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  • March 22, 2009


How To Get Lugia Or Ho-oh

On my last cheat, you were able to catch a Lugia or Ho-oh, but not both. Well guess what? Go to the Iron Island place and to get Lugia, you need Palkia with you and Dialga for Ho-oh. They will be at the very bottom.

The Three Legendary Birds

When you get the National Dex, the three legendary birds will be roaming around. They are all level 60.

The New Old Chatue

#1: In the room with the scary picture There is a secret. Walk up to the picture and the eyes will disappear but one step back and the eyes will open. (scary I know)
#2: Down Stairs In the kitchen no more waiting for ghosts an old man will appear instantly and will disappear. (spoooky)
#3: In the upper right room there is an orange thing up against the wall. Walk Up To it and read it - It has a message that is Messed Up.

How To Get Mew Without Cheating

Ok I know how to get mew in platinum. First you go to Twinleaf town and use surf in that little lake. Then you fly to Snowpoint city and talk to every one. After you talked to every one, you have to fly back to Twinleaf town. Talk to your mom and if she says, YOUR POKEMON DON'T WORK FOR THEM SELFS, THEY WORK FOR YOU. If she says that mew will appear in route 229. Since mews are rare it'll take a long time for it to appear. If it does remember to bring a Pokemon that has shadow tag, or it'll run or flee.


If you want Regigigas, you have to either migrate a Regirock, Regice, and Registeel, or get the event Regigigas and face and capture the three regi's. This Regigigas is level one, so it is the weakest pokemon you can face ever.

Strategy For The Whole Pokemon League

I found that the easiest team to beat the pokemon league (no fail) is get a level 100 infernape, it can be level 90 but I suggest 100. The moves are: flamethrower, close combat, flare blitz and earthquake. You will need some full restores and revival herbs to use between Elite Four Lucian and League Champion Cynthia. If you have used a pp up on close combat you wont be needing any pp restoring items.
Elite Four-1: use flamethrower on the 1st pokemon, earthquake on the second and flamethrower on the rest.
Elite Four-Bertha: use close combat on the first pokemon, flamethrower on the second and close combat on the rest.
Elite Four-Flint: use only earthquake.
Elite Four-Lucian: use only flare blitz.
before you move on to fight Cynthia, depending on wether or not Flint's Flareon used quick attack, use either a full restore or revival herb on your infernape. Pokemon League-Cynthia: use flare blitz on the spiritomb, close combat on the milotic, flare blitz on the togekiss, close combat on the garchomp and then use flamethrower on the roserade and lucario.

How To Get Celebi

First, you need the following Pokemon in your Party in the order-

Unknown C Unknown E
Unknown L Unknown E
Unknown B Unknown I
Then, go to the Solaceon Ruins in Solaceon Town, and go to the room with the four Pokeballs. Read the message and 2 new words will have appeared. They say "STRAIGHT DOWN", so walk straight down. As soon as you hit the wall it says "Huh? " and all of your Unknowns appear in front of you. They disappear, and as soon as you take one step, a Celebi comes out of nowhere and all you have to do is hit a in front of it and it goes to your party.

Fuego Ironworks

There is a place called Fuego Ironworks a bit above Floaroma Town. You need to have gotten the gym badge allowing you to use surf and a pokemon that knows surf. First go through floaroma and into the route next to it. Go onto the bridge and use surf go left not right. Going right will take you to a place behind the Valley Windworks. There is a rare candy and an electrizer I think. So go left and follow the water. Go inside and there a trainers and arrow spaces that spin you in the direction they are pointing. When you make it to the owner he will gve you a fire stone. Go out and down and that will take you to Floaroma Meadow. There are several items in there including an item that boosts the power of grass type moves. I will leave out the names so you can discover them yourself.

Shiny Pokemon

If you want a shiny pokemon an easy way for newbies is to have someone eles do it by first fly to jublife city and go left. Note: you need at least 1 bagde to do this. Next you go into the building and talk to that girl behind the desk. Note you'll also need wi-fi. She'll let you in and then look for a pokemon you want then people will show up with the pokemon you want and that's it. Note: some times the pokemon won't be shiny if that happens wait a couple day and check again, also if you find a shiny but don't have the pokemon they want and go out to catch the pokemon they want chances are some one else traded for it because there's a lot of people in this world, finally if you do have the pokemon they want ask you self is this far or is this worth it because some people cheat to get low level shinys and want strong hard to catch pokemon, ps if you can't trade your pokemon for some reason it might be that they want that pokemon a diffrent level, region, or gender, and maybe they already traded that pokemon.

How To Get Rotom

You have to go to the old cheatou in the Eterna Forest. After that go to the 2 floor and go to the t. v . Press A on while facing the t. V and it will tell you that a pokemon is in there. Remember this can only be done between 8pm to 4am.

Poffin Case

1 . Fly to Hearthome City
2. Go straight
3. Turn left until you get to place with a heart on it
4. Go in
5. Talk to person at the table then he'll give a poffin case.

Move Modifier

This code is awesome. If you want to use it, press L and R and you will get 467 Heart Scales. Hold L down and discard Heart Scales based on the move you want. When you discard, about 1 second later let go and you will have a random move. The list is here with the code:

94000130 FCFF0000 
B21C4D28 00000000 
B0000004 00000000 
E0004E14 00000024 
99999999 99999999 
99999999 99999999 
99999999 99999999 
99999999 00099999 
FFFFFFFF 00000000
 20004E38 0000007F
 D2000000 00000000

