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  • October 15, 2000


Find A Gyarados

To find a Gyarados, first go to Lake of Rage. Use swim ability and swim to the center of the lake where the Red Gyarados was. Swim around and you should encounter a Gyarados. You also can raise Your Magikarp And evolve it.


If you catch a larvitar it will evolve into pupitar around level 30. After level 30 the hard work begins. Your pupitar will not evolve until precisley level 55. It is well worth the hard time but he is powerful.

Easier Way To Obtain PokeRus

First thing to do is do the 'Celebi Egg Glitch. ' Where you will need 5 Sneasel clones and 1 Bad Clone, in the process the 5 clones will be deposited and their names will shrink 1 letter at a time. When you withdraw 1 they will become level 0 and sort of glitched but when you look at their stats you will see 'Status/PokeRus' Now just rare candy it and it will become a normal pokemon. Go to a pokemon center and Nurse Joy will talk about the virus, and when you exit the pokemon center, Prof. Elm will call you and say something about a newly discovered virus. It will now infect you whole party.

Secret Beach

In Goldenrod City, to the left of the daycare is water. Surf on the water downwords, then you will get to a small piece of land which has three girls. You will have to fight the ones on the left and right back to back, then you need to walk closer to fight the third. After you beat them all, you will get 'soft sand' which powers up ground type moves.


Go to the city with the fourth gym. Then, go inside the house with another house beside it. Climb up and enter the other big house. Climb up until you get to Ho- Oh/Hou-Hou.

Female Mr. Mime

Go to Saffron City before fighting Sabrina. Challenge Sabrina to discover that her Mr. Mime is female.

Enjyu City Battle

When you go to Enjyu City, go to the tower and your rival will appear, but will not battle. However, if you first heal your Pokemon at the Pokecenter, defeat the Ghost Gym Leader, and then go to that tower, your rival will talk to you and fight.

Where To Start...

Cyndyquil,Totodile, or Chickorita? Well, I say Cyndyquil. He has been the best out of the seven times I started. Totodile is good also. Chicorita is good, since he can learn fly, but he doesnt help with many badges. Your gamepak may be different however, but my friends agree with me.

Catch Lugia With Ultra Ball!

First go to Pewter City and get the silver wing form the old man, then go to the Whirl Islands- 1 2 3 4 5 6 (go to the second island) and go through the maze, down the waterfall, and to the part where Lugia is and save next to him just in case. Then press (A) at him and then weaken him, use sleep powder, ice punch or blizzard, or paralyzing move then trow an Ultra ball at him and hold up and (B) at the same time and hope it will work because it did for me. Notes:I DID THIS IN GOLD VERSION, YOU MUST HAVE 30-50 ULTRA BALLS(I USED 30 AND WAS LEFT WITH 19)

Catch Ho-oh With Ultra Ball(silver Version)

Get a pokemon that knows how to put other pokemon to sleep buy 50 ultra balls. Get ho-oh's health down realy low but make sure he dont faint save your game in front of him to be save. Put him to sleep get his health down low. Keep throwing ultra balls and hold B, Up.

Big Mamma Trouble

After you get your pokemon from Prof. Elm, go back to your house and tell your mom your going on an adventure.

Deleting All Of Your Files

When the picture of Lugia or Ho-oh appears, hold down the up arrow, the select button and the B button. The press the A button for YES.

Get Pokemon At Misty Gym

Go to misty gym, use any rods. If you lucky, you can fight and cacth water pokemon.

Trainer's Pokemon Genders

Battle Sabrina for example. If you look at her pokemon's genders, they're all female. Whatever the gender of the trainer, the pokemon's gender will be the same!

Get A Female Mr. Mime!

Go to the game corner in Celadon city. Get a Mr. Mime. You may get a female Mr. Mime!

Get Unknown Items

Go to boulders that are not off to the side that are just in your way, go next to them and face them, and press A. Most should have a hidden item in them.

Catch A Blue Nidorino!

