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Get Espeon Or Umbreon

If you have an Eevee at Lv 20,you should raise it up 16 levels with Rare Candies. If it evolves in the morning or the afternoon, it will evolve into a Espeon. If it evolves at night, it will evolve into a Umbreon. I swear that I have done this and it worked.

Extreme Speed Dratini

Go to the dragon's den (if you don't know where that is, it's at the back of the Black Thorn City Gym). Go to the Dragon Shrine (inside the Dragon's Den). They will ask you five questions. If you answer them all correctly, you get the extreme speed Dratini. If you don't answer all of the questions correctly, you still get a Dratini, but it does not know extreme speed.


On the route below Blackthorn City on Sunday morning you might find an orange Donphan.

Find Lapras

1.Go to Union Cave on Friday. 2.Go to deepest part of cave. 3.Go to pieces of land. 4.Battle trainers. 5.When you battle a girl keep walking after you defeated her. 6.Surf on the lake till you find Lapras! Note:You can only find Laprason fridays. You only get one chance so you better get him!

Battle Hint

The easiest way for you to win the battle if you don't have many good pokemon and only one good one you can put your best pokemon in front. When it faints you put out a weaker pokemon and instead of attacking you use revive on your best pokemon so that when the weak one faints your good one will be ready for battle.

How To Get Ho-oh

Catch all three legendery dogs.

Get Suicune

After finding suicune in all places, and getting the clear bell go to the wise trio defeat them and you will be able to go to the TIN TOWER where you will find suicune. To catch him have any pokemon at level 35-40 that knows sleep powder use it on him then throw an ultra ball at him. If it doesnt work keep throwing them at him until you catch him note:make sure you save the game before you enter TIN TOWER because suicune might faint)

Find Pokemon Without Moving

You can use Sweeet Scent in the grass to find a wild pokemon without moving.

Catch Raikou

If you want to catch Raikou, you'll Have to do the catch Entei cheat. Raikou is harder to catch because both are in the same spot so you'll need to catch Entei First.

Mysterious Channel 13.5

Use your radio in the ruins of alph to tune into channel 13.5. You will hear strange sounds made by the unowns.

Stantler, Shiny

You can catch a shiny Stantler below Ecruteak.

Venomoth, Shiny

A blue Venomoth can be found in Route 12.

Zubat, Shiny

Go to Whirl Islands and search around. When you least expect it, a shiny Zubat will appear. This Zubat will keep evolving until it is a pinkish Crobat. It is very strong.

Gligar, Shiny

The shiny Gligar only appears at night at the place under Blackthorn City.

Rhyhorn, Shiny

You can find a red Rhyhorn on Victory Road which is stronger than the normal version.

Slowbro, Shiny

A shiny Slowbro can be found at Tohjo Falls.

Caterpie, Shiny:

You can find a red Caterpie in the Irex Forest near the entrance.

Spearow, Shiny:

Headbutt the trees in Route 29.

Seaking, Shiny:

A shiny Seaking can be found at Tohjo Falls.

Psyduck, Shiny:

You can catch a shiny Psyduck above Saffron City in the water to the bottom left

Poliwhirl, Shiny

A shiny, light blue Poliwhirl can be found at the Mt. Silver area, just below the Pokemon Center.

Pidgey, Shiny

You can find a Golden Pidgey on Route 2.

Nidoran (male), Shiny:

There is a chance you can find a shiny Nidoran (male) in the National Park in Goldenrod City.

Meowth, Shiny:

Go just east of Celadon City and look in the small patch of grass at night.

Kakuna, Shiny:

You can find a blue Kakuna in Ilex Forest.

Hoothoot, Shiny:

On Route 30, just below Mr. Pokemon's house, is a level 4,male albino Hoothoot. The chances of finding it are quite slim, but worth the effort.

Chinchou, Shiny:

Use the Super Rod on Route 27.

Graveler, Shiny

One can be found on the route directly south of Blackthorn City. It should be red.

Geodude, Shiny

You can find a shiny Geodude in Mount moon

Electabuzz, Shiny

You can find a shiny Electabuzz near the power plant. It is better to catch it at night.

Drowzee, Shiny

You can find a purple drowzee on route 34 at night.

Dratini, Shiny

A shiny Dratini can be found in dragon's den.

Growlithe, Shiny

You can find a shiny Growlithe on Route 35, where bug catcher Arnie is located. It is usually gold.

Smoochum, Shiny

When you get an egg from the Daycare Center, you have a chance at it being a Smoochum. If it is a Smoochum, it has a 50% chance at being shiny.