1 Pound
2 Karate Chop
3 DoubleSlap
4 Comet Punch
5 Mega Punch
6 Pay Day
7 Fire Punch
8 Ice Punch
9 ThunderPunch
10 Scratch
11 ViceGrip
12 Guillotine
13 Razor Wind
14 Swords Dance
15 Cut
16 Gust
17 Wing Attack
18 Whirlwind
19 Fly
20 Bind
21 Slam
22 Vine Whip
23 Stomp
24 Double Kick
25 Mega Kick
26 Jump Kick
27 Rolling Kick
28 Sand-Attack
29 Headbutt
30 Horn Attack
31 Fury Attack
32 Horn Drill
33 Tackle
34 Body Slam
35 Wrap
36 Take Down
37 Thrash
38 Double-Edge
39 Tail Whip
40 Poison Sting
41 Twineedle
42 Pin Missile
43 Leer
44 Bite
45 Growl
46 Roar
47 Sing
48 Supersonic
49 SonicBoom
50 Disable
51 Acid
52 Ember
53 Flamethrower
54 Mist
55 Water Gun
56 Hydro Pump
57 Surf
58 Ice Beam
59 Blizzard
60 Psybeam
61 BubbleBeam
62 Aurora Beam
63 Hyper Beam
64 Peck
65 Drill Peck
66 Submission
67 Low Kick
68 Counter
69 Seismic Toss
70 Strength
71 Absorb
72 Mega Drain
73 Leech Seed
74 Growth
75 Razor Leaf
76 SolarBeam
77 PoisonPowder
78 Stun Spore
79 Sleep Powder
80 Petal Dance
81 String Shot
82 Dragon Rage
83 Fire Spin
84 ThunderShock
85 Thunderbolt
86 Thunder Wave
87 Thunder
88 Rock Throw
89 Earthquake
90 Fissure
91 Dig
92 Toxic
93 Confusion
94 Psychic
95 Hypnosis
96 Meditate
97 Agility
98 Quick Attack
99 Rage
100 Teleport
101 Night Shade
102 Mimic
103 Screech
104 Double Team
105 Recover
106 Harden
107 Minimize
108 SmokeScreen
109 Confuse Ray
110 Withdraw
111 Defense Curl
112 Barrier
113 Light Screen
114 Haze
115 Reflect
116 Focus Energy
117 Bide
118 Metronome
119 Mirror Move
120 Selfdestruct
121 Egg Bomb
122 Lick
123 Smog
124 Sludge
125 Bone Club
126 Fire Blast
127 Waterfall
128 Clamp
129 Swift
130 Skull Bash
131 Spike Cannon
132 Constrict
133 Amnesia
134 Kinesis
135 Softboiled
136 Hi Jump Kick
137 Glare
138 Dream Eater
139 Poison Gas
140 Barrage
141 Leech Life
142 Lovely Kiss
143 Sky Attack
144 Transform
145 Bubble
146 Dizzy Punch
147 Spore
148 Flash
149 Psywave
150 Splash
151 Acid Armor
152 Crabhammer
153 Explosion
154 Fury Swipes
155 Bonemerang
156 Rest
157 Rock Slide
158 Hyper Fang
159 Sharpen
160 Conversion
161 Tri Attack
162 Super Fang
163 Slash
164 Substitute
165 Struggle
166 Sketch
167 Triple Kick
168 Thief
169 Spider Web
170 Mind Reader
171 Nightmare
172 Flame Wheel
173 Snore
174 Curse
175 Flail
176 Conversion 2
177 Aeroblast
178 Cotton Spore
179 Reversal
180 Spite
181 Powder Snow
182 Protect
183 Mach Punch
184 Scary Face
185 Faint Attack
186 Sweet Kiss
187 Belly Drum
188 Sludge Bomb
189 Mud-Slap
190 Octazooka
191 Spikes
192 Zap Cannon
193 Foresight
194 Destiny Bond
195 Perish Song
196 Icy Wind
197 Detect
198 Bone Rush
199 Lock-On
200 Outrage
201 Sandstorm
202 Giga Drain
203 Endure
204 Charm
205 Rollout
206 False Swipe
207 Swagger
208 Milk Drink
209 Spark
210 Fury Cutter
211 Steel Wing
212 Mean Look
213 Attract
214 Sleep Talk
215 Heal Bell
216 Return
217 Present
218 Frustration
219 Safeguard
220 Pain Split
221 Sacred Fire
222 Magnitude
223 DynamicPunch
224 Megahorn
225 DragonBreath
226 Baton Pass
227 Encore
228 Pursuit
229 Rapid Spin
230 Sweet Scent
231 Iron Tail
232 Metal Claw
233 Vital Throw
234 Morning Sun
235 Synthesis
236 Moonlight
237 Hidden Power
238 Cross Chop
239 Twister
240 Rain Dance
241 Sunny Day
242 Crunch
243 Mirror Coat
244 Psych Up
245 ExtremeSpeed
246 AncientPower
247 Shadow Ball
248 Future Sight
249 Rock Smash
250 Whirlpool
251 Beat Up
252 Fake Out
253 Uproar
254 Stockpile
255 Spit Up
256 Swallow
257 Heat Wave
258 Hail
259 Torment
260 Flatter
261 Will-O-Wisp
262 Memento
263 Facade
264 Focus Punch
265 SmellingSalt
266 Follow Me
267 Nature Power
268 Charge
269 Taunt
270 Helping Hand
271 Trick
272 Role Play
273 Wish
274 Assist
275 Ingrain
276 Superpower
277 Magic Coat
278 Recycle
279 Revenge
280 Brick Break
281 Yawn
282 Knock Off
283 Endeavor
284 Eruption
285 Skill Swap
286 Imprison
287 Refresh
288 Grudge
289 Snatch
290 Secret Power
291 Dive
292 Arm Thrust
293 Camouflage
294 Tail Glow
295 Luster Purge
296 Mist Ball
297 FeatherDance
298 Teeter Dance
299 Blaze Kick
300 Mud Sport
301 Ice Ball
302 Needle Arm
303 Slack Off
304 Hyper Voice
305 Poison Fang
306 Crush Claw
307 Blast Burn
308 Hydro Cannon
309 Meteor Mash
310 Astonish
311 Weather Ball
312 Aromatherapy
313 Fake Tears
314 Air Cutter
315 Overheat
316 Odor Sleuth
317 Rock Tomb
318 Silver Wind
319 Metal Sound
320 GrassWhistle
321 Tickle
322 Cosmic Power
323 Water Spout
324 Signal Beam
325 Shadow Punch
326 Extrasensory
327 Sky Uppercut
328 Sand Tomb
329 Sheer Cold
330 Muddy Water
331 Bullet Seed
332 Aerial Ace
333 Icicle Spear
334 Iron Defense
335 Block
336 Howl
337 Dragon Claw
338 Frenzy Plant
339 Bulk Up
340 Bounce
341 Mud Shot
342 Poison Tail
343 Covet
344 Volt Tackle
345 Magical Leaf
346 Water Sport
347 Calm Mind
348 Leaf Blade
349 Dragon Dance
350 Rock Blast
351 Shock Wave
352 Water Pulse
353 Doom Desire
354 Psycho Boost
355 Roost
356 Gravity
357 Miracle Eye
358 Wake-Up Slap
359 Hammer Arm
360 Gyro Ball
361 Healing Wish
362 Brine
363 Natural Gift
364 Feint
365 Pluck
366 Tailwind
367 Acupressure
368 Metal Burst
369 U-turn
370 Close Combat
371 Payback
372 Assurance
373 Embargo
374 Fling
375 Psycho Shift
376 Trump Card
377 Heal Block
378 Wring Out
379 Power Trick
380 Gastro Acid
381 Lucky Chant
382 Me First
383 Copycat
384 Power Swap
385 Guard Swap
386 Punishment
387 Last Resort
388 Worry Seed
389 Sucker Punch
390 Toxic Spikes
391 Heart Swap
392 Aqua Ring
393 Magnet Rise
394 Flare Blitz
395 Force Palm
396 Aura Sphere
397 Rock Polish
398 Poison Jab
399 Dark Pulse
400 Night Slash
401 Aqua Tail
402 Seed Bomb
403 Air Slash
404 X-Scissor
405 Bug Buzz
406 Dragon Pulse
407 Dragon Rush
408 Power Gem
409 Drain Punch
410 Vacuum Wave
411 Focus Blast
412 Energy Ball
413 Brave Bird
414 Earth Power
415 Switcheroo
416 Giga Impact
417 Nasty Plot
418 Bullet Punch
419 Avalanche
420 Ice Shard
421 Shadow Claw
422 Thunder Fang
423 Ice Fang
424 Fire Fang
425 Shadow Sneak
426 Mud Bomb
427 Psycho Cut
428 Zen Headbutt
429 Mirror Shot
430 Flash Cannon
431 Rock Climb
432 Defog
433 Trick Room
434 Draco Meteor
435 Discharge
436 Lava Plume
437 Leaf Storm
438 Power Whip
439 Rock Wrecker
440 Cross Poison
441 Gunk Shot
442 Iron Head
443 Magnet Bomb
444 Stone Edge
445 Captivate
446 Stealth Rock
447 Grass Knot
448 Chatter
449 Judgment
450 Bug Bite
451 Charge Beam
452 Wood Hammer
453 Aqua Jet
454 Attack Order
455 Defend Order
456 Heal Order
457 Head Smash
458 Double Hit
459 Roar of Time
460 Spacial Rend
461 Lunar Dance
462 Crush Grip
463 Magma Storm
464 Dark Void
465 Seed Flare
466 Ominous Wind
467 Shadow Force.