Go to Route 15 ( where the girl trades Chansey for Aerodactyl is ) and walk around a lot.

Experience Share

Go face Red Gyrados and after you beat him or capture him you'll get get a red scale. Go to the house where you get the togepie egg and give the scale to the man then he'll give you experience share.

Quick Love

Here is a way that I figured out that will allow you to raise your pokemon's liking for you. First, go to Violet City and buy 7 X Defends, 7 X Speeds, and 21-31 X attacks. Next, go to the grass just East (right) of the city and get into a battle with a lv. 3 Hoothoot (With the pokemon that you want the liking to raise). Then you want to use 6 X Defends and 6 X Speeds, once those are used Hoothoot should have dropped your atk. some so you can use your X Attacks. If your pokemon is hurt, heal it with a potion. When you are down to 1 X Attack, defeat the Hoothoot, if you go to the liking lady in Goldenrod, you should see that the pokemon's liking has raised by 1 level. Note: this seems to stop working when your pokemon "seems to really trust you" Note 2: I know this works because I got an Eevee to seem to really trust me in 1 day.

How To Get Unknown Pokemon

If you want to get unknown pokemon first you have to solve the puzzles at the Ruins. After that you will fall through a hole and it will say there is a weird feeling. You will be attacked by unknown pokemon.

Get Bike For Free

First go to Goldenrod city, then go right behind the pokemart and there should be a path to walk down. Walk down it and go to the house/stor with a sign by it. Go in and he will ask you to ride a bike to advertise. If you ride it long enough he will let you keep it.


Keep the egg you get until it hatches. Raise the Togepi to about level 26 (it depends on his hapiness) and he will grow alot stronger into Togetic. Togetic adds the flying quality.

Soft Sand

Go to Goldenrod and walk near Breeding Center. Walk left and go surfing. Surf all way down, and when the water ends, you'll find a secret beach. There'll be three trainers and one of them will give you Soft Sand, if you win them all. Beware, you can't rest your pokemon between those fights. Soft Sand is for ground-type pokemon.

Catching A Pikachu

If you want to catch a Pikachu get the 8 Johto Badges then head to Route 2. The best time would be during the nite. Walk or ride around in the grass, you should encounter some Pikachu.

Use Solar Beam Over And Over

If your pokemon knows solarbeam you can teach it sunny day (which you can get at the celdon department store in celadon city in kanto). Your pokemon can use solarbeam over and over again until it says the sun has faded.

Bug Catching Contest

If you win the Bug Catching Contest you win a prize. Here are the prizes.

3rd place: Gold Berry(heals a pokemon up to 30 hp)
2nd place: Everstone(stops pokemon evolution when held)
1st place: Sun Stone(evolves certian pokemon)

Important People

Monday	Monica r40 
Tuesday	Tucansy r29
Wedneday	Wesley Lake Of Rage
Thursday	Arthur r36
Friday	Frieda r32
Saturday	Santos Blackthorn City
Sunday	Sunny r37

These people will only give you an item once but will come back to the same spot.

(Red's) Ash's Pokemon

When you get to Sliver Cave you will have to fight Ash. These are the Pokemon he will use in order to face you:

Pikachu level: 81
Umbreon level:73 
Snorlax level:73
Blastoise level:77 
Charizard level:77 
Venusaur level:77

Baby Pokemon

There are total 7 baby pokemon. They are
      1) Pichu of Pikachu
      2) Cleffa of Clefairy
      3) Igglybuff of Jigglypuff
      4) Tyrouge of Hitmochan, Hitmonlee, Hitmontop 
      5) Smoochum of Jynx
      6) Magby of Magmar
      7) Elekid of Eletabuzz
To get them put a Ditto in the 
Daycare And put the adult form of any pokemon . 
After a day you will get an egg . Hatch it to get 
the baby pokemon . 
For tyrouge the evolution is =
           1) Hitmonlee if attack is higher
           2) Hitmochan if defense is higher
           3) Hitmontop if both are equal .

