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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
  • Unknown
  • Squaresoft
  • Mature
  • September 1, 2000


Raise The Bridge

In Akropolis Tower, after finding Rupert being attacked by No. 9, go to the waterway and you have 2 options, get eaten or stay alive. If you chose "get eaten", just step down into the waterway and then you'll encounter bass. These things are so hard to get a lock on to them when they're swimming. Good luck defeating them. If you chose "stay alive", go towards the control panel with the flashing red light. Input the access code to raise the bridge. Don't know it? It's 5-6-1. After doing this, the bride will raise and all you have to do is just step on the Bass and they'll die no problem.

Correct Quiz Answers

The Correct Quiz Answers for the Laptop in B2 Floor once you save Pierce. The Answers are:

Melissa Pierce
Mitochondria Eve
Maternal Gene
Mojave Desert

Getting The Gunblade

Beat the game and get the "Happy Ending". Now you will be able to use the Gunblade in Replay Mode

Hotel Lobby Cash Register Combination Dryfield Night

To open the Register,you must use a couple of clues. The first clue is on the memo attached to the corkboard behind the counter. This gives you hints on what the code for the Register is. Read the memo to the right of that to find out how to enter the code. The solution to the Register is entering the pound sign (#) followed by Doc Holiday's and Wyatt Earps ages at the OK Coral, and then pressing TOTAL. To figure out when the OK Coral shoot out happend, examine the portrait on the other side of the counter. The year was 1881. If you remember the dates from the portrait of Earp in room 2 (1848-1929), then Earp must have been 33 in 1881. Doc Holiday (1851-1929), so Holiday must have been 30 in 1881. Go to the Register and hit the pound key(#) put in Doc's age first then Wyatt's. Thus, input the code #3033 in the Register, and hit TOTAL. It opens to give you the Bronco Masterkey, which opens all motel doors.

Fire Proof Safe Code (Dryfield Night)

To open the safe in the loft at dryfield the code is 4487. You will recieve holy water which if used powers up a water Parasite Energy. But if you attach it to your armor it is more useful.The way you are supposed to find the combination for the safe is to read rather illegible riddles and answer them.

The Second Ancient Dance For "Neo Ark"

This will unlock the second door of the "Power Plant" And move the brigde by the "Submarine Tunnel"

First: Blue 6 times
Second: White 2 times
Third: Red 3 times
Fourth: Yellow 5 times

Snail Magazine For PO8 Handgun

After you finish the battle with the invinsible spider, open up the switch to the cellar found at the dead end of the underground. Fight the enemies inside. When you're done, look for the display of "old collections of gun from the western times" at the end next to the center table. Press X 2 times so Aya will "take a peek inside.." After the first glance to the gun collection, press X once more to get the "Snail Magazine" These magazine maximizes your PO8, adding 25 more your PO8 a 32 round of bullets.


At the beginning of the game, you may have noticed an item called a GPS (Global Positioning System.) This item will help you throught the game. You can look at maps if you have one loaded into your GPS. The red shaded areas are where NMC's are. If you have it attached to your armor during battle, you can find hidden enemies really quick. The enemies are shown as yellow dots. When a yellow dot turns purple, then your aiming at that enemy. When viewing a map, there are somethings you need to know:

Key		Discription

Blue Line		Door
Green box		Phone
Brown box		Storage Box
Key Icon		Locked Door
Red shaded room	Unsafe Area
White shaded room	Safe Area
Dark Room		Unexplored Area
"X" Icon		Area that cannot be explored
Flashing Red Dot	Something that needs to be explored
If you need help, then view the map and press the TRIANGLE BUTTON and you'll know what your next mission is.