Getting Shaymin Sky Forme

To get shaymin sky forme you need to trade your shaymin from diamond or pearl and then go to floroma town and talk to the blondie and she will give you a graceda to turn your shaymin into sky forme.


Sheldon is located in the underground as a fossil.

See Manaphy Without Action Replay

It took me forever to find this out I was stuck at seeing 209 pokemon and then I saw one all you have to do is go to the pokemon mansion that place that leads to the trphy garden when you enter you go to the right and go in the first door to make sure its the right door make sure theirs a maid running left to right next to the door when you enter you should see two men and a police officer standing next to a pokemon statue and a table with a book on it talk to the book and congratulations you've seen manaphy.

Getting Porygon

You cannot catch a wild porygon (that I know of) but there is a way to get one. Go to veilstone city. Enter the house behind the pokemon center, and talk to the man in the white shirt have a free space for a pokemon. He will say if you can take care of a pokemon (something like that) say yes (well duh!) and then you've got a porygon!

Some New Pokemon

Rotom- 8 new forms
Giritina- Origin Giritina
Shaymin- Second Evolution.

The Torn World

The torn world is in the turnback cave. You will go in a portal that takes you there. Its a dark mysterious place where you battle giritina. You walk on walls from jumping from floors. Giritina will be at LV 47.

Logging Around

If you go to the Elite four and before or after you fight the man who likes bug pokemon, go inside the log. You can also save inside the log if you want to.

How To Catch Dialga

Dialgia is a rare pokemon in order to catch him get the sunnyshore gym badge, then go up to mt, cornet you will see two portals 1 with palkia , 1 with dialga imnot shore which side this is on but if I'm right it is on the left. You will need at least 90 ultra balls and a pokemon that knows a sleep move. BTW they are both level 70.

How To Get Dialga And Palkia

Ok when you know how you go to the top of Mnt. Cornet to get Giratina? Whell, you know how there's a Waterfall next to the place you use Rockclimb? After you get your last badge, go to that Waterfall and climb it. You should see a room. Go into the room and get the orbs. Then go to the top and you get to battle those two pokemon. Good luck they're both at level 70.

How To Get Moltres,Arcticuno,Zapedos

Talk to Prof. Oak in the Pal Park, then go to the first house on the South entry. Go in and he tells you that those legendary Pokemon are in the Sinnoh region.

How To Get Cresselia

They say to get Darkri you need a member's pass. Well they said Darkri, not Cresselia. So after the hall of fame and national pokedex, go to the Sailors house talk to the boy than the Sailor. The Sailor takes you to Newmoon Island than using the pokemodifier, use that, and you have a Cresselia.

Dialgia Palkia

To get dialga and palkia make sure you've beaten the game and have a adament and lustrouse orb go to clestic town talk to Cynthia then go to spear pillar where you met giratina go to the blue light 4 dialga leave come back to pink light 4 palkia they r on level 70 fight them with a pokemon about level 73 and bring slot of dusk balls save before battle so if you fail to catch I can redo.

Get A Lugia Or Ho-oh

You need these Pokemon in your party in the following order-

Unknown S Unknown U
Unknown M Unknown M
Unknown O Unknown N 
Go back to the same place that you First met Giratina in the game (not the Distortion World, the big Spear Pillar thing). Save the game when you step on the first platform looking thing with a symbol on it. After saving, turn off the DS and back on. Walk to the next platform at the end, and save the game and repeat the off and on thing. Now hit A, B, Y, X, Y, B, A, Y on the end platform. Walk to the front one and press Y, A, B, Y, X, Y, B, A. There you have it. Lugia and Ho-oh appear, but you can only choose one because the other flees, but another one of my cheats allows you to catch the other. I would reccomend having about 3 Master Balls on you for them. Enjoy your new Lugia or Ho-oh!

Good Combo

Here is a really good combo.
Strategy:First level up your Drapion until it knows Cross Poison. Then give it the item Scope Lens. Here's how it works, Drapion's move, Cross Poison, has a high critical hit rate already. Then with the item Scope Lens, the critical hit rate increases even more. But wait there's MORE! It's ability, Sniper, increases the damage dealt from critical hits! So there you have it, the arguably the best combo ever:).