You can alter the stats by feeding 
the pokemon poower-ups . 


To get an Aerodactyl you must catch a Chansey. After you catch a Chansey clone it and give one to the lady on route 15 and you will get an Aerodactyl.

Radio Shows To Catch Pokemon

There is a radio show in the Joho leage called Pokemon music. On different days, There is different songs every day. On some days, the song POKEMON MARCH is used to lure wild pokemon. Go into the grass and tune your radio to the station on those certaint days. On other days, you can go into the grass and tune into the station. There will be a song called POKEMON LULLABYE. That will put all the wild pokemon near you to sleep.

Pass Credits

When the credits come on and the music starts to play you can just turn off the gameboy. Then when you turn it back on you should be in front of your house in Johto. This code is great for when you don't have a lot of time to see the credits.

The Happiness Factor

Some Pokémon will evolve only when they love and trust their trainers. It's difficult to judge your Pokémon's Happiness rating because it's a hidden figure. Instead,you must visit the Happines Rater in Goldenrod City. If you want the Happines Rater to judge a specific Pokémon's mood, first move that Pokémon to the top of your list of Active Pokémon. She counts six levels-from absolute hatred to supreme happiness, shown in order from best to worst in the following list:

level 1:"It looks really happy!It must love you a lot."
level 2:"I get the feeling that it really trust you."
level 3:"It's friendly toward you.It looks sort of happy."
level 4:"It's quite cute."
level 5:"You should treat it better.It's not used to you."
level 6:"It doesn't seem to like you at all.It looks mean."

Get Blissey

The best way to get Blissey is to catch a Chansey with a friend ball, then train it with weak pokemon until it likes you (like evolving Togepi). It helps if you use potions on it so it doesn't faint in battle.

Special Trainers

Fisherman Ralph (Route 32): Helps you find Qwilfish 
Hiker Anthony (Route 33): Helps you find Dunsparce 
Bug Catcher Arnie (Route 35): Helps you find Yanma 
Schoolboy Chad (Route 38): Helps you find Snubbull 
Fisherman Wilton (Route 44): Helps you find Remoraid 
Hiker Parry (Route 45): Helps you find Marill 


To get Blackglasses go to Blackthorn City. Go to where the Move Deleter lives and go down a little bit. Then go to your left and you will see a cave. Go inside the Dark Cave and when you get inside you will see a pond. Use Surf. Go down a little bit and go to left and then go up. Follow the path and you will see a man. He will give you the Blackglasses. Blackglasses powers up dark-type moves.

MooMoo Milk

In Olivine City in Johto go to the part where all the Miltank are. When you go to the house on your left you will see two girls there with a sick Miltank. Go out and find Berries at Least 7 berries will do to make Miltank find. Go next door where the parents on the right house next where Miltank was sick and talk to the guy and he will give you a MooMoo Milk. You have to pay $500 dollars to recive the MooMoo Milk.


First go to the Pokemon siter's house right bellow Goldenrod city. Breed a Jynx with an Ellectabuzz and you'll get Smoochum.


Aipom can be found anywhere Heracross is found. Mainly around mountain areas. Execute can be found in lake of rage at night.

New Poke Balls

You can give Apricorns to the Poke Ball maker in Azalea Town to get new types of Poke Balls.

White Apricorn
Fast Ball; Good for catching Pokemon that try to escape from battle quickly. 

Red Apricorn
Level Ball: If your Pokemon's level is significantly higher than the wild 
Pokemon's, it will be an easy catch. 

Blue Apricorn
Lure Ball: Good for catching Water types when fishing. 

Pink Apricorn
Love Ball: If the wild Pokemon's gender is opposite that of your Pokemon's you 
will have an easier catch. 

Black Apricorn
Heavy Ball: Big enough to catch heavy Pokemon like Snorlax. 

Green Apricorn:
Friend Ball: Pokemon caught with Friend Balls will become very attached to their 
trainer. Good for Chansey (if you want it to evolve into Blissey). 