Boss Tips

On the first boss in the cafeteria once she reforms all you have to do is run behind the table on the right buy the door, Then give her all you got. Note I've never been hit doing this. On the sec. boss (No. 9) on the tower shoot him with your gun and PE until he gets to the side of the electric box then give him a few thousand volts but shooting the box. note this guy never him me either. On the third boss witch is No. 9 in the house what you do is keep a distance and run to avoid his slash and charge then shoot a PE then some bullets then run some more. Note also this guy never hit me using this skill. On the fourth boss witch is the deformed spider in the mine under the ranch on this guy all you have to do is run and weight until the is visible so you can aim at him and nail him with buckshot or airburst to drop him really fast. On the fifth boss witch is the large fire blowing thing just go to the far conner between room 6 and the storage and blast him. (there are 2 ways to do this there is the easy way and the export way [witch is the way to save the dog]) The easy way is to shoot him with PE until you run out and don't use a MP boost then kill him with your gun. The good way is the same but backwards you shoot him for a wile then use all your PE then his face will melt away then use a MP boost and do it again, then if he picks you up all you have to do is not shoot and push all the buttons on the controller then he'll just through you at the wall. note this guy has hit me with fire and that's OK as long as you bring a few MP and HP boosts. then after you finely kill the thing you will get points but they differ if you don't save flint (the dog) you will only get 1000 exp. and nothing else but if you save him you will get 2000 exp. 1000 BP and 100 MP. On the sixth boss is the guy in the dump hole this guy is an OK challenge. All you have to do is shoot his arms until he stomps the ground then the giggling guys fall KILL THEM because they give him health and he spits them back out. So shoot his shoulders until he sucks in then get a distance then fire per until you get close the shoot with your gun until the stops. note close is like ten feet in the game or he will eat you. Then when you think he's dead your wrong the door opens and he comes in then get close when the spits the green stuff or gas then use the skill. The seventh and eighth are so easy its not funny. There in the power plant in the one plant all you have to do is on the Egyptian puzzle do the yellow one, then the lasers will be disarmed then shoot the computer on both floors then the guy on both floors..... easy huh..... Then ninth guy is a nice challenge its the large water king..... He's one of the last three Neo hell risers this guy has 2000 HP. When he shoots the electric blast you just run the shoot when he's done. easy. Note don't bring the shotgun unless you have good ammo. When you kill him look in the water and you will find a skull use it when you get inferno but you didn't revive it. The next hell riser is the tenth boss he is tall and under eves control it takes him a wile to attack but when he charges an attack just hit him with a row of shots really easy. The last guy is the fat blob he's right before eve. All you have to do is use inferno until the opens the hole in his cheat then run to dodge that attack then shoot once you disarm his chest he dies so forget about the 2 tales the butt and the lower spot..... Sorry I got this far and I cant give you any tips on eve except run until she attacks then shoot her and when the screen gets wiggly SHOOT her fast or she either really hurt you or kill you be careful.....

MD Player

When your in the B6 Level shelter, you can get a really neat item. To get it, you'll have to fight that gigantic creature called a Puppet Stinger. If you have the Grenade Pistol or the M4A1 Grenade, then you can fire a grenade at the Puppet Stinger when his arms raise and disturb the attack! You might have noticed the little girl controlling the stinger. Aya saw this girl in a previous dream. You'll have to find out who she is. Just remember that if you get too close to the girl, you will take damage. Anyway, after the stinger boss, you'll meet with that strange P.I. Kyle Madigan again. When your in the nursery, you'll learn that the little girl's name is Eve. Then pick up the ringing phone and save your game. Then go to those blue-like cabinets and search it for a MD Player. This item resits BERSERKER and CONFUSION if you attach it to your armor.

Final Boss Prep.

To get ready for the Final Boss, all of your inventory slots must be full with healing items, guns, and extra ammunition. Make sure you have Life Drain PE at level 2 and Healing PE at level 3.

Weapons Suggestions (Must have 2 weapons.)
-MP5A5 w/ 2 SMG Clip Holders and 500 Spartan rounds.
-M4A1 Grenade w/ 2 Rifle clip holders, 800 Rifle rounds, 100 Grenades, and 100 Airbursts. (You also might want to recharge the Javelin.)
-AS12 w/ 200 R. Slugs.
-M249 w/ 800 Rifle rounds.
-MM1 w/ 100 Grenades and 100 Airbursts.

Armor Suggestions-
-Tactical Vest
-Aya Special
-Psy Suit
-EOD Suit
-Chicken Plate
-Tactical Armor
-NBC Suit

Items needed-
Protein Capsule
Eau De Toilette
Recovery 1
Recovery 2
Recovery 3
MP Boost 1
MP Boost 2
Holy Water
Skull Crystal
Ringer's Solutions
Medicine Wheel
MD Player

Bonco Motel Masterkey Combo

To get the master key when at Dryfeild, go to the lobby and at the cash register, enter #3033 for the combo.