Another Deadly Combo

Another really good combo-
This is what to do. Get a Tangrowth (da). Then teach it Sunny Day and Solar Beam. Give it the Heat Rock. Alright, you all probably know about the Sunny Day and Solar Beam combo right? But the the Heat Rock makes Sunny Day last longer and it's ability Clorophyll, doubles it's SPEED. Not ATK. , DEF, SP. ATK. , or SP. DEF. OK that's all.

Pastoria City Crogunk Sign

Between the times 19:00-20:00 if you go behind the Crogunk sign a Crogunk will appear from nowhere and enter the Great Marsh but it has to say a time between 19:00-20:00 on the digatal watch on your game.

Quick Prizes At Lottery Corner

First go to Jubiife City. Go into the Jubilife TV Building. It is big and has a big flashing screen on the front. Go inside and talk to the lady behind the counter. She will pull the number. After she says if you win or lose, save your game and turn the power off and on again. Press the ds icon at the bottom if the touch screen. Change the time to 23:59. Save the settings and quickly turn the power off then on again. Quickly start the game and e it the TV Building. Turn your poketch to the clock (the one with the pikachu on it not the one that actually looks like a clock). When the time turns 00:00, go back inside. You will be able to pull another ticket. The best way to win is to trade with people to get different pokemon ID numbers.

Flame Plate With An Arceus

I do not know how to get the Azure Flute (needed to get an Arceus without cheating) besides that you need to have the Nintendo event. Anyways after you get the event arceus without cheating go to orebourgh (I think that's how you spell it) then go to the mine which is somewhere at the bottom of orebourgh. Go farther down once you enter talk to everybody because I don't know which person it is. If it's none of them go back up but not all the way out. Talk to the man just by the entrance/exit. One of those guys should have given you the flame plate. Give it to arceus he will turn fire type. Also when he is level 100 or somewhere close to that he will learn judgment which is also affected by the flame plate.

3 Hint Lined Chat

Line 1:SPIRITOMB doesn't have any weaknesses you dodo dunder head! (Line 2)The best team for the Pokemon League:1. Rotom Lv. 21 2. JIRACHI Lv. 19 3. Giratina Lv. 50 4. Piplup Lv. 76 5. MACHOKE Lv. 36 6. Tropius Lv. 30 Line 3:The other night I had a dream that I was in a Pokemon Platinum Special Episode, SHAYMIN vs. SPIRITOMB! It was so scary, different and impossible. The foe's level was 79 and you have to be 40!


To get Magnazone do the same to catch Gabite only get Magnatone. Then lv. It up Mt. Cornet. Hope you like Magnazone!


OK, this is how to get Garchomp. First, you need Surf, Fly and Waterfall. OK, so fly to Sunnyshore City. Note: this only works on Platinum. Go to Victory Road. Capture Gabite (it might take awhile). Then, go to Rout 222 and get it to lv. 48. Hope you like your Garchomp!

How To Get Riolu

First to get Riolu you need to go to this island talk to the guy in the entrance and guide him to the last elevator then he"ll give you an egg (and don't forget to leave room in your inventory) hatch it and there you go you have a riolu (it will evolve into Lucario at good friendship level for me it was at lvl 32 or 34.

Shaymin Sky Form

To get shaymin in sky form you need to go to floaroma town and talk to a lady near the pokecenter. Then she will give you aan gracidea flower key item use it on shaymin it only can use it between 400am-700pm.


Here are some evolution for:

Spearow = Fearow

How To Change Rotom Into Different Forms

To change rotom into a different form you must have a rotom and the secret key. You can get the secret key at toy r us or by using cheats. Go to the the team galactic eterna building. Once your inside use the secret key in the first floor to unlock the hidden doorway. When you are in the hidden room you will see five different objects in the center of the room. Get close to one of the objects and rotom will change form. Make sure rotom is in your team or else this will not work. Have fun with your rotoms new form.

How To Get Shiny Pokemon Without Action Replay

To get Shiny Pokemon without trading them from someone's Action Replay is by seeing that same type of Pokemon over and over again until you see the same type of Pokemon with different colors. You can also tell it's shiny if when you start battling it some stars show up around it. If you capture it and check it's summary a red star will appear next to it, meaning that it's a shiny one. Some Pokemon like Bidoof will look exactly the same even if it's shiny.

One Awsome Dragon Move

Here's how to get the awesome dragon move draco meteor but this might be tricky. You need one of the best dragon pokemon like garchomp or giritina and maximize your friendship between you guys/girls. And in a while you will have a very good move. I think you can also get this move from action replay.

How To Get An Electivire

First, go catch a eletobuzz (you can find them to the left of sunnyshore city) Then, give it a electrizer and trade it. It will then evolve into a electvire!

Easier Way To Get Giratina

Ok this is an easier way to get Giratina. 1st. Make sure you don't use the master ball that TeamGalacticLeader Cyrus gives you. Then when you get to the torn world and battle Giratina all you got to do is use it and Bam instant Giratina without having to injure your pokemon. Well I hope you enjoy your Lv. 47 Giratina.

How To Catch Dialga/palkia Easy

First, buy 15 or 20 timer/ultra balls. Then go to celestic town and talk to the elder. She will tell you what to do. After that do the stuff she tell you to do. The two orbs at Mt. Coronet where you use the HM water fall. Go to the Spear Pillar. Click on the portal and face dialga. Make him weak[I call dialga a he and palkia a she]and use as many turns as possible. Use a timer ball and he should be caught. Do the same thing with palkia.

All Event Pokemon!

These are all event Pokemon:
Manaphy- Get the egg from Pokemon Ranger series
Darkrai- Get from Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia, or get the event members pass.
Arceus- Getfrom the 12th Movie, or get the event Azure Flute
Shaymin Land Forme- Get from 10th Movie, or get the event Oaks letter.
Shaymin Sky Forme- Get from 10th Movie, and go talk to the lady in Floroma town.

How To Catch Giratina!

