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How To Get Shaimin

This is how you get shaimin. (i think thats how you spell it)first you have to have an ar (action replay)then get run through anything cheat. Go as far back behind the elite four building as you can. Youre supposed to see a silver rock that when you press A it says "it is smooth like a mirror" or something like that. Go two steps right and then go up. There you go shaimin is right there. PS. You don't have to go through victory road just go over it.

Slow Motion

To go in slow motion press L any time in the game to go in slow motion.

Additional Eevees

After obtaining the national pokedex go to the mansion on route 212 (south of hearthome) talk to the mantion owner everyday until he says an EEVEE kissed him on the cheek. Then go to the trophy garden and stroll in the grass until you find it, it may take a while, so b patient (hint: if you want alot of eevees catch a male and female and put them in the daycare in solaceon town, and they will have eggs).

Pokemon To Evolve

Misdreavus To Mismagius=Using Dusk Stone
Murkrow To Honchrow=Using Dusk Stone
Roselia To Roserade=Shiny Stone
Magikarp To Gyarados=Level Up To 20
Feebas To Milotic=With High Beauty 
Haunter To Gengar=Trade And Then Back
Graveler To Golem=Trade And Then Back
Kadabra To Alakazam=Trade And Then Back           
 (Warning you must have two systems or With a buddy to get the tradeable pokemon)
Bonsly To Sudowoodo=Knowing A Certain Move
Barboach To Wiscash=Level Up At 30
Shieldon To Bastiodon=Level Up At 30
Cranidos To Rampardos=Level Up At 30

Easy Shaymin

This how you get shaymin. 1 . Get a action replay. 2 . Turn on the run anywhere cheat. 3 . Fly to the pokemon leage. 4 . Run or use your bike go the right. 5 . Once you get to the island go straight up. 6 save once you get to shaymin. It will be a level 30.

Pokedar Pokemon

Here is all of the pokeradar pokemon you can find here in pokemon Pearl. Note: This is slightly different from the ones in Pokemon Diamond

: Route 214 + 215
Larvitar: Route 207
Mareep:  Valley Windworks
Nidoran Female + Male: Route 201
Venonat: Route 229
Mankey: Route 225 +226
Grimer: Route 212
Ditto: Route 218
Sentret: Route 202
Togepi: Route 230
Hoppip: Route 205
Sunkern: Route 204 North
Wobbuffet: The Three Lakes
Smeargle: Route 212 North
Tyrogue: Route 208 + 211 West
Miltank: Route 209 + 210 South
Swellow:  Route 213
Ralts: Route 203 +204 South
Nincada: Eterna Forest
Loudred: Mount Coronet Top
Aron: Fuego Ironworks
Torkoal: Route 227 + Stark Mountain
Trapinch: Route 228
Swablu: Route 211 East
Baltoy: Route 206
Kecleon: Route 210 North
Duskull: Route 224
Snorunt: Route 216 +217, Lake Acuity Surroundings

Giratina Orgin Form

In order to get Origin Giratina permanantly, go back to Turnback Cave after you got the National Dex and where Giratina was in D/P, a vortex will be there. Enter it, and you will be at Torn World again, and if you reach the end, you will get the Platinum Orb. Equip it to Giratina and it will be Origin Giratina.


First you'll need to have done several things:Beat the pokemon league and entered the hall of fame, gotten the national pokedex, and gotten to the battle zone. You'll find Mankey or Primeape on your way to the survival area[which is route 225, and route 226], using the poke' radar. It may take a while.

How To Find Cresselia

You will to fly to canalave city at night go to a houes then you will see a boy sleeping but the boy will have nightmers then go talk to he's dad he's dad is the sailor he will take you to fullmoon island oh you will need the national pokedex.

Evolve Graveler into a Golem

First, evolve a Geodude into a Graveler, then trade him and he'll evolve into a Golem. Get him back, and you'll have a Golem.

Repels on Victory Road

Repels don't work on the Victory Road.

Where To Find Pichu

Pichu can be found in the trophy garden. It may take awhile though.

Rare Nidorino

In Pal Park you can find a rare pokemon, nidorino. It may take a while, but you will find nidorino outside pal park. It will be mostly boys.

