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  • Action, Adventure
  • Unknown
  • THQ
  • Everyone
  • December 8, 2004


Ultra Rare Words

I found five more ultra-rare words:

Good luck !

Money Words

Here are some money words. Some are common, some are uncommon, and some are rare. Who cares what they are, they give you money. Here you go:


Hi-Lo Tips

In the Hi-Lo game you should always pick "5" NOT "7". The number he picks is always completely random, not just high. 5 is right in the middle and the only time you would lose money is if he picks 10. Plus, when he picks 5, he usually picks it twice in a row.

Quick Money

This is the fastest way to get money. Since you get 50 coins every time you watch the credits, watch them. While you are online chatting or watching tv, turn up the music. When the credits song ends, just go back to the credits and watch them over and over again. It only took about half and hour to get 3000 coins.

How To Get A Phantom Suit.

To get a phantom suit change the calender to ground hogs day and go to the shop (its cost6000 its kind of expensive).

How To Get A Birthday Hat

To get a birthday hat change the calender to your birthday (it cost 5 coins).

How To Get A Deer Suit

To get a deer suit, make the calender Christmas Eve then there will be a deer suit in the shop (it cost 500 coins).

Ultra-Rare Word

So far, I have found only one ultra-rare cash word: "Cabbage". Entering this word will give you 1,000 coins. Note: Remember that cash words can only be used once.

Common Money Words

Type one of the following words in a chat room:

Address	Football	Nervous	Wallet  
Backpack 	Found  	Number 	Water  
Band 	Frankly  	Old 	White 
Bandage 	Freak  	Pants 	Winter  
Baseball 	Friendly  	Paper 	Wireless  
Belt 	Galaxy  	Pencil 	World  
Billion 	Game  	Phone 	Yellow  
Black 	Geek 	Pie 	Young 
Blonde 	Green  	Pizza  
Bloody 	Grounded  	Poor  
Blue 	Gym 	Pop  
Book 	Hamburger  	Portrait  
Bounce 	Happy  	Professor  
Break 	Hate 	Puppy  
Breakfast 	Hair  	Purse  
Brother 	Historical  	Rain  
Bunk 	History  	Recess  
Cafeteria 	Homeroom  	Red  
Cake 	Homework  	Relish  
Camp 	Hot 	Rich  
Candy 	Hotdog  	Sad  
Cash 	Huge 	Science  
Cat 	Hungry 	Score  
Cell 	Ice 	Scratch  
Chat 	Invent  	Shirt  
Cheap 	Jacket  	Shot  
Cheerleader Job  	Simple  
Cheese 	Juicy  	Sister  
Chest 	Ketchup  	Skate  
Chunky 	Kitty  	Skinny  
Class 	Lame 	Sleepy  
Coin 	Laugh 	Snack  
Cold 	Liberty  	Snow  
Cool 	Locker  	Soccer  
Cute 	Lol 	Star  
Cya 	Lost 	Summer  
Dad 	Love 	Sunny  
Dance 	Lover  	Teacher  
Digital 	Lunch  	Thanks  
Dinner 	Mask  	Thin  
Dog 	Math 	Tiger  
Dollar 	Meeting  	Tipsy  
Detention 	Military  	Tired  
Dude 	Mom 	Treasure  
Eat 	Money 	Trouble  
Empty 	Monkey  	Ttyl  
English 	Mustard  	Universe  
Fat 	Nasty 	Upset  
Film 	Neat 	Video

Easy Money

Watch the credits until they end, then wait until they finish again to get 50 Coins.

High-Lo Mini-game

Always pick "7". The game usually chooses a high number, and the worst you can lose is 5 Coins if it selects "1".

New Items

Change the system date to a different time or date in order to get new items in the shop. This works well for going back to a date that you missed, or forward to a date that you cannot wait for (for example, Christmas).

Bonus Items

Enter the Items Shop on various holidays (Christmas, The Fourth Of July, Halloween) or your birthday to find new items.

Shantae Background

Touch the Ping Pals logo exactly at midnight (00:00:00) when the chime sounds to unlock Shantae's sexy background in the "Backgrounds" section of the Items Shop. Note: Try setting the system clock fifteen seconds before midnight to give you enough time to prepare to do this.


We have no cheats or codes for Ping Pals yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


The Credits

Watch the credits until the end. You will get 50 coins. You can watch it unlimited times. It's located in the "Games" section.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Ping Pals yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Ping Pals yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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