Here's how to catch Giratina. First you need like 50 ultra balls. Go deep into Mt. Coronet then you will see Cyrus standing there. Then he will have Uxie, Mesprit, and Azelf come out and form a portal to the distortion world then a shadow will come out of portal then fling mud all over. Then Dialga and Palkia will pop up out of no where. Then Giratina will leave and go back into distortion world. Cyrus will jump into the distortion world, then you do. It will lead you to the revers world also known as the distortion world. It is kinda weird there you can walk on walls you can also walk upside down. Before you get to Giratina you have to free Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf by using strength to move the big boulders into holes then they will be free. At the end of the revers world Cyrus will be standing in front of Giratina later Cyrus will leave. Then go up to Giratina and press the "A" button then start battling him bring down his hp to like 1 or 2 hp then start using ultra balls then if your lucky you will capture it. Have fun!

Great Team For Poke'mon League

LV 100 Empoleon
LV 100 Garitina
LV 100 Charizard
LV 100 Blaziken
LV 100 Zapdos
LV 100 Dialga/Palkia.

Sweet Combo

First get a friend that has pearl/diamond/platinum then when you have reached the point after the distortion world take a pokemon that knows surf to route 205/valley wind works and surf on the left side till you reach the fenced off part of the valley and get the elcetrizer next go to the place where you can catch elcetabuzz. They are at like lvl 42. Now do a link trade with your buddy for elctabuzz w/ the elctrizer it should evolve and unless your friend is a total jacka** trade back and you have an awesome elctavire and if you still haven't used the tm for earthquake now is a good time because I got one and he killed volkner's 8 lvls stronger.

Friendship Evolutions At Low Levels

To get a Pokemon with a friendship evolution to evolve early, give it lots of massages. You can get one in vielstone city and in the ribbon syndicate. You can get into the syndicate by having 1 Pokemon with 10 ribbons to get in.

Riolu Evolution

To evolve riolu earn his/her friendship at 4am through 6pm.

Get Rotoms Different Forms

Before I say anything, you need the Secret Key from either Action Replay or the event. First, go over to Eterna City, then Cut your way into the Eterna Galactic Building. When you get into there, go over to the top left corner and then you'll see a faint red light coming from that corner and use the Secret Key. A pathway will open up and in the when you get past that a washer, a fridge, a lawn mower, a fan, and a stove will be there. Choose your favorite one and Rotom will learn a new move based on the kind of machine it possesses. I will tell more in a new one.

Catch Cressilia, Mesprit And The Birds.

All you need to do to cath the Pokemon is to run back anf forth between Routes 210 and 215 until one of the pokemon is where you are on the marking map. The Marking Map can be found in the pokech company in Jubilife city and talking to the guy by the Front Desk. I suggest you use Ultra or Dusk balls to Capture the pokemon.

Catch The Wandering Pokemon

Well first, to find the wandering pokemon, Cresseillia is on fullmoon island, Mesprit is in lake verity, and the birds you can find after you talk to Oak at pal pakr, than in eterna city. The easy way to catch them is to stand between two routes and go back and forth, look on your marking map, which is obtained in Jubbilife city, and battle the pokemon. Use a Level 65↑ Golbat or Crobat with mean look and in the beggining of the battle, use mean look and have a normal capture battle!

Rotom's Different Moves

Heat: Overheat
Frost: Blizzard
Mow: Leaf Storm
Wash: Hydro Pump
Fan: Air Slash.

Get A Heatran

Go to the right of the Survival area and go to the right all the way. Go up to Stark Mountain with Buck. There will be a cave in the mountain. You're journey with Buck. You will return at the entrance of Stark Mt. Go to Survival area and battle you're rival, like Tom or what ever you named him or her. After that go inside the building next to you because you can battle any Gym leader there. Go outside and head over to Stark Mt. And go to the same place in there. Heatran will be there at level 50. He's not that hard to catch. Good luck!

Get A Wormadam

To get a Wormadam first go to Hearthome City. Next go south like you are going to the pokemon mansion but don't! Keep going until you see a blonde haired woman looking right. Well, battle her and you will see that she has 3 Wormadams!

Dialga And Palkia

This works on all versions of platinum First get an adament orb and a loustrous orb in mt. Cournet then look inside of the cave version with a waterfall and go on it then you will find 2 items and they are the adement and lostrous orb. Go to spear pillar and you will see a portal if its a blue 1 talk to it and there will be dialga then when your done catching him go outside of spear pillar then enter again and catch palkia they are very very easy to catch. you don't need national dex to catch them because they are a part of the sinnoh dex if you have diamond and pearl and caught or defeated dialga and palkia they are a part of the sinnoh dex just like platinum if you kill them go beat the elite 4 then go back and they will be there.

How To Get A Gible

First of go on the bike route ( just bellow Eterna city). Once you get of of it, go to the right of the route, cut the tree down, and go all the way back of the canyon. Then go to the left under the bridge. Then go up until no more , go to the left, and go forward as you can. Once you have enterred the cave go run around in it until you find a Gible. It will evolve into a Gabite at lv. 28, and evolve into a Garchomp at lv. 48. It will take an exp. Share to level up fast. Mine took till right after the last Gym to evolve into a Garchomp. Good luck!

Dialga And Palkia

First, you have to get the national pokedex by beating the elite 4, then you go up the waterfall in MT. Corenet and go in the cave, after that click on the poke balls on both sides and you will get the Adamant orb and the Lustruos orb and click on the stone in the middle. Finally, go to Spear Piller and battle dialga first then palkia (leave then come back to battle palkia). They are both Lv. 70 so good luck.

Rare Magikarp

Once you have defeated the Pokemon League, and have obtained the National Pokedex by completing the Sinnoh Pokedex. You will now have access to the Resort Area. You can get there by sailing from Snowpoint City. In the Resort Area, use the Super Rod that is obtained by talking to a fisherman in the Fight Area. The little lake is located obove the Pokemon Center in the Resort Area. You can find Magikarp's at lv. 90! Training them one level will evolve them into a Gyarados leaving you with a powerful pokemon.

Evolve Electrobuzz

To evolve electrobuzz you will need to get a electrizer then give it to your electrobuzz and then trade it. Sometimes electrobuzzes are holding electrizers in the wild.

Rotom (Heat Form)

Here is a cheat were you can get rotom heat form. It wil appear in box 1 slot 1 in your pc (make sure nothing else is there). Sorry its so long. So here it is: 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101140 00000000 E000CF44 00000088 D264D263 45A40000 6D1296DA 6F1C87E1 FFABFA0D 5C217E4C FD2B618C D78E664A E2D97C9B 59666800 F1DE4FFC DC1211A3 B53752ED 568B5803 A752E435 315E7911 2B8318D3 B235FC78 8AA1CF36 561DCC3A 50BF325D D46D37F4 5848EA1A E528025D B336BE4A DA1F3EFE E7FF7372 B7CBA05C E81027F3 CD9BD095 EC5CF460 EFCB615E B03A8A8F 6F15BAB7 D2000000 00000000.