Shiny Tentacool

On route 205, there is a river that heads to the Fuego Ironworks. In that river, use surf and you might find a shiny tentacool!

Get the Three Pokemon of the Lakes

First of all, you must have captured Palkia to capture the three pokemon of the lakes (Uxie, Mespirit and Azelf). First, you should get Dusk Balls and Quick Balls. (You also have a surfing Pokemon and a pokemon that is 50 or over). Next, fly to Snowpoint City and go to Lake Acuity. Then go to the little island in the middle. Catch Uxie. (ONLY USE DUSK BALLS!!!!)Then go to either Veilstone City or Pastoria city and head for lake Valor. Catch Azelf. (AGAIN,ONLY USE DUSK BALLS!) Mespirit is the trickiest and hardest to catch.First, go to Twinleaf Town and go to Lake Verity. If you talk to Mesprit, it will fly off somewhere. Professor Rowan will come and tell you to chase it down, Use the marking map to get Mesprit. (It is best to only use quick balls when you encounter Mesprit. Your pokemon must also be faster.It will flee in one turn)

How To Get Girantina

To get Giratina, you need to have the National Pokedex, at least one pokemon over 75, and need to have at least $100,000. First, buy 50 ultra balls. Then you need to buy as many max repels as you can. Then go to Sendoff Spring (you MUST have defog and rock climb) and get through Turnback Cave and at the end, you will find Girantina. I suggest you save before starting the battle.

Red Gyarados

If you remember correctly, there was a red gyarados in Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal versions. Now it is revived in one of the three lakes here in Pearl and Diamond. It is in one of the small squares in one of the lakes, but I can't remember which one. It is the easiest shiny to get.

Shiny Badges

To make your badges shiny and clean, you rub on your badges a lot until it is clean.

Shiny Pikachu

There is a Shiny Pikachu somewhere in Trophy Garden. It took me about 70 Pikachu's to get to it, so it was easy to me. If you love Pikachu, go to Trophy Garden.

Getting Probopass

First to get Probopass you need to have a nosepass. Go to Mt. Corenet and lvl it up. It should then evolve into probopass.


Corsola can be found at Route 230.

Shiny Medicham

There is a shiny Medicham somewhere in the lake close to Snowpoint City (I forgot the name), but it will take a long time to get it.

Getting Gliscor

To get Gliscor you must have a Gligar. Give Gligar a Razor Fang and level it up at NIGHT.

Darkrai/ Shaymin

To get Darkrai you have to buy a gameshark. Go online to find the "Walk anywhere" code. Then go to FullMoon Island. Walk all the way to your right until you reach Newmoon Island. Go into the forest and there is Darkrai (you will need a Master Ball). To get Shaymin you need to do the same thing to get Darkrai. Go to the Pokemon League/ Elite Four. Go down the side of the cliff. Keep looking around until you find a stone tablet. Then,go straight up (it takes a long time to get there, use Master Ball) Darkrai lv. 50 Shaymin lv. 30 Darkrai's ability is Bad Dreams which hurt your Pokemon if they're asleep attacks Hypnosis, Nightmare, Night Shade and Shadow Ball. Shaymin' s ability is Natural Cure all status conditions are cured when you switch it out. Attacks are Mega Drain, Synthesis, Sweet Scent and Giga Drain. I got them from a trade because my friend had three of each. I also found them in the wild. There is a bad thing about walking anywhere though places called Mystery Zones. If you go to far or stay to long in the same spot it could FREEZE AND DESTROY your game then, you'll have start all over.

Best Partner In Battle Tower

When you're in the Battle Tower, if you want to team up with a CPU you should always pick the girl with green hair.

Easy Money

To do this, you need at least $100,000 or more, caught Giratina, and need a Pokemon that know Rock Smash, and Rock Climb. Buy as many Max Repels as you can afford, go over to Spring Path, go into Turnback Cave, and use a Max Repel. After you use 1-5 Max Repels, you will get to the place where you encountered Giratina, and there will either be a Reaper Cloth, Rare Bone, or Stardust. When your Max Repels are gone, sell all af your gotten items except the Reaper Cloths. Your money should be higher than it started.

