in the wall that you can go through. In the room you will find 2 chest, one will have a cookbook(which can be used in a trouble). If you try to open the doors a boo will appear. He will say he is friends are gone and won't let you in the door. Go to the statue of the star and push it so that a hole appears.Go down the hole and to the left. Open the chest and 200 boos will come out. Go up the hole and talk to the boo, say you won't hurt him. Then all the boos will try to attack you. Use your hammer swing a couple times on them then they will turn into Atomic Boo which has 40hp. Defeat him and leave through one of the 2 doors. Hit the switch so the stairs are close to the side of the screen. Go through the door and get the key, then hit the other switch so the stairs are on the oppisite side they were on.Use the key in the door go up the stairs and fight doopliss.

8-bit Mario And Partners

In the X-Naut Fortress, go in the ventilation shaft in sublevel 2 and drop through the far right vent into the dressing room. Open the curtain of the stall you fall into and Mario and all his partners will become 8-bit (they will look as they would on an 8-bit system like the NES) until you leave the room.

Get A Peachy Peach

To get a peachy peach, sleep in the inn in Twilight Town. When you wake up you will see a peachy peach on the table.

Fight Bonetail

To fight Bonetail, go to the 100th floor of the Pit of 100 Trials. He's probably harder than the last boss unless you happen to grow a level before reaching him. Bonetail is the oldest of the Hooktail brothers. Bonetail is just bones and he has 200HP. Be sure to bring alot of items the can heal FP or HP.

Jr. Troopa Appearance

To see Jr. Troopa from Paper Mario 1 check the e- mail you got from Zip Toad. Scroll down to the very bottom of the e-mail until you can see his picture. On the picture look at top left of it and you will see a picture of Jr. Troopa flying in the background.


You know you can get a lottery number on the west side of town. Well when you get a number, instead of waiting a whole day, just set your Gamecube date up one day. Just keep trying until you win.

Wario Clothes

To get Wario's clothes, go to the central area of Rougeport with 360 Coins. There should be a merchant with a large mustache. He sells something called a Wario Emblem from time to time. It is a badge that requires no badge points to wear.

Luigi Clothes

To get Luigi's clothes, go to where you get the sixth crystal star. From here, do a spring jump up to a pole on the left side. Do another spring jump to reach a ledge with the Luigi Emblem.

Waluigi Costume

If you want mario to look like waluigi, put on the luigi emblem and the wario emblem at the same time. Mario should look like waluigi.

Easy Leveling Up

After Chapter 5, if you go into the sewers of Rougeport, you'll find an enemy called Koopatrol (they look like turtles in armor). When you fight a koopatrol, try to get it's life down to 1 or 2 withour killing it and it will call another koopatrol. If you continue this, you could basically battle non-stop koopatrols, and earn star points for every one that you defeat.

Crystal Stars And Boot/Hammer Upgrades

1st: Hooktail Castle
2nd: The Great Tree (SUPER BOOTS)
3rd: Glitzville(SUER HAMMER)
4th: Twilight Town
5th: Keyhaul Key
6th: Poshley Hights(ULTRA BOOTS)
7th (and last!!!): THE MOON!!!

Crystal Star Bosses

1st: Hooktail 20 Hp
2nd: Magnus 30 Hp
3rd: Macho Grubba 60 Hp (yeah, he's bad)
4th: Doopliss ??? (sorry, never tattled it)
5th: Cortez 20 Hp (I thought this was the hardest so far but Flurrie can blow away the 
weapons using Gale Force, and he revives too!!!)
6th: Smorg ??? (never tattled it either-not really a Crstl Str boss, but on the train, yes)
7th: Magnus 2.0 70 Hp
Note: If you've never tattled a boss like hooktail or red bones, look in the trash can in Frankly's book-infested home.

Break In Hooktail's Castle

Get two stones which is Sun Stone and Moon Stone from the fuzzy's home. Defeat the Gold Fuzzy and get out of there. Place the stones on the rocks with holes, two switches will appear. Use Koops' holding ability to hit the first switch and use your jump or hammer to hit the other switch. A pipe will appear. Go in to it and go to Hooktail's castle.

See Bow And Bootler From Paper Mario 1

To see Bow and Bootler the Boos,you'd have to beat the last boss first, then go to Poshley Heights and you will see them standing in front of The Poshley Sanctum.

Getting Mrs. Mowz

In chapter 4, go to the trouble center on the east side of Rougeport. Take on the trouble "Elusive badge" from ???. Mrs. Mowz meets you near the badge shop. Go to Hooktail's room. Stand near the very center and use Flurrie's power. You'll find a chest. Open it and take the badge to Mrs. Mowz. She will then join your party.

Beating The Monster Of Creepy Steeple

After beating him on top of Creepy Steeple, he steals your body and name. You must find his real name to defeat him. His name is Doopliss. If you go back to Twilight Town, he will ambush you and ask you to say his name. If you try to write his name, the "p" is not there. You will be forced to fight him. Run. When in Twilight Town, help Vivian find the bomb. You can not leave because your name has been stolen. Give the bomb to Vivian and she will join your party. Go back to Creepy Steeple (after running from Doopliss) and climb down the well. Move to the next room and push the wall. Hide using Vivian's power and sneak under the door. Keep following the trail until you find a room with a bird and 4 chests. Open the 4 chests and take what's inside dissapear when there is a ... sign above you. He will say the monster's name: Doopliss. Go back to him and say his name. You must have had opened the yellow chest in the room that contained a "p". He will run back to the steeple. Go there and Vivian will find out you are Mario. You will fight Doopliss, and if you win, you get your body, name, and crystal star back.


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How To Get The Strange Sack

To get the strange sack go to the Pit of 100 Trials and reach the 50th floor. Go to the big chest and open it, you will receive the strange sack.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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