Final Boss Tip

Once you've defeated the Reactor, make sure you heal Aya and fill in the empty attachment spaces. Then you may want to switch to a different weapon. When your ready, search the catwalk for a glowing orange light. Then swipe Bowman's/Yoshida's Card through the Card Reader. This connects the bridge. During this scene, your friend Eve get's tooken by a giant looking creature. Then the Final Boss will rise. This is an extreamly powerful creature. When you see little red and blue dots around the boss, run. When you see the screen go all wavy, shoot the boss. The gun you may want to use it the MM1 Grenade Launcher. This gun does cast a whole truck-load of BP and it does have a slow reload but it's worth it. If you keep on casting Energy Shot, then you can inflict at least 300 HP damage! The final boss can image itself. If you use the MM1 and cast energyshot, you can inflict close to 1,000 HP damage!!! The final boss doesn't stand a chance with this gun around. Other guns are good but not as good as the ultimate MM1. You can purchase the MM1 in the shelter parking lot if you give Eve's teddy bear to Flint. The gun costs 23,500 BP. If you rescue Pierce from the GOLEM Freezer on B1, then you'll see the best ending there is!


Before facing the final boss, you will have to face a creature called a Reactor. If you have either the AS12 Shotgun, M4A1 Grenade, MM1 Grenade Launcher, M249 Rifle, MP5A5 with 2 SMG clips then this will be a sinch. The only clue I can give you is that when you see the core open, RUN! You can also get more EXP and BP if you blow off more body parts.

New Parasite Energy

If you want a new fire PE, then raise Pyrokinesis and Combustion to level 3, then you'll notice a new PE called Inferno. If you want a new wind PE, then raise Plasma and Necarosis to level 3 and you'll notice Abopolis. If you want a new water PE, then raise Healing and Metabolisem to level 3 and you'll notice Life Drain. If you want a new earth PE then raise Energy Shot and Antobody to level 3 and you'll notice Energy Ball.

MP Recovery

If you are the type who likes to use Parasite Energy alot then here is a tip. When your MP is running low, you can instantly refill it by invoking [reviving/activating] a new parasite energy. For instance you just used up most of your Parasite Energy all you have to do is go into the main menu and use EXP. to get a new Parasite Energy type. Doing so will completely refill your Parasite Energy. [Best used before and after boss fights].

MP (Mitochondria Points)

While your in battle, you can use a Parasite Energy to help kill the enemie. Every time you use a Parasite Energy your MP decreases. When your MP reaches 0, you cannot use any Parasite Energy. Here are some item that can heal your MP- MP Boost 1 MP Boost 2 Lipstick Involk a PE. Where armor that has MP recovery.

HP (Hit Points)

HP is Aya's life. If you get attacked by an NMC, your HP decreases. You can use these items to heal you:

Recovery 1
Recovery 2
Recovery 3
Protine Capsule
Ringer's Solution
Healing (Parasite Energy)
Life Drain (Parasite Energy)
If Aya's HP reaches 0, the game is over. If Aya is with a hunter or a person she needs to save, their HP will appear on the upper right hand screen. If their HP reaches 0, the game is over as well.

BP (Bounty Points)

Every time you defeat a monster, you gain BP. BP is like money. At MIST Firearms Control, you can use your BP to purchase guns, ammo, armor, and healing items! You can purchase guns in other areas as well. Here are some other places you can purchase guns. MIST Firearms Control Room, Mr. Douglas at Dryfield, The BP Vending Machine at the shelter (located on B1,) Army Camp (located outside the tent,) B1 shelter underground parking lot (when coming back from the camp. Also, you'll only find it here if your still on the True Path. If your on the Normal or Sad Path, then no items will be for sale in the parking lot.)

EXP (Experience)

Every time you defeat an enemie, Aya will gain EXP. The more EXP you have, the better chances of you getting a good rank. You can also use your EXP to involk Parasite Energy.

Flint Variations

When you fight the Burner boss in Dryfield you should know there is a slight variation in gameplay. If you kill the Burner, then you will get the M950 [machine gun pistol] but if you don't, you get the chicken plate [an armor]. Also, if you save Flint you will recieve bonuses throughout the game such as a MP boost 2 and he will also lead you to important areas. You will know you have saved Flint once you see the burner hold it's bloody face. So when you look at it, saving Flint gives you alot more stuff than not saving him.