Mespirit And Cressilia

To get the two pokemon quicker first go sangem town then change to the poketech that lets you see their movement. After go to the spot where above the poke center and keep walking in between sangem and the route. Then when mespirit or Cressilia is in the spot above sangem look in that small patch of grass to find them. If they are not there three times try this again. I caught the both of them in 1 day.

Catch A Chimecho

In Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, it is very hard to capture a Chimecho, but in Pearl all you have to do is go to the top floor of Mount Coronet (not Spear Pillar).

Nidoran (boy)

To find this pokemon you have to have the national pokedex and the poke radar. It will be located on Route 201. You might want to look in the spots of grass that sparkle really quick. Most of the time it will be Nidoran(boy).

Get Solarbeam To Use Immediately

If you use Sunny Day, or if a migrated Groudon uses its special ability, you wont have to charge up for Solarbeam. This is very useful if you want to beat hard opponents.

Migratory Pokemon Appearences

If you migrate Pokemon, they will only appear in Battle Park.

Catch Uxie, Azelf, And Mesprite Easily

First, stock up on Ultra Balls. You should have at least 50+. Then go to Lake Acucity (you have to have a Pokeman with Surf) and go to the middle. There should be an island. Go into the cave on the island. When in the cave, go up to Uxie and talk to it. Then you will have to battle it, but it's a wild Pokemon. Get its health down really low, and use an Ultra Ball. IF you catch it, go out of the cave and go to Lake Valor. The water will be back in it. Surf to the middle and go in the cave again. Go up to Azelf and talk to it. Repeat the same process as with Uxie. Mesprite is a lot trickier. Go to Lake Verity and go to the cave again. Talk to Mesprite and it will fly off somewhere. Then Professor Rowan will come. He will tell you to use the Marking Map to track Mesprite. Go to the Marking Map and mark Lake Verity with a star. You should see a small face on the map. You can't Fly to the city it's near or it will move. You have to walk. You only get to use one move before Mesprite leaves. When you encounter it again, it'll have the same health as when it fled. If you get it's health down very low on one turn, it will flee anyway. Find Mesprite again, and use an Ultra Ball. If you don't catch Mesprite, just keep trying. Sometimes it will go to a cave in the Battle Park. I haven't figured out the rest yet. P.S. To do this, you have to have saved them from Team Galactic and you have to have caught Palkia.

How To Get Cresselia

To do this you should have the National Pokedex. First, fly to Canalave, and go to the sailor that takes you to Iron Island. He'll ask you to go to Fullmoon Island to get the Lunar Wing for his son (he's in an endless nightmare). You get there, and go up, then right, then go through the entrance. You'll see Cresselia as an icon on the screen *It'll dissappear when you talk to it*.Then go back to Canalave, and go into the sailor's house. Talk to the boy in bed, and he'll wake up. *You will be able to catch Cresselia along with Mespirit*

Blue Shellos

If you find a Shellos between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. the shellos with be blue with a new design!

Timer Balls

Timer Balls make pokemon easier to catch every 10 turns. Not as the battle goes on.

Super Powerful Dragon Move

Draco Meteor has a cool name and is powerful. (PP:5/5) (Power:140) (Type:Dragon) Get a dragon pokemon to trust/like/love you maximum. Then fly to Celestic Town. Go to route 210, across the bridge, up the stairs, across this bridge, across this bridge, too. Now use rock climb down the hill, now go rock climb right up the hill, battle the trainer, go up, into the house and talk to the person.


In survival area, in desert next to the town there will be a pokemon called dugtrio. Some of them know the one hit KO move fissure. This can be very useful for the battle tower. Most of the time fissure misses. Sometimes it works but not on flying type.

Unlimited Experience Shares

To do this trick, you must have the National Pokedex. Then, play a Game Boy Advance Pokemon game until you get the Experience Share. If you chose FireRed or LeafGreen, its gonna take a while. If you chose Ruby, Sapphire, or Emerald, you only have to beat the second gym. Once you have the Experience Share, give it to a Pokemon and import it (along with five others) to Pearl. Remember; the Pokemon CANNOT be returned, so think carefully. To get more, repeat the process. You can sell them or give them to weak Pokemon (they sell for $1,500 each, so do this to get rich quick).