Get Regirock

Beat the Elite Four. Go to Route 228 and find the spot near a rock, a tiny one, between two slopes. (If you have the Ultimate Poke'dex Guide, NOT THE PLATINUM, you can find it much easier. Its on page 288, at step four. The place is a little to the left) It is hidden, a little hard to see because of the sandstorm, and what better place to find Regirock! A little to the left of the stone, you can kind of see a little cave. Go in and do what k464 said. Hope this helps!


POKEMON #1: REGISTEEL. First, you'll have to have got the special regigigas from toys r' us march 8th-21st. Then have him in your party and go through the game until you get to canalave city. then go to iron island from the boat person on the left of the bridge, furthest down. Load up on at least 20 or more dusk balls because I had 3 left when I caught him! Get through iron island and next to the entrance there's a little cave. Go in it and you'll see Registeel's eye pattern flashing red. Step on all 7 and and there's a loud, RUMBLE! Then get ready to fight Registeel. Once you're ready, talk to the pokemon statue and Registeel pops out! He is at level 30 and causes trouble! Get his health down and use all the dusk balls you can! POKEMON #2:REGICE. to get Regice, do everything that you did to get Registeel, except Regice is in a different place. like I said, LOAD UP ON DUSK BALLS! You'll have to have gotten to snowpoint city to get Regice. Go down to route 216 and then go down towards eterna city, and celestic town. Then you'll eventually come to a cave. Go inside and near the beginning of the cave, there's another cave. Go inside and there will be Regice's eye pattern. Step on every one and there will be a loud, RUMBLE! then get ready to battle Regice. Once you're prepared to battle, talk to the pokemon statue and battle Regice. I have no tips on battling the Regi's, except for:Mesprit's extrasensory is good on them! POKEMON #3: REGIROCK. I have absolutely no idea how to get Regirock.

Treasures Underground

To go underground, you first need an explorers kit. To get an Explorers kit, talk to a man in Eterna City. Then, you use the explorers kit and go underground. To find out where treasures are, use your touch screen and tap the map. It might show a diamond-shaped object on the map. Go to that location and press A next to the wall. Lastly, use the pick-axe or hammer to uncover hidden treasures.

Griseouss Orb

The griseous orb is just like the adamant and lustrous orb. Go to turnback cave and go to giratinas room. You find a portal to the distortion world. Go in and through to the end (it is not that long). You should find the orb. It also changes Giratina's form.

Dialga And Palkia

When you get the last gym badge, get Waterfall and go to Mt. Coronet and go to the room where you have to use Waterfall to get to. There you will get the two orbs. When you beat the elite four, go to Town Elder in Celestic Town and talk to her. She will talk about some stuff. Then go to Spear Pillar. Have fun, because they are both level 70.

Pone Maylene

All right you need to have a golbat/crobat/staravia a kadabra/alakazam/porygon/porygon2 or Z and a monferno. First maylene will send out meditite use wing attack/ aerial ace it should die next machoke switch to kadabra or such. Use psybeam it should die (i recommend alakazam because high sp atk and it's psychic type so that rounds up the power to a whopping180) finally use flame wheel on lucario though it probably won't die and lucario is faster use a super efct mach punch to strike first and win a cobble badge.

Beat Fantina

Have a pokemon that knows sleath rock a golbat a roselia first use sleath rock on duskull beat move on next haunter. A speedy pkmn that knows psybeam should work b/c hainter is poison ghost. and finally the royal pain mismagious. First have roselia muse grasswhistle mismagious falls asleep for like 6 turns. Alright now switch out golbat and use bite until you k. o . Mismagious and win your relic badge.

Get Evee

When you get to Hearthome city, go to the house to the right of the pokemon center and talk to the person inside and shell give you an Evee at level 20.


For all of you rookie trainers out there, let me say welcome to the world of pokemon. Now this lesson is about how to get togetic. Togetic is the evolution of togepi, and you can get a togepi egg from cynthia in eterna city. When you go to the cycle shop to claim your thanks, make sure you have an extra slot for the egg. How to get togetic? Is that what you are asking? Well togepi evolves from a friendship evolution. The quickest way to do that is to give togepi a sooth bell and not let it faint much.

HM Fly

After you beat the veil stone gym, dawn will tell you team galactic took her pokedex. Go the the warehouse and fight the two grunts. "the looker" will come and go inside the wear house, he will go over to an item on the floor and say that its hm fly, take it and you got hm fly.

Get A Togepi

In order to get Togepi, you have to do beat one of the four commanders at Galactic Headquarters in Eterna City and go to the Cycle Shop. Gust before you go in, Cynthia will give you an egg, but make sure you have a spare slot in your party. Hatch it and it will be a Togepi.

Permanant Origin Giratina

In order to get Origin Giratina permanantly, go back to Turnback Cave after you got the National Dex and where Giratina was in D/P, a vortex will be there. Enter it, and you will be at Torn World again, and if you reach the end, you will get the Platinum Orb. Equip it to Giratina and it will be Origin Giratina.


Darkria Action Replay

The code to get darkria is:

94000130 FFFB0000
D5000000 000001EB
B2101D40 00000000
C0000000 0000000B
D7000000 000233EC
DC000000 00000006
D2000000 00000000
Hold Select and walk in grass.

Action Replay Codes All Shiny Pokemon (Press L+R)

This AR code is a one liner, and all your Pokemon are shiny in battle.
12075E52 000046C0
That's It!