Holy Water

While in Dryfield,enter to the loft[the area where the Jerry can was located]and go to the back of the room and you will see a black safe. Now,enter the numbers 4487 and the safe will have opened. Located inside the safe is a bottle of Holy Water. This item can invoke 1 water PE or increase your defensive power by 25%.

Snail Magazine

If you have the P08 Handgun, then you can get a really cool custom attachment for it! This gun can be purchased from Mr. Douglas in his Trailer Coach. This gun is a really cheap weapon. Its only 680 BP. Before going in the sewers to find out whats going on in that abandon house and whos the screaming person, purchase the P08 Handgun, then follow Mr. Douglas' dog, Flint, to the sewers. Once your in the sewers, go up the stairs and through the gate. You'll have to fight a monster called the "Gray Stalker." This is a boss fight, so try to be careful. Once your done with that, go to the door located on the left hand side. You'll find a school of Bats and Rats in the Cellar. Kill them instantly with a Flare. Then go back out and you'll see a switch at the end of the path. This switch turns on the light to the Cellar. Once you've turned the switch, go back in the Cellar and go to past the table until you see an old cabinet. Hit the X button 3 times to find a SNAIL MAGAZINE. This is a very rare item. It cannot be purchased in any mode. This isn't the only weapon that you can't purchase, there's more! Anyway, go to the main menu and select the "USE" option. Then find where it says "SNAIL MAGAZINE." Then hit the X button when its highlited. Select "USE." Now you got a P08 S. MAGAZINE! The Snail Magazine increases the ammo capacity by 25. So now you can shoot 32 9mm rounds! NOTE- You can find this item anytime you purchase the P08 Handgun.

Ending Paths

On Parasite Eve 2, you will have to follow a path until you defeat the Final Boss. There are 3 different paths. You'll start on the "TRUE PATH." If you keep on following this path, Bonus Items will be for sale in the shelter parking lot before the final boss. Even though these items are expensive, it's worth a try to get them. These items are: The MM1 Grenade Launcher and the M249 Rifle (and more!) But if you return to the Pod Service Gantry and find Pierce's Memo but don't call Jodie about it, then you'll be on the Normal Path. If you don't return to the Gantry or don't read Pierce's memo, then you'll be on the Sad Path. The Sad Path is the will lead to the sadest ending once you defeat the final boss. If your on the Normal or Sad path, then no bonus items will be for sale. However, once you on the Normal Path, then you cannot return to the True Path. Once your on the Sad Path, then you'll remain on that path for the rest of the game.

Optional Boss

When your in Neo Ark, theres a boss to fight if you want. You must beat the Beta Generator first inside the Power Plant in order to get to this boss. When you beat the generator, go to the pyramid and solve the pyramid puzzle. Once you do, a lever will appear on the statue. Pull the lever. Then you'll see a bridge move to a very small island. This island is known as Fantasy Island. After the scene, go to the bridge and go onto the island. Before going down into a pool, go to the very bottom of the island to find a Lipstick. Then go down the silver door in the ground. Once your down there, you'll have to fight 4 Bog Divers. Notice in the backround you'll see the mother of all divers waiting to electicute you with lightning. After you kill all the Bog Divers, The Sea Diver will pop up and try to kill you with it's lightning sweep. When you defeat this boss, search the pool the divers were swiming in to find a Skull Crytal. Attach this item to your armor and you'll have the best killing machine there is! HERE'S THE SOLUTION TO THE PYRAMID PUZZLE- Step on the blue stone 6 times Step on the white stone 2 times Step on the red stone 3 times Step on the yellow stone 5 times

Shooting Range Bonus Items

At the very beginning of the game, you can practice your shooting. If you get a high-enough score, you will be rewarded with BP (Bounty Points) and a bonus item! Here's the score list.