How To Move The Psyduck From Route 210

Go to route 213 to meet Cynthia. Then she will give you secret potion. Once you get it go back to route 210 and use it on the psyducks.

Where To Get A Master Ball

Go to galactic headquarters in Veilstone city. Beat your way to the boss. After you beat the boss he gives you a master ball use it wisely.

National Dex/Completing The Shinou Dex

Complete the Shinou Dex (see all 150 Shinou Pokemon, Manaphy (#151) is not included)

Seal Case

You get the Seal Case in Solaceon Town. You get it from the woman in the house right outside the Solaceon Ruins.

Unlimited Masterballs

First, before I say anything, this is a time consuming cheat and requires patience. You will also need Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald OR ANOTHER Diamond/Pearl. I suggest you beat the Pokemon League(I don't know if it's required) first. Start out by starting a new game on the game you will be using to get the masterball. For me, I started a new game on my emerald. Past through the game all the way until you get a master ball. As I said, this isn't easy. Once you have obtained your masterball, trade it with a pokemon into your Diamond/Pearl and you'll have another master ball! Keep doing that if you want a lot more.


To get Giratins you first must have the National Pokedex. A new area of Shinnoh will appear called the Spring Path outside of Veilstone. Giratina is at LV. 70 so it is very powerful. To catch it you should have a lot of Dusk Balls and Timer Balls, about 20 or 30 of each. Giratina is a Ghost type Pokemon so it is a powerful addition to your team.

Marking Map

The Marking Map allows you to trace traveling Pokemon like Mesprit. You get it at the PokeTech Center in Jublife City.

National Pokedex

To get the National Pokedex you need to SEE all 150 Pokemon in the Shinnoh Region.

How To Get Lucario

First off, you must have the first five badges or more. Fly over to Canalave City. After that, head to the opposite side of the city. You should see a sailor dude next to a ship. Talk to him and he'll ask where you want to go. Choose Iron Island. You'll end up at an island (obviously.)Head over past the house and into the cave. Go to the right and then head up the next flight of stairs. Keep going to your right and then head down the stairs. Head straight down to where the trainer is and go up the stairs TO YOUR LOWER RIGHT. Go down for about 2 steps and down the elevator. Next, go down the left flight of stairs. You should find a guy named Riley standing right near you. he will team up with you. *Spoilers* His pokemon is a Lucario *End of spoilers* Now, start battling people, etc. until you reach the end. Riley will then give you an egg. Run around about 6,500 steps. You can keep track with your Poketch Step Counter(If you have it, you should.) The egg will hatch and it will be the pre-evolved form of Lucario, Riolu. The only way to make it evolve is to make it love you(Win as many battles with Riolu as possible) during the DAY. This means you can only evolve it from 12:00 PM to 6:59 PM(Or an hour earlier) Earth time.

Get To Battle Tower

To get to Battle Tower you first have to beat the Pokemon League. Then go to Snowpoint City and take the boat right by the entrance to the city. The man will take you to the Fight Area, which has the battle Tower. Also there are the Survival and Resort Areas also on the same island.

Different Kinds Of Poke Balls

Besides Poke Balls, Great Balls, and Ultra Balls there are 8 other types: The Heal Ball, Net Ball, Nest Ball, Dusk Ball, Quick Ball, Timer Ball, Repeat Ball, and Luxury Ball. These types of Poke Balls can only be found at the Poke Mart inside the Pokemon League.

Catch The Three Lake Pokemon Easier

When you meet Mesprit, Uxie, or Azelf the Easiest way to catch them is with a Dusk Ball, a Quick Ball, or a Timer Ball. A Dusk Ball works better in a cave, a Quick Ball works when it is thrown at the beginning of a battle, and a Timer Ball gets better as the battle goes on.

Finding The Balloon Pokemon

When you are at that little house and the girl tells you about the balloon pokemon, you find it can only be found one day of the week. You can find the balloon pokemon as a little icon on the screen on Fridays.

