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  • Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time
  • Action, Adventure
  • Ubi Soft
  • Ubi Soft
  • Teen
  • November 21, 2003


Elvis Presley

When you run off any wall use your sword then rewind time then do this again and again and you will notice the guy doing a disco move but will have to risk your life for this.

Last Level

On the last level (or closs to it, i'm not sure) after you run down the imposibly long staircase and in the room with some doors, a statue, and an uper level The only way to get out is to go threw the wright doors or get zaped to the starting door. The way out is simple. Go to the doors with water in front of it(for the top and the bottom.)

Blocking Eliminated

Enemies lose their blocking abilities when you use the slow mo power.

Moving Item/block Puzzles

Carefully observe the floor for worn out spots that would indicate where the item you have to move should be placed.

Sand Cloud Discovery

You may not see a sand cloud, but you can hear them. If you hear the sound, use the first person view to locate it.

Low On Health Tip

Freeze your enemies when you are low on health, so you can take a moment to drink from a fountain and regain health.

Last Fight On Top Of The Tower Of Dawn

Use drill attacks to combat your enemies - press X when near a wall and quickly press Square. This will dust them pretty fast.

Fighting Bats

Wait until they attack in a group and use a swing of the sword to kill as many as possible. It is recommended that when confronted by bats, you will kill them all before moving on because they will not stop chasing you.

Secret Baths Path

When you go through the baths at first you might notice a higher path. Look for the right "stepping stone" that will get you up there.

Escaping The Birds

On the bridge between the barracks and the tower (zoo) why fight, when you can run? Roll and dodge the birds and you'll reach the otherside without taking too much damage.

Moon Phase Puzzle Solution

Step on the Full Moon pad (glowing). This will retrieve the axle. Next move the platform: Right, Up, Left (3), Down. Step onto the glowing New Moon pad. Then move the platform: Up, Right (2), Up