Yellow Apricorn:
Moon Ball: Good for catching Pokemon that evolve with Moon Stones, like 
Clefairy and Jigglypuff.


Nevermeltice can be found in the Ice Path. It powers up ice attacks.

Mystic Water

Mystic Water can be found in Cherrygrove City. After you get surf, go west and surf to the fisherman he will give you Mystic Water, which powers up water attacks.


Charcoal can be bought in Azaela Town. Charcoal powers up fire attacks. To get a free Charcoal, find the Charcoal's man Farfetch'd. Go to his house in Azalea Town and talk to his assistant. He will thank you for finding the Farfetch'd and give you a Charcoal he made as a token of his appreciation

Bright Powder

Trade a Zapdos from the Pokemon Blue, Red or Yellow to get Bright Powder, which lowers the opponent Pokemon's accuracy.


Blackbelt can be found on Wednesdays on the left side of the Lake of Rage. SURF is required to get it. Blackbelt powers up fighting Pokemon.

Big Snorlax Doll

Get your mom to save $100,000 and she will buy you a Big Snorlax Doll.


Flanker: 7 Pidey, 9 Pideyotto in Violet City
Bugsy: 14 Metapod, 14 Kakuna, 14 Sycter in Azalea Town
Whiteny: 18 Clefariy, 20 Miltank in Goldenrod City
Morty: 21Gastly, 21 Haunter, 25 Gengar, 23 Haunter in Ecruek City 
Chuck: 28 Primape, 30 Machamp in Cinawood City
Bryce: 29 Seel, 29 Dewgong, 31 Piloswine in Mahongy Town
Jaminse: 30 Magimite, 30 Magmite, 35 Steelix in Olive City
Clair: 37 Dragonair, 37 Dragonair, 37 Dragonair, 40 Kingdra 

Apricorn Balls

Go to Azalea Town and go due west. Near the gate at the north will be a house with a berry tree just above it. Go into the house and talk to the man ahead of you. Give him a apricorn you wish to turn it into a new type of pokeball. Exit the house and save the game. Turn off the game, then turn it back on. Use the "Set Time" cheat and change the day back or forward one day. Start the game and go back to the man you left with the apricorn. He will give you the ball.

Clone And Sell Nuggets

If you are low on money, buy a nugget give it to a pokemon. Use the cloning process and you can clone and sell as many Nuggets as you want.

Hitmontop, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan

To get a Hitmontop Tyrogues stats have to be equal. To get Hitmonlee his attack has to be higher than defense. To get hitmonchan his defense has to be higher than hi attack. To change the attack and defense of pokemon go to Goldenrod Dept. Store and go to the 5th floor the man there sells Iron and Calcium.

Chansey Heals Pokemon

If you catch a Chansey you are truly a good trainer. Chansey is very rare and is well worth the trouble trying to catch it. It brings good luck at the game corner and it knows Softboiled so it can heal your injured pokemon.

Catch A Kangaskahn

Go to the Dark Cave in Kanto and walk around on the first floor be patient bcause they are hard to find.

Lucky Number Show

If you tune into Johto's Radio tower you can find the Lucky Number Show. He will tell you an ID Number and if you go to the Radio Tower and talk to te guy on the first floor by the computer he will check the ID Numbers of your pokemon if you have a match you will get a Master Ball.


Go to Route 38 and use Headbutt on one of the little trees. You will eventually find one. Be careful, as it knows Self Destruct.


Go to Black Thorn city and find Parry the hiker. He is on the way down to New Bark Town. On the left you should see a fat man that will challenge you to a Pokemon match. After defeating him, get his phone number. He will call you to battle or say his friend saw a smarm of Marril in Mt.Mortar. You can find a Lv.21 Marril in the water and Lv.13 to 16 on land.


Go to Route 42 and headbutt a tree near there to eventually find one. In addition to Heracross, you can also find some Spearow and Aipom.


