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  • Role-Playing, First-Person Action RPG
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  • November 10, 2008


Where You Can Get Registeel

First the pokemon I suggest you have are pokemon that are super effective against it (you must have already beat Darkrai)I suggest that you shoul get at least 2 Gallade (you can find them in altru building where you find Issac), a Staraptor, a pokemon with lv. 5 recharge, and a Blastoise. You use Staraptor to fly to the Chroma Ruins. Then go to the place where you find a Spiritomb ( it might have been before it) then keep going until you find a steel pillar use Gallade on it an TA-DAA! Its a Registeel! And good luck trying to catch it and don't waste it if you want to catch Regigigas!

All 6 Wi-fi Missions

They are a Manaphy egg mission, an aura sphere Riolu mission, a Darkrai mission, a Dialga mission, a Palkia mission, and a Shaymin land forme mission. You can download the Manaphy egg, the aura sphere Riolu, and the Darkrai once to pokemon diamond, pokemon pearl, or pokemon platinum.

Meet Old Friends

After you stop working for the pro rangers you work the ranger union. You see your old graduation friends there.


You all know how at the beginning of the game you are in school. It is really easy to graduate. At the graduation ceremony you face a tangrouth. It is really easy and after that you graduate, move on to meet pro rangers and work there.

How To Beat Lucario

To beat lucario your HP needs to be full. The pokemon you MUST have are: 2 Raichus, 1 Mismagius, 1 Dratini, 1 Glalie, & have Starly or Kricketot as your partner. When you get in the room your person will go up to the blue gem & the 2 fire lanterns by the entrance will light up. Your person will go to the lanterns and the middle ones will light up. After the ones by the gem light up you will hear lucarios cry. After you enter battle mode avoid his attacks: Dark pulse (2) & Dragon pulse (4):-5 HP. Metal claw (punch): -8 HP. & Force palm (more than one):-10 HP. After you circle him 20 times use mismagius. If your HP reads 17/? Or less use raichu. Use Glalie after you circle him 16 times (Hint: move your styler at your HP line until the time says 08:00 then hit him! (oh yeah, CIRCLE HIM FAST! )). Power up your styler and circle lucario until he attacks or your line breaks. Use drantini & hit him 3 times. Then, finish him (use your partner when it's full).


Go to hippowdon temple go to the room with arrows on the floor with a sand slash 6 claydol. Make a hole and all of the claydol will make a portal. Get and catch the 3 regis and come back hop into the portal. Put the regis on stand and a door will open and be prepared it causes lots of damage so bring 7 mangneton don't use action replay.

Capture Regirock

After you capture Darkrai, catch a Garchomp, Staraptor, and a Floatzel. First, fly to Ranger Union. Then, go south, and you will notice the poles in the water are gone. Ride on Floatzel's back to where the poles were, and you will find yourself in Vien Forest. Land on the first port and go all the way south until you see a cave. Go in it, and you will see a rock statue. Use Garchomp's field move on it, and Regirock will appear.

Capture Wailord

You can't capture Wailord, you can only obtain its data.


Palkia Mission (Action Replay)

0189 d9al f000 cc66 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 fooo dc43.


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Easter eggs

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