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  • Action, Adventure
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Everyone
  • February 28, 2008


Get Fever Faster

To get fever easier, and help with Fah Zakpon's flower, tap your foot only when the white frame appears. This will help you get more stuff on the flower and you will get fever faster.

Megapons Are Good! Not Bad!

Use Megapons frequently because a Mogyoon Megapon's damage soars through the roof! Plus, with the divine horn, a Mogyoon megapon can deal over 100 damage! ( crictical hits. )

Fighting Karma

When you fight Karma, use ranged units only. Invoke the storm juju to minimize the number of meteors that fall. Have at least 1 Mogyoon Megapon and the divine horn. You should also have a divine stew on hand for use and good luck!

How To Avoid Getting Hit By Dragon Fire

When fighting the blue dragon and you feel you are doing less damage and you are getting more damage, when he move the head up (to spit the fire) wait for the "roar" sound end and then do the retreat song and wait 'till the fire clears. This way you will not get hit by the fire.

Better Hunting

Better chance to hunt is in a rainy day because the big animals cannot smell you and you can get close.

Pick Easy Kach-ing

When playing Hunt levels (the one without enemy but just animals to hunt) try to get FEVER Mode quickly and maintain it. This will bring more changes to hit the flowers besides the animals and give you more kach-ing.


Don Drum

To get the Don Drum, go to the first hunting level. You will see a totem in the beginning that says Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle. Get close. If you have the Chaka and Pon Drums, press the buttons that are on the totem. Keep doing it until a compass pops out. It will unlock a new level (it's the level with Majidonga). Play it, and you will get the Don drum. (You will have to pass the level to keep it).



Complete the following task to unlock these levels.

Cooking: Collect the Gashapon hat on mission 17. 
Flower: Collect the Zapaton hat on Creatures Of The Sand, then make it rain and kill the purple slug. 
Mountain: Collect the Kimpon hat on mission 14. 

Dokaknel's Fang

To get this weapon you have to defeat Dokaknel. There will be a chance that you will get it.

Easter eggs

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