Exeggcute, Shiny

A shiny Exeggcute can be found just northwest of Violet City. There is a sign just outside of the city that reads "Route 36". Take three steps left and go straight ahead. Headbutt the tree and expect a shiny Exeggcute to appear after awhile. Note: It takes more than one headbutt to find it.

Wooper, Shiny

Go to the Ruins of Alph between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. You may find a shiny Wooper above the Aerodactyl puzzle (outside the puzzle in the water ).

Raticate, Shiny

A shiny Raticate appears on Route 38 on Sunday at 9:52.

Get Pass Grass Without Meeting Pokemon

If you want to walk pass a large area of grass but do not want to fight pokemon then do this.

1. Stand at the egde of the grass(not in in).
2. Then go to the pokemon screen on pick a pokemon with cut.
3. Use cut and the grass with be cut away.
The grass will grow but like the trees. Some areas of grass need to be cut twice.

How To Get Scizzor

O.K. if you want to get a Scizzor you have to first catch a Scyther at the Natinal Park in Golden Rod City(On Tuesday,Thursday,Or Saturday.)Then if you already havent.Go to the S.S.Anne for the first time Help the man find his grandaughter(She will be in the captians cabin.)Take her back to her grandfather and he will thank you ang give you a Steel Coat. Ok now you give the Steel Coat to your Scyther and find someone that has another GameBoy AND another Pokemon Crystal,Gold,Silver Game and trad your Scyther with the Steel Coat and trade it And BANG you have a brand new Scizzor!! HINT:(This Also works with an Onix to get a Steelix!!)

Catch A Pink Golbat

Catch a Pink Golbat in Mt.Silver.

Meet Mysticman Eusine

At Burned Tower, you will meet a guy named Eusine who is looking with Morty, the Ecruteak Gym Leader, for the legendary PoKe'MoN. He is only on the search of Suicune, the star of PoKe'MoN Crystal. You will battle your rival in Burned Tower when you find him. When you beat him, you will drop to the basement. You will three stone PoKe'MoN on the top. Go on the step and you will wake them up. At Cianwood City, he will challenge you with his Drowzee,Haunter, and Electrode, when you find Suicune at the House of the north beach. You should take a good Ground-type with you. When you catch Suicune or not at Tin Tower, Eusine will come up and say he'd seen a perfect battle of Suicune& you in it. In Celadon City at the PoKe'MoN Center, he will ask you if you caught Entei and Raikou. If you did caught them, the last appearance you will see him at Tin Tower when you catch Ho-oh.

Move Tutor

First, defeat the Elite Four and Champion Lance. When you do, a guy by the Goldenrod City Casino will appear on Wednesday and Saturday. When you meet him he will offer you to choose one of three attacks to teach a Poke'MoN. They are Flamethrower,Ice Beam, & Thunderbolt. To get a attack, you have to hand over a ransome of 4,000 coins. After you choose a attack to teach a Poke'MoN, he will disappear into the casino.(You can only choose on attack a day.)

Get A Fire Stone

First, go to Route 36 and by the Psychic & the Sudowoodo PoKe'MoN, there will be a Schoolboy named Alan. Defeat his Tangela and he will give you his phone number. He says his gift for you is a Fire Stone later when he calls you.

Get A Thunder Stone

First, go to Route 38 and by the sailor is a Lass named Dana. Defeat her Flaffy and her Psyduck and she will give you her phone number. When a boy gives her Thunder Stone and calls you, you can go pick it up.

Get A Water Stone

First, go to Mt. Mortar and go to the right end of the east entrance of Mt. Mortar. There will be a fisher named Tully. Beat his Qwilfish and give him your phone number. When he says he has a gift for you, it will be a Water Stone and you can pick it up in Mt. Mortar.

Teach Charizard New Attacks

First, trade a poke'mon in the time capsule for a Charizard,(if you have one from the beggining or if you have a gameshark and activated the "Catch Charizard" code, you can go on.(It has to be a male Charizard in order to do the hint right.)(You can also do this hint on other poke'mon, but it has to be a baby PoKe'MoN like Mareep.)(This trick won't work on baby PoKe'MoN like Pichu or PoKe'MoN that don't lay eggs like Entei and Unown.) Then, go to the Goldenrod mart and buy a few Great Balls, after that, go to Route 34 and catch a Ditto. After you catch a Ditto, go to the daycare and leave Charizard and Ditto there for a while and come back for the egg. Before you leave Charizard there, teach a attack to charizard like Fire Punch,(sometimes, if you don't teach Charizard or a another evolved poke'mon a move, it's preform like Charmander will likely to learn outrage in some way.)( To find out more moves poke'mon learn in their preform, get the PoKe'MoN Crystal Guidebook and turn to the very back.) Walk the egg for an hour and a baby will hatch from the egg. Next, you have the baby PoKe'MoN with the learned attack from the male PoKe'MoN, if you have a baby Mareep or Charmander, raise it up more than ten levels and WALLAH! You have an evolved Poke,Mon that learns a attack from the baby PoKe'MoN.