On Pokemon Silver at the Misty's gym, go fishing with a super rod. You will encouter a Lv.40 Pokemon and a Corsola. It has very good moves: Recover, Bubblebeam, Spike Cannon, and Mirror Coat.


The best time to catch Chanseys is at night on Routes 13, 14, and 15.

How To Get Scizor

Equiped a Metal Coat on Syther and trade it. It should evolve into Scizor.

Hidden Items

Fly to Mt. Silver go right until you find a tree.Use cut on the tree.Then keep on going right until you find another tree and use cut.Keep going right until you find a house and go in it. Talk to the girl and then go out and go right until you find a dead end. Move up and press 'A'. You will find a rare candy which raises a chosen pokemon 1 level. There are also other hidden items in Viridian Forest.


To get these two pokemon you must have an Eevee. You must make your Eevee like you a lot (the way you evolve togepi). If it is Morning or day it will evolve into Espeon which is Phsycic pokemon. It must be dark to get Umbreon which is Dark. Do not lose your patience with training your eevee. It will evolve if it loves you. It is well worth the time!

Mystery Gift

When you first turn yor game on skip the Intro and go to where it says Mystery Gift. Link your comm. link with your friend and both of you at the same time press 'A'. You can get all kinds of dolls and items from it. Sometimes you must go to a pokemon center and go upstairs to get your gift.

Porygon 2

Get an up-grade from Silph Co., then give it to a porygon. Trade your porygon (with up-grade) to another gamboy. walla!! Porygon 2

Cikorita Moves

Level	Move

Level 1 	Tackle 
Level 1 	Growl 
Level 8 	Razer Leaf
Level 12 	Refleckt 
Level 15 	Poison Powder 
Level 22 	Synthesis 
Level 29 	Body Slam 
Level 36	Light Skreen 
Level 43 	Safeguard 
Level 50 	Solar Beam

Get Lots Of Eevees

First you get the Eevee from Bill, next get a Ditto. Then go to the breeding center and deposit Ditto and Eevee. Wait till the man is standing out by the pokemon, talk to him and he will give you an egg. Walk untill the egg hatches. Then poof you get an Eevee.


Step1. Catch a male/female magmar.
Step2. Catch a dido that is the oppisite sex of your magmar.
Step3. Go to the Daycare center that is right under goldenrod city.
Step4. Deposit both magmar and dido into the daycare center.
Step5. Come back to the day-care center in 5 days.
Step6. Then the Day-Care people will give you an egg holding a magbe.
Step7. Wait until egg hatches.


If you use a the stone that you get when you win the bug catching contest on sunkern it will evolve into sunflora.

Beat Trainer Ash

Once you get to ash, you need to have all pokemon over level 60 and you want to have your pokemon all diffrent types. If you have a lugia over 70 then find the tm whirlwind so if he has a pokemon that is your weakness then you will blow it away. I it will be a weak pokemon to you.

Gym Leader Tactics (Gold Version)

Use the following Pokemon types to battle the indicated Gym Leaders:

Hayato (for Wind Badge)

Pidgey: Use Electric type
Pidgeotto: Use Electric type 

Unknown (for Insect Badge)

Metapod: Use Fire type
Kakuna: Use Fire type
Scyther: Use Fire type 

Akane (for Normal Badge)

Clefairy: Use Psychic type
Mirutanku: Use Psychic type 

Unknown (for Phantom Badge)

Ghastly: Use Psychic type
Haunter: Use Psychic type
Gengar: Use Psychic type
Haunter: Use Psychic type 

Unknown (for Shock Badge)

Primeape: Use Psychic type
Poliwrath: Use Grass type 

Mikan (for Steel Badge)

Magnemite: Use Fighting type
Magnemite: Use Fighting type
Haganail: Use Fighting type 

Unknown (for Ice Badge)

Seel: Use Electric type
Dewgong: Use Electric type
Inomu: Use Electric type 

Ibuki (for Raging Badge)