Beat The Game Quickly

The fastest way to get through the game is to buy as many Max Repels as you can afford. It lets you avoid wild pokemon and you can run throughout the game without being stopped once! They only cost $700 so they are a great buy and useful too!

Cheap Healing - MooMoo Milk

MooMoo Milk is a cheap potion that cost $500 and heals 100HP for each one! It is good in situations in which you don't have a lot of money.

Growing Spheres

While in the underground if you bury a sphere it will grow in size.

Ghost Sightings

If you go to the Old Chateau after nighttime you could see some ghosts in the dinning room and a little girl ghost in another room.

Change Time

To change the time on your poketech (once get it) you have to change the time on your DS.

Card Signature

Go to any Pokemon Center, and go upstairs. Talk to the lady farthest to the left, or the first lady, behind the counter. She'll ask you if you want to sign your trainer card. Say yes and take your stylus out and sign it.


My Faveroite AR Cheats!

The following are Action Replay cheat codes:

Max Cash (Press L+R)

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
000002E4 000F423F
D2000000 00000000

Steal Other Trainer's Pokemon

9223B5FA 00002101
1223b4fa 00002100
D2000000 00000000

Repels Last 999 Steps


1 Hit Kill (Press Select Before Attack)

94000130 000003fb
62106fc0 00000000
b2106fc0 00000000
1004868c 00000001
d2000000 00000000

999 Rare Candies

94000130 FCFF0000
B21C4D28 00000000
B0000004 00000000
00000DAC 03E70032
D2000000 00000000

999 Master Balls

94000130 fcff0000
b21c4d28 00000000
b0000004 00000000
00000f4c 03e70001
d2000000 00000000

Egg Telepathy! (Action Replay)

Press L to see the contents of eggs

12067644 0000d117
94000130 fdff0000
12067644 0000e017
D2000000 00000000
Have fun with your psychic powers!

Walk Thru Anywhere Code Action Replay

94000130 fcfd0200 12056c06 00020000 d2000000 00000000 94000130 fcfdo100 d2000000 00000000 hold L andR and B.

Cloning Pokemon

Cloning Code:
9206B31E 00001808
0206B320 FB3EF7FC
94000130 FFF30000
0206B320 46C046C0
D2000000 00000000
IMPORTANT: Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, as this code can crash your game if you do it wrong.
1. Go to your PC and select "Move Pokemon".
2. Make sure the Pokemon you want to clone is in a box with at least 1 free space.
3. Select the Pokemon. A menu will pop up, the first option being "Move".
4. Press Start, Select and A at the same time.
5. Press L and R at the same time. This will take you to the box right before the one you are cloning in, and it will refresh the cloning box. DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP! IF YOU DO, YOUR GAME WILL CRASH.
6. Be sure not to put down the Pokemon, and go back to your cloning box. The Pokemon should now be cloned: one of them, the one you have selected, and the other one in the box.
7. Enjoy your cloned Pokemon! :).

All Legendary Pokemon Are In Box 18 (GameShark)