The Better Day-care Person

When you go to the pokeom day-care center, if you want your pokemon to be raised faster let the day- care lady raise it for you and not the day-care man while as he's slow and will take a longer time to raise your Lugia, Ho-oH, Celebie or any other pokemon. Oh yeah and don't worry you still have to pay the same amount as with the day-care man. Don't worry about her costing more then the Day-care man. :) Note: I raised my Lugia, Ho-oH, Celebie, Mew, Mewtwo, Suicen, Raikou and Entei up to level 100 in a short amount of time. 2ndNote: Even if you don't have Celebie and Mew (I know you'll have the others eventually) you can still have an invincible team. 3rdNote: If you try to get those pokemon at a level 100 be ready to pay a large amount of money.

Get A Red Gyrados

To get a red gyrados, you have to go to the Lake of Rage. The red gyrados is sitting in the middle of the lake.


The easiest way to catch Suicune is to first fight the wise trio. After the talk they will say that you may go and challenge him. Leave without challenging him because you can battle him a later. Defeat Claire and answer the questions. Once you leave the Dragon's Den, Professor Elm will call you and say come pick up the master ball. Follow the pokemon duplicating thing, but let your pokemon hold your master ball. after that, you will have two master balls. Put one into your pc and use the other one on Suicune. Then it is up to you to catch Entei, Raikou, Ho- oh, Lugia, and Celebii.

National Park Items

Go to the National Park. When U see a boy playing his gameboy go next to him(right) Then go through the gate there on you can find items by exploring.

Ruins Of Ralph

For the puzzle the first cave it will be Kabuto and you a escape rope after you slove the puzzle, for the second cave it an Aerodectly when you slove it one o f your needs to know flash use flash, the third cave its otmantly and the lead in your party need to hold mystic water ( you get that cherrygrove surf to a man) the fouth cave is Ho-oh but you first catch put it on the lead in your party then solve the puzzle. (to cacth Ho-oh you need to cacth the 3 leadenary dogs suican, rakioch, and enti the best to them is use a fast ball.


Mix a female (girl) PIKACHU with a male (boy) AMPHAROS. PICHU are sooo cute!

Hoot-Hoot & Spinarak (Sleeping)

In the morning or afternoon, headbutt any tree and a sleeping hoot hoot or spinarak can be found.

How To Get Rock Smash

when you either catch,knockout or run from sudowdoo(a tree pokemon) aguy shall be by the door way talk to him after you get rid of sodoowdo he will give you rock smash

How To Get A Leafstone

In order to get a leafstone go to goldenrod city. Go down pass the daycare. Do you know where the open part of the grass is. There will be a girl there. Battle her and when you beat her talk to her again. She will ask you for your phone number. When she calls she may want to battle or she might have a leafstone. If she says I have a gift for you it will be a leafstone.

How To Get Clear Bell Then Suicune

First go to the radio tower in Goldenrod city. Beat the rockets there then go to the underground path above the railroadtracks. Find the real director and he'll give you a card key. Go back to the radio tower and walk through the gates inside by using the card key. Go all the way to the top floor and beat the executives. A man will come up to you and give you clear bell. Go to Tin tower and the man will let you by since you have clear bell.Beat the wise trio and and walk through the door. Then it's up to you to do the rest!!

Find Chansey

Chansey can be found on routes 13-15.

How To Get Corsola

You can get it in canewood city on the shore line or at athe second city that your go on the shore line.

To Name Your Rivel

When you go to Mr.Pokemon to get the egg and then you go back to New Bark Town you have to go through Charygrove City. When you go ou of Charygrove you will run into the guy that stole the pokemon from Professor Elm. Then beet him and he will tell you his name, which is ???. When you reach New Bark Town the police man will ask you for the name of the man that you battled. You tell him any name you want and his name will change to the name.

Get Ledyba (Not In The Morning)

To Get a Ledyba in the Afternoon, teach a pokemon headbutt, go to Route 39 and headbutt until you find one.