Lv.100 Pokemon AR Codes

Legendary Birds Slot 1, 2, 3 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000001

Legendary Dogs Slot 4, 5, 6 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000002

Dialga, Palkia, Giratina in Slots 7, 8, 9 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 8593859B

Mew, Arceus, Darkrai in Slots 10, 11, 12 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 7396739B

Mewtwo, Latios, Latias in Slots 13, 14, 15 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000083

Groudon, Kyogre, Raquaza in Slots 16, 17, 18 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 7395F739

Swampert, Sceptile, Blaziken in Slots 19, 20, 21 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000080

Blastoise, Charizard, Venusaur in Slots 22, 23, 24 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000099

Empoleon, Infernape, Torterra in Slots 25, 26, 27 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00083895

Feraligatr, Meganium, Typhlosion in Slots 28, 29, 30 in Box 9
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 0000001E

All Pokemon on List Slots 1-30
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000000
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000099
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000027
93000130 000000B2
A45222E0 000000B2
B56333F1 000000B3
8438923A 8349284A
0000000A 00000000
00000000 00000004
00000000 A582E9FF

Pokemon Modifier

This is a code for the original modifier with the calculater on the poketech thing. You first press the number of the pokemon you want (must be national dex number) then press L. After, select the level you want to find it in, then press R. Then just walk into the grass and you encounter it. If you don't press another number or anything on the calculator, then you will just keep encountering the same pokemon over and over until you move to a different area or turn off the game. WARNING: DON'T GO HIGHER THAN 493 OR ELSE A BAD EGG WILL APPEAR OR YOUR GAME WILL FREEZE, OR YOU WILL ENCOUNTER MISSINGO. TRUST ME, I TRIED.

94000130 fdff0000
62101d40 00000000
b2101d40 00000000
d9000000 00111d10
c0000000 0000000c
dc000000 00000004
d6000000 000233e8
d1000000 00000000
c0000000 0000000a
d6000000 000233e8
d2000000 00000000
94000130 feff0000
62101d40 00000000
b2101d40 00000000
d9000000 00111d10
c0000000 0000000c
d6000000 000233e8
dc000000 00000004
d2000000 00000000
sorry for it being so long. Its been tested so don't worry.

Infinite HP (Action Replay)

52240fb4 dbef42ae
62101d40 00000000
b2101d40 00000000
10047604 000003e7
10047608 000003e7
10047784 000003e7
10047788 000003e7 

52240fb4 dbef42ae
62101d40 00000000
b2101d40 00000000
000475e4 ffffffff
00047764 ffffffff
d2000000 00000000
d2000000 00000000

3 Useful Cheatcodes

These work on the U. S . Version only.

Walk Anywhere (R+B=ON L+B=OFF)
94000130 FCFD0200
12060C20 00000200
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FCFD0100
12060C20 00001C20
D2000000 00000000

Hover (run)
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
10023986 00000F0F
D2000000 00000000

Run from trainer battle
9224BBA2 00002101
1224BBA2 00002100
D2000000 00000000

I tested these, and they work wonders, Trust me. 

National Pokedex Unlock

Complete the Sinnoh Pokédex by seeing all 210 regional Pokémon, then talk to Professor Rowan in his lab.

Oaks Letter (AR)

94000130 FCFF0000
62101D40 00000000
B2101D40 00000000
0000B5D4 00000009
0000B5D8 00000000
D2000000 00000000
(hold L+R And Let Go Before Going Into Any Poke Mart) (US) (DSI AR)

9999 BP (Battle Points)

Here is an action replay code that gives you 9999 BP. This only works for Pokemon Platinum. 94000130 FCFF0000 B2101D40 00000000 10007248 0000270F D2000000 00000000.

Learn Any Tm/hm (GameShark)

9207802E 0000D001 1207802E 00004620 D2000000 00000000 you don't have to press anything.

Geovani's Nidoking Event

This is a cheat that gives you a wondercard for geovani's nidoking and you can redistribute it to your friends

you have to put it in columns first p. s . It says that there is no Pokemon attached but there is.

Pwnig Charazard

Made this with pokesav WARNING:this will delete the first pokemon in your party so make sure that the first pokemon in your party sucks

Charazard Lv. 100 shiny
holding sacred ash
fire blast
blast burn
flare blitz
plus some other little surprises

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
B7C7ECF5 87010000
6ABDD55C 8D332161
EC0283FE 386369C2
34FA55C8 9BCB3BF7
AEED5C11 A90D7151
4AD068C5 5CAA23AE
1F52AD60 645F526F
4FC2C99C FED853A8
D583C251 166399A2
1F1C1A42 2044D2D5
D2B39781 5B19192F
CB7EEB82 545DD606
168F3DE1 68E2AE15
5FE08E67 2F43CEDA
59D62B03 67E4B6A8
2C14A4D0 E92B4814
267081F7 EBA07EC6
56F5CB63 1147829E
3A3C67D3 45C258F7
3179D8BA EB269BDD
0075CD28 C0E950ED
72F5E853 788734CB
0C965651 F271C369
D0DC17FF 56448089
788B2923 7A3D447F
A835E4D4 4DEC913B
FC144C1A 3C283386
FD1912D0 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Rotom Secret Key (L+R)

94000130 FCFF0000 
62101D40 00000000 
B2101D40 00000000 
0000B5D4 0000000C 
0000B5D8 00000000 
D2000000 00000000

Action Replay Codes Rich Poffins Lvl 99 (Press L+R)

This code is 65 lines long and MUST be entered correctly. I will give you the lines in section.

line 1 94000130 FCFF0000
line 2 B2101D40 00000000
line 3 E00052FC 00000310
Now here's the long part. 
lines 4-64 63636319 00636363
Repeat this line 60 times. 
line 65 D2000000 00000000
This may take a while to do but it works. The thing about this code is that when you press L+R it will toss ypur old poffins and give you Rich Poffins at Level 99. This has been tested and it works on North American versions.

Fast Egg Hatch

Using GameShark: 921e71ec 00004281 121e71ec 00004289 d2000000 00000000.

All Special Poke Balls (up+L+R)

94000130 FCBF0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 00000D00 03840001 00000D04 03840002 00000D08 03840003 D5000000 03840005 C0000000 0000000B D6000000 00000DOC D4000000 00000001 D2000000 00000000.