I would put it in the two columns but its to long so here you go and it works tried it a couple times
94000130 fcff0000 b21c4d28 00000000 b0000004 00000000 e001e4f8 00000010 01490150 0149014b 01480152 01560145 1001e508 0000ffff 2001e531 00000016 e001d260 00000088 81572632 54910000 821e528c 2510fcf0 2f78f050 f1ad30c8 52bcea39 046bafd6 62615ad7 189d33ca 899a6d52 2a2db2ae 5d6e7a23 166470f8 ae2e8157 cd9e04a9 968cbd7e 10fd27d0 53191250 9258d0de cbb20848 9285df7b 47b70a42 97ed3ea9 ad2d370b 38175ecb 3c8f568b 2b519d21 225df36e 37fccdf0 84e09613 836e641a e54f398d b334ba9e e001d2e8 00000088 be097234 3de50000 c3bd1714 a9c738e2 e7ddc3be 347c3843 a9eb2387 ecf448d0 b9765e78 f1e96391 bbf60ad3 e8a1bd70 ef1a73e4 85f200af a1c55909 d41f5533 c4d81a4d 98447402 9da40142 9ee9f5f6 daea98cf 65fbc0b7 1cf17ff8 73e7e3e6 c709cf4d df28803b e150de69 5baf9eff 4d395f0f 915eedc1 032a76a7 d29775c0 0ff3354d 6e17283d e001d370 00000088 ab240c46 8d490000 f8b4fb5d a587905f a915d842 e21548b3 41aabb34 ed1624f4 4e0fa464 20617b1c c9bfc488 8dfc9e84 73ba0681 79032cdf f9304d08 6b409538 3cf42bc4 2e98fd8f fb4ce210 119f089e 379f7bf1 69833d0e 999f6327 d520fa78 a32b1c33 98151a7c 6e00aa94 29fc54b1 6c015095 eb5310ad db93613c 6a21cd60 051cec9c 9a78e09d e001d3f8 00000088 e3eb4489 089b0000 d699046e 8398ab1c 0bf72170 322a28a6 67b186ed 64ba42e7 82e2772c 34bb1d0f d54a31c9 9bd7c64e cd52978d 2becd992 ab1d6cc2 95108a29 0b9dc6a8 d2b4a97f cc198126 2706d046 5ea8da59 02159bf7 4f24d425 96f3864a 1f2c9cd5 437d698e 2631f95e 34ffb28c ce4789db 0f009d80 649db4a4 8bd4cfab d352cd57 300c4720 e001d480 00000088 590bfe69 79420000 f265b032 a16ce10d a73088fb de86e4c1 c2d3b437 664080bb 1623f4fb 79412b30 d110b2b2 a3eb89f7 d3f2c74d f98a73c0 87ab96ab ca558e9b 393388c7 c9443528 dc60ae3b a14738fd 6882e848 7f159aab 1cbc9488 8557c993 130b4bec fbd860c8 3711e96c 33e4d692 0afee501 657e8e8d c395f0b8 ebdf21b3 5a2e0962 58412daf e001d508 00000088 41ebe688 bebc0000 87817bd6 d0c400d6 01e84c50 b9653d8f a9d3b0fd 31defe3f e60953ef 5de3f51d 6d684c2e f8e712e5 c89fb4eb 8eb3d2f0 d20b726b 241ac934 289183d9 89c7d7be 669a3c97 7673b14c 8a8ca4a1 dc154241 5c93fb1c 6c7213ce 2cca2ff6 de126ba1 240485ef a6e1e059 5d009203 79d2daea 5e21478a 0b0b235f d6c9bf6d b0c0d109 e001d590 00000088 22638506 f5c60000 1154a988 8252ae2e 9f6b4578 84109577 fa6857fd 60830a2b 20b06da2 2f9366a8 cfb764c0 810a83f2 f41deef2 4b3b7993 e55dc519 4d28a2a5 d7048a3f dc6c175b 7d159bf6 b4c5ad00 f3182c91 c9835f2a b9be08b8 1cc0bf5e 9dd203b5 f6fc95b9 dc8f2d4b 9c663f19 debf5c6b 0bc2f42c 958443ce 696a7c80 bc07ce54 63545cc6 e001d618 00000088 8e602906 f3630000 86adadc7 68d1fa55 f8848978 65652932 ab1e79cf 32afdbaf 177edad4 42a63e11 e290c240 4c31faf5 e9299c1d f87b6efb 833bf73a d5a38668 9eec3692 ad72cf28 7167f841 90378ada b96b288b 813afa7c 1c0e4fcd b60469a0 a3fdba1f ab98a281 a55e16b8 478f1951 130642e9 0157a979 2cf4f131 8f059511 3e35c4b5 c0593ae1 e001d6a0 00000088 24228344 c4d00000 8a87441f 6fbefc5c b92e7c9b 2af69ea8 e69a6ae5 a5422491 8b5ba226 8e0a67ac 89df7bad a7d959d9 7e467618 1e07e3e9 f6db9f60 2df1fa8b 7686e7ae 7a4da9cb 616e5653 52cc3689 0231c17f a763cdb2 4b6beaee 799ae7bd 8e94df99 4a577c37 492142dc be3201da e931006c 66445765 475242aa 99586bb7 940d3f6b eb3f549a e001d728 00000088 aaff10a6 1da20000 7fbe17e1 8e324707 ea35654e 149997eb 8a2993da b8600f22 e8d6b01d 69dd414d 135ad46d 65d8fc37 df090c4d efe0ce58 7cd4432e 64baf9b6 ec30e347 68a515b9 c65b5869 1b7941bf d3904dd1 ea770347 42157f13 14f2a865 20847de1 70707788 cccf4f52 c5e6f74d fea03912 0b8328c4 2d47adbf 7041d48b 66e472e5 72ac400a d2000000 00000000