Get Chikorita Twice

Get a Meganium and get a Vileplume. Take them to the daycare in Goldenrod City. Come back in a day you will have an egg.


Fly to Blackthorn city and go down lokk in the grass to the right and find Skarmory.

Get A Punching Hitmonlee

If you faced Bruno at the Pokemon League and his Hitmonlee used the attack Mach Punch, you may have been thinking, "How did the kicking Pokemon use a punching attack?!" and, "How can I get a Hitmonlee like that?" Well, this Super Saiyan Pokemon can tell you how! Evolve your Tyrogue (or a new Tyrogue you bred) into a Hitmonchan (if its defense is higher than its attack power). When your Hitmonchan learns Mach Punch (at level 32), since all of Tyrogues evolutions are male, take it and a female Fighting Pokemon (example: the Machop you might have traded for at the Goldenrod Department Store), or a Ditto (Gold and Silver players should too) to the Daycare Center, and wait for an egg. When Tyrogue hatches out of the egg, Mach Punch will be one of its Egg Moves, and if its attack power is higher than its defense, it will evolve into a Hitmonlee and BOOM!, you have a punching Hitmonlee just like Bruno's.

Mysterious Channel 13.5

Use your radio in the ruins of Alph to tune into Channel 13.5. You will hear mysterious sounds made by the Annon/Unown.

Secret Password Channel In Goldenrod City

Every night at 6:00 & midnight, turn 1 notch right from 10 on your radio. Read the password and go to the Goldenrod radio tower. Go to the second floor and go down. You will see two ladies. One will give you the blue card and let you tell her today's password. The other lady will let you trade in your points for items.

Easy Pokemon Catching At Start Of Game

After you get your Pokemon from Professor Elm, go to Cherrygrove City and heal your Pokemon. As you go to Mr. Pokemon's try to run from every battle & do the same on the way back. After you get Pokeballs, you can catch Pokemon more easily without killing them first.


On routes 30 and 31 in the grass you can encounter a wild Gastly.


When you get Eevee from Bill in Goldenrod City, catch a Ditto, give them to the day care couple at the same time. Go in back and check to make sure that they are interested in each other. Wait two days and then pick up an egg -- the man will be in the yard and you do not have to take Eevee or Ditto back. A couple of hours later, return for a second egg, and later again for a third. It takes two days to hatch them, and you can now get four evolutions. Breed another Eevee with another Ditto for the last evolution.

Get Soft Sand And 5000 Dollars

To get soft sand go right in front of the daycare center's door and walk right until you find water. Use surf and surf down until you find a pokeball. It is a nugget which can be sold for 5000 dollars. Now keep surfing down until you come apon a small path you can walk on. Take that path and go down. You will be ambushed by two (2) trainers. After you defeat those 2 move down one space and you will fight the last trainer. After you defeat her talk to her again and you will recieve soft sand which powers up ground type moves for which ever one of you pokemon holds it.

Faster Credits

During the credits, hold down b.

Blue Card

When you have reached Goldenrod City, go to the Radio Tower. Then go to the top-right corner of the floor and go up the stairs. Then go straight down and talk the the girl at the table and eventually she will give you the blue card. Tune in to her show and she gives you a password. If you remember the girl at the left of her she gives you prizes like Rare candies, nuggets, Iron, etc. for points. (You get the points by telling the girl at the desk the password)


Find a Suikun/Suicune in three different places (right out of National Park, below the bush by Mount Mortar, and up in Cianwood). Then, go to Tin Tower, and a Suikun/Suicune will appear to fight you.


In the back of each puzzle room in the ruins of Alph is a word formed by Annons/Unowns. They require you to do things in order to get into a back room. In one place, you must equip a Water Stone. In another, you must put a Houou/Ho-Oh first in your lineup. In another you must use an Escape Rope. In another you must use Flash. Once in the back room, pick up the items and fall down the hole to find a room with a message about Annon/Unown. Fall down the hole there to return to the Annon/Unown shrine.


We have no cheats or codes for Pokemon Crystal yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Pokemon Crystal yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Get Magby In Odd Egg!

I swear this cheat works 100% of the time! First,go to the Daycare for the first time to get the Odd Egg.Then,when you go in talk to the Daycare-Lady first.Talk to her 3 times then get the Odd Egg from the man.After you do that walk 500 steps and the egg will hatch into a Magby!


The first time you talk to the man at the Daycare center in Jhoto, he will give you an egg. The pokemon that comes out is random, but it will know the move DIZZY PUNCH.


We have no glitches for Pokemon Crystal yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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