Dragonair: Use Fire type
Dragonair: Use Fire type
Kingudora: Use Fire type
Dragonite: Use Fire type 

Lt. Surge (for Orange Badge)

Raichu: Use Fighting type
Magneton: Use Fighting type
Electabuzz: Use Fighting type
Electrode: Use Fighting type
Electrode: Use Fighting type 

Sabrina (for Gold Badge)

Mr.Mime: Use Psychic type
Alakazam: Use Psychic type
Eifi: Use Psychic type 

Erika (for Rainbow Badge)

Tangela: Use Fire type
Victreebell: Use Fire type
Vileplume: Use Fire type
????: Use Fire type 

Anzu (for ?)

Kurobatto: Use Psychic or Fire type
Ariadosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
Weezing: Use Psychic type
Weezing: Use Psychic type
Venomoth: Use Fire type 

Brock (for ?)

Graveler: Use Grass type
Onix: Use Grass type
Rhyhorn: Use Grass type
Omastar: Use Grass type
Kabutops: Use Grass type 

Blane (for ?)

Magakarugo: Use Water type
Rapidash: Use Water type
Magmar: Use Water type 

Gary (for ?)

Pidgeot: Use Electric type
Alakazam: Use Psychic type
Exeguttor: Use Fire type
Rhydon: Use Grass type
Arcanine: Use Water type 

Ash Ketchum (Final battle for bragging rights)

Pikachu: Use Fighting type
Efi: Use Psychic type
Blastiose: Use Electric type
Venusaur: Use Fire type
Charizard: Use Water type
Snorlax: Use Fighting type 

Orange League Trainer Tactics (Gold Version)

Use the following Pokemon types to battle the indicated Trainer: 


Neiteio: Use Psychic or Fire type
Slowbro: Use Psychic type
Neiteio: Use Psychic or Fire type
Jynx: Use Psychic type
Exeggutor: Use Fire type 


Araidosu: Use Psychic or Fire type
Venomoth: Use Fire type
Muk: Use Psychic type
Kuroba: Use Psychic or Fire type
Fuoretosu: Use Psychic or Fire type 


Kaporea: Use Psychic or Grass type
Hitmonchan: Use Psychic type
Hitmonlee: Use Psychic type
Machamp: Use Psychic type
Onix: Use Grass type 


Burakki: Use Psychic or Fire type
Vileplume: Use Fire type
Gengar: Use Psychic type
Yamikarasu: Use Psychic or Fire type
Heruga: Use Psychic or Fire type 


Gyrados: Use Grass type
Dragonite: Use Electric type
Dragonite: Use Electric type
Dragonite: Use Electric type
Aerodactyl: Use Grass type
Charizard: Use Water type 

Breeding Evolutions

Breed two Pikachus to get Pichu.
Breed two Electabuzzes and you get Eleckid.
Breed two Clefairies and you get Pi.
Breed two Jigglypuffs and you get Pipurin.
Breed two Magmars and you get Magar.

Starting Pokemon

Select one of the following to get your first Pokemon: 

Chickorita/Chicorita: A Grass type, like Bulbasaur.
Tododile/Waninoko: A Water type, like Squirtle.
Cyndaquil/Hinorashi: A Fire type, like Charmander. 

Defeating Ash

Create a Pokemon team with different types; Grass, Psychic, Devil, Fire, Water, and Steel recommended. Each Pokemon should be level 65 or higher. If not, make sure you have a large amount of Hyper Potions and Revives.

Items From Time Capsule Pokemon

When you use the Time Capsule to trade with the other Pokemon games, every Pokemon that comes from the Red, Blue, or Yellow versions will have an item equipped with them. Some will just have berries, but others have better things.

Breed Without The Other Half

You do not need another of the same Pokemon to breed. Get the Pokemon you want to breed and put it as male or female. Get Ditto, place it with the male or female, and let the breeding begin.

Breeding Pokemon

You cannot breed every type of Pokemon, although some are male or female (like Mewtwos). They still cannot be bred together.