Max Cash (press L And R)

94000130 FCFF0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 00000090 000F423F D2000000 00000000.

Shiny Infernape Very Powerful.L+R Box 10

94000130 fcff0000
b2101d40 00000000
e001ef8c 00000010
01560130 01520145
015d014f 01ba01c1
1001ef9c 0000ffff
e0015eb4 00000088
00000001 9c210000
17bb53d2 d5f581a4
77df1a05 656d24c3
f48f9364 3543aecd
d02514bb 16f4a892
00a6b805 e87219fe
14b1057c 476a03ae
6d1545b0 305c688a
39413645 22980b2f
70c2ff11 63ff2d14
c2b42306 40133a34
19342a41 6a429420
6f724670 0c2dcd5f
aacea31e 2881c26d
83dc8072 6b071084
cb42b4bb 7207c45d
7c9b74e2 308f4486
d2000000 00000000

Kyogre Box1 Slot1 L+R May Be A Shiny

94000130 fcff0000
b2101d40 00000000
e000cf44 00000088
ee25c988 ce320000
c4c26ae2 e80499e0
938f5adf 8abd1702
76c95326 158c8936
f0dd251b 3138a1ec
760bb5e9 623b1d85
b34b91e4 cb11b4e3
0e87651c d103422a
3970021b 60a98f60
f61e8abb de0974f0
c9a54aa6 fda91c4f
d722fcc5 e5f3ad25
027fff49 9f7b7678
f44ebcb1 d93b7bc3
9c1e3148 ea3038cf
92e9d241 e97e00e6
d90e3372 1b18a48b
d2000000 00000000

Rebattle Arceus WARNING:only Works If You Did Battle It

94000130 fff30000
b2101d40 00000000
20000ff0 00000001
20001023 00000085
20001049 000000a0
d2000000 00000000

Roaming Mewtwo L+R

94000130 fcff0000
b2101d40 00000000
e0008020 00000018
3fffffff 8c128c16
01f40096 00010164
00000000 3fffffff
d2000000 00000000

Mew Cheat

another move that I fail at remembering
+ other things
94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000
E00000B4 000000EC
7EB51A75 670E0000
FAF562F6 D2EAF088
2A345F2E 0AC4A117
533C8811 AA09247D
62207551 E46E2FBD
DCAE4335 71E276F0
4E8EC334 B33CE487
01106869 18905181
5CD553A9 43EEF006
3F39B18A 499990A7
D6AD47AA D64B963B
68E3ED32 9D961FF7
BF2B3B9B F2657532
09B49617 72C8B19D
ACE18AE1 7929041C
9D470E5F D3490968
917F0430 58CA951C
3BBA4CAA D901536F
D970B8FB F06A3353
5CB0B81F ADB41903
3D6B50D6 57162353
59D0EB5D 6C7189EF
60A15DDC A48DB26E
5F041075 6483DB01
AE1650FE 5F474920
1DB13FB5 53F0FA5A
C3022BA8 D063B154
1C595157 6B50CF12
9E40DF96 00000000
D2000000 00000000

Cheats Video

Action Replay Codes Have The POKERUS (Hold A At The End Of Battle)

Here is the code to get the PPOKERUS

120776C2 00004289
94000130 FFFE0000
120776C2 00004289
D2000000 00000000

Capture Trainers Pokemon AR

OK, this is the code:

94800004 00000000
92249CF4 00002019
12249CF4 0000E00A
D2000000 00000000

Pikachu Colored Pichu For AR

94000130 FCFF0000
B2101D40 00000000 
E001DE34 00000088 
3F4F14F1 FDD90000 
9708BC36 534F98B2 
3B84C724 E171FA42 
A7A6A809 14CA73CF 
FC1E141C DE23E474 
8D0D52D6 501B88ED 
91E10EA2 3DD66FD3 
60D06CC4 C2E2F742 
EC9EF194 AAC316BC 
A8D413EE 7D8D0D28 
44558475 2D436F33 
955B3F14 980E4E47 
307A1D4A 99700823 
53067355 7B5DDE50 
84EC92BA B5D89A18 
1463600B 58A32ABF 
C290B4D4 28A3AE5C 
D2000000 00000000 

100% Catch Rate (GameShark)

9224a948 00002801 1224a948 00004280 d2000000 00000000 you can catch arceus with a pokeball! Trust me it works!

All Tm/hm (select + Up) (GameShark)

94000130 FFBB0000 62101D40 00000000 B2101D40 00000000 D5000000 00620148 C0000000 00000063 D6000000 000009A0 D4000000 00000001 D2000000 00000000.

900x All Berries (Action Replay)

94000130 fcbf000 62101d40 0000000 b2101d40 0000000 d5000000 3840095 c0000000 000003f d6000000 0000c00 d4000000 0000001 d2000000 0000000) (Press Up+L+R to activate.)


More Villa Furniture

Chandelier : Walk a total of 300,000 steps
Guest Set : Defeat a total of 50 trainers in the trainer cafe
Great Painting : hatch 30 eggs
Music Box : Purchase Racks
Piano : Defeat the Elite Four 10 times
Pokemon Bust #1 : Obtain one silver print from the Battle Frontier
Pokemon bust #2 : Battle at each battle frontier facility
Tea Set : Purchase the Guest Set
Wall Clock : Plant 50 berries

How To Unlock The Pal Park

Get National Pokedex and you get the Pal Park unlocked.

Cards From Stars

Earn 1 Star unlocks Blue Card
Earn 2 Stars unlocks Bronze Card
Earn 3 Stars unlocks Silver Card
Earn 4 Stars unlocks Gold Card
Earn 5 Stars unlocks Black Card

Easter eggs

Get A Female Milotic (=Feebas Egg)

YOU MUST HAVE WI-FI CONNECTION! First, go to Jubilife City, and from the Pokemon Center head completely left, and go to the GTS (Global Trading Station) and put any lv. 18-38 Pokemon on the deposit thing. Say you want an any level female Feebas. Wait about five minutes and check summary, and if it begins to trade, hit start. This makes it be holding a rare candy, no Action Replay or GameShark required. After the trade, go out of the GTS and look at your Pokemon. You SHOULD have a Milotic. Get it in your party, then take it to Solaceon Town and put it in the daycare along with a male Pokemon and after about 5000 steps, they will have an egg. I placed mine with an Altaria, which caused it to be a shiny Feebas, and it was pink and purple instead of gray and blue. Once you have the egg, fly to the nearest city from the cycling road and keep going up and down until it hatches (about 40 times). Once it hatches, it will be holding a rare candy bar (increases 5 lvls. ) and use that immediately on Feebas. He will now learn Curball, a very rare move. After you battle someone and have used Curball once, he will learn Visual. Get him to level 100 without evolving him, and I am willing to trade a level 75 Mew that knows Draco Meteor, Sonic Boom, Lustring, and Secret Power.


Glitchy Seabreak Path

Use "Walk Throgh Walls" code and go to the end of that road with the huge stone that gives out a strange feel. Walk into the sea from next to it (the right side) and you see a shaymin and walk up next to it and it is gone. Ride your bike and ride it up to Flower Paradice to fight and catch it. Don't use Oak's Letter!

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