SCORE: 8000  BONUS- 100 BP   ITEM- N/A
SCORE: 9000  BONUS- 200 BP   ITEM- 50 9MM HYDRA
SCORE: 10000+ BONUS- 300 BP  ITEM- 50 9MM HYDRA

SCORE: 16000 BONUS: 100 BP  ITEM: N/A

SCORE: 39000  BONUS: 100 BP  ITEM: N/A

SCORE: 52000  BONUS: 100 BP  ITEM: N/A
SCORE: 56000  BONUS: 200 BP  ITEM: N/A

SCORE: 50000  BONUS: 100 BP  ITEM: N/A
SCORE: 53000  BONUS: 200 BP  ITEM: N/A

Armory Cardkey

After battling 2 Brutes in Akropolis Tower, you will hear some gunshots coming from the Santuary. Inside, there's your partner Rupert and the Ape man also known as No.9. After talking to Rupert, go towards the door on the left hand side. After the short scene, go to the door the SWAT member locked and search it twice for a Black Card AKA Armory Cardkey. Then go to the B1 Shelter and go in the door marked "WEAPON" and unlock the gate by the BP Vending Machine. Once you unlock the door, you can stock up as much Buckshot and 9mm bullets as you want! Also, search the opened lockers for a free shotgun!!

Free Javelin

Before going in the Pod Service Gantry to beat the final boss, go on the B2 level and go in the corrdior south of the operating room. In there you'll find a Rook GOLEM. Before fighting him, attach the Medicine Wheel to your armor and then fight the GOLEM Soilder. After the battle you'll recive a Javelin as a bonus item! (The Javelin is a small laser gun that cuts right through the enemie. The Javelin is a costom M4A1 attachment.)

GOLEM Soilders

When returning from Neo Ark, GOLEM Soilders will be released from the GOLEM Freezer. When you come to battle with one, make sure you have either the Grenade Pistol or the M4A1 Assualt Rifle with the Hammer attachment. Here are the 4 GOLEM Soilders


Rating Bonuses

You will be rewarded with a rating boost when completing the following modes:

Bounty mode: 1 extra rating level
Scavenger mode: 2 extra rating levels
Nightmare mode: 3 extra rating levels

Rating Requirements

Successfully complete the game with one of the following ratings and EXP scores 
to unlock the corresponding bonus items in the shops for purchase:

Rating	Experience		Bonus items

S	Over 400,001	GunBlade, Ringer's Solution, Eau de 	
A	200,001 - 400,001	Hyper Velocity, Hunter goggles, MP Boost 
B	75,001 - 200,000	MM1, Airburst Grenades, Recovery 3
C	72,001 - 75,000	M249, .44 MaedaSP Rounds, Cola
D	69,001 - 72,000	.44 Mongoose, Magnum Rounds, Skull 
E	66,001 - 69,000	AS12, R.Slug Rounds, firefly Rounds
F	62,001 - 66,000	Aya Special, 9mm Spartan Rounds, Lucky 
G	57,001 - 62,001	Javelin, MD Player, Holy Water
H	51,001 - 57,000	Pike, Lipstick, Tactical Armor
I	44,001 - 51,000	Hammer, Belt Pouch, MP Boost 1
J	16,001 - 44,000	M203, Protein Capsule, 9mm Hydra
K	14,511 - 16,000	M9 Bayonet, M4A1 M Clip, Flare
L	Less than 14,510	Monk Robe, Medicine Wheel, Recovery 2

Monk Robe

Successfully complete the game with an "L" rank. The Monk Robe armor will be available in replay mode for 3,000 BP.

Hyper Velocity Weapon

Successfully complete the game with an "A" rank. The Hyper Velocity weapon will be available in replay mode for 20,000 BP.

GunBlade Weapon

Successfully complete the game with an "S" rank. The GunBlade weapon from Final Fantasy 8 will be available in replay mode for 10,000 BP. Press R1 to swing it at an opponent, then press R2 to shoot when it hits an opponent. Note: This weapon uses shotgun ammunition.

Nightmare (deadly) Mode

Successfully complete scavenger mode to unlock nightmare mode.

Scavenger (supportless) Mode

Successfully complete the game with at least 69001 EXP to unlock scavenger mode.

Bounty And Replay Modes

Successfully complete the game to unlock bounty and replay modes.

Bonus Items

When you find the Medicine Wheel in the B3 Shelter, you can attach it to your armor and get bonus items throughout the game!


We have no cheats or codes for Parasite Eve 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Parasite Eve 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Parasite Eve 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Parasite Eve 2 yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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Created by: Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. Read the full guide...

Created by: Brett "Nemesis" Franklin. Read the full guide...

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