Anno'un Music

While in the Alpha Ruins southeast of Kikyou city go to the Pokegear option in the menu screen. Go to the radio option and on the fourteenth to the twentieth channel you can find a station Called ??????. That is the Ann'oun Music. It can only be heard at Alpha Ruins.

Annon Pokedex

First, solve the Kabuto puzzle, which you should know how to get to. The rest will require the HM for Surf, found in Enjyu City, TM 08 (Rock Breaker), and the HM for Strength. Surf down by the Ancient Ruins (below Kickyou City) and solve the puzzle there. The puzzles should be somewhat easy. Just put in the corner pieces first. Then, go to the Connection Cave. Walk around and find the Pokemaniac. If you have not defeated him, fight him. Then, Surf in the waters near him. You will have to return here twice. Break the rock you find, and solve the puzzle. Then return, move the boulder, and solve the last puzzle. Catch the different Annon, then exit the ruins. Talk to the scientist near the cave and he will give you a complimentary Annon Pokedex.

King's Symbol

Go to the town where you had to rescue the Slowpokes from the Rockets. Enter the cave where you got the Slowpokes from the two Rockets. Use Strength and push the boulder, then Surf in the pond. Find the ladder, go to it, and Surf. Talk to everyone there in that part of the cave. Someone will give you the King's Symbol.

Metal Coat

Collect all eight badges, then talk to Professor Utigi (the person from the start of the game). He will give you the S.S. Anne ticket. Go to the city where the Gym Leader was first not there. Go inside the house at the shore, the person will let you go through, and you will be on the S.S. Anne. You will meet a man that wants you to find his daughter on the ship. You can find her with the captain. Return her to her father, then go back and talk to the captain to receive the Metal Coat.

Monorail Ticket

Go to Saffron City and talk to the girl copycat. Fly to Vermilion City and talk to everyone in the house where you received the bike voucher. Someone will give you the Clefairy doll. Take it to the copycat to get the monorail ticket.


Equip Symbol Of King on Slowpoke and trade it into another GameBoy. It will evolve into Yadoking.


Go to the city with the fourth gym. Then, go inside the second cave, turn to the right and Surf. Go to the top and enter the other cave that is there. Make your way around the mazes and talk to the karate character that is there. Defeat him to get Tyrogue/Buruki. Note: Make sure you have an open space in your Pokemon holder.


Defeat the first gym and go into the Pokecenter. Talk to the scientist and he will give you a egg. After 5,000 steps, it will hatch into Togepi.


Equip the Metal Coat on Onix and trade it to another Game Boy. It will evolve into Steelix/Haganal.


Equip Slowpoke with the Symbol of King, and then trade it.


Transfer a Pikachu from Pokemon Yellow into the game. It should have an item directly translated to "Electric Ball". Equip it to any Pikachu, and its special attack will double.


Breed Jynx with anything that has the same symbol while looking at your party to get Muchuru.

Lugia (Gold Version)

Go to Pewter City and talk to the old man. He will give you a silver feather. Then, go to the place where Lugia is located in the Gold version to find it.

Lugia (Silver Version)

Learn HM06 (Whirlpool) and go to the place where you received the fifth badge. Destroy a whirlpoor and enter the cave. Go through the maze and you will reach Lugia.


Give Gloom a Solar Stone and it will evolve into Bellosum/Kirehana. Note: You cannot evolve Bellosum/Kirehana into Vileploom.


If you want a Pokemon rumored to be a pre-evolution of Dratini (Ampharos/Denryuu), do not try to de-evolve Dratini. Instead, go to the route after Kickyou City towards the Connection Cave, and try to capture the electric sheep, Meripu. Let it grow to level 15. It will evolve into a pink sheep. Train it to level 30 to get Ampharos/Denryuu.


We have no cheats or codes for Pokemon Gold yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no unlockables for Pokemon Gold yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

We have no easter eggs for Pokemon Gold yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no glitches for Pokemon Gold yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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