Begin Game With Running Shoes (GameShark)

621c59c8 00000000 
b21c59c8 00000000 
200014da 00000001 
d2000000 00000000

Action Replay999x Rare Candy

For this cheat you will need an action replay: 999 rare candy 94000130fcff0000b21c4d2800000000b0000000 40000000000000dac03e70032d200000000000000



This pokemon cannot be caught in regular game play. The only way to get it is to go to a nintendo event to get oak's letter to capture it.

Dustox Appademic

If you want to find Dustox fast you need to get the national pokedex, then go to Eyerna Forest. I see about a million a day.


Find the odd keystone underground. Put it in the hidden tower. Talk to about 30 people underground and then go back to the hidden tower. Note: I have had the chance to complete this, but the pokemon guide says that it will work.


Catch a rhydon on route 228. Give it the item protect. Trade it. When it gets to the other DS it will evolve.


Must have national pokedex. Find at valley windworks. May take a while to catch.

Multiple Eevees

Put Ditto and Eevee in the pokemon daycare in Soleceon town. Walk around for a while and go back to check. If the old man is facing toward the road, then talk to him. He will give you an Eevee egg. Walk around with it for a while and it will hatch. You can do this indefinitely.


Must have national pokedex. Catch on route 218. Warning: may take a while to catch.


Must have national pokedex. Go to Hearthome City. Go into the houses until you find a girl sitting at a computer. Talk to her and she will give you a lv 5 Eevee.

Togepi, Togetic, Togekiss

You will find Togepie on route 230 after you get the national pokedex. With high friendship, level up to Togetic. Use shiny stone to evolve to Togekiss.


Use shiny or dawn stone on Roselia.


Catch a female Ralts or Kirlia. Use a shiny on it to evolve.


To get Froslass you must catch a female Snorunt. Use a shiny or dawn stone to evolve it.


You get Arceus if you have the azure flute. If you have it, go back to where you found Palkia. This is also after you have the National Pokedex. Once you enter the area you found Palkia, the flute will play and a staircase will appear. Arceus is at the top. He is Level 80 and requires the Master ball for capture

Mystery Gift

Go to the Jubilife TV Station. Talk to everyone in there and eventually a guy will let you type something. Type in "Everyone Happy" the mystery gift will appear on the (continue and start new) game screen in the beginning.

Get Manaphy

You can get a Manaphy egg by unlocking a special mission on Pokemon Ranger. You must trade the egg onto Pokemon Pearl. You also have to have the National Pokedex for it to work.


After obtaining the national pokedex head to Stark Mountain. Go to the back room were the tresure is. The go to the house left of the pokemon center in the survival area. Talk to the old man then go back to the room that had the tresure and you will meet heatran. He is level 70.

Easter eggs

Easy Eggs From Daycare

Since you will not always have a female pokemon and a male pokemon, take Lucario for example. Female Lucario's are as rsre as shinys or even more rare. Here's what you do. 8 easy steps to get any pokemon. 1you will need a national dex. 2 your pokemon (only one)will need to know fly or surf. 3 you need either honey or a poke radar. 4get a pokemon known as Ditto. 5 put the pokemon (Ditto and the pokemon you don't have both genders of) in the daycare. 6 Go around and wait awhile. 6 When you see the egg in between the two parents. 7 go back to the daycare and get the egg. 8 Walk, run, or bicycle ride until the egg hatches. It will take 1,200 or less steps. Don't try to get a baby with a legendary or very rare pokemon it doesn't work you'd be wasting your time.

Get a Phione Egg

If you want phione, breed diddo and Manaphy to get the phione.


We have no glitches for Pokemon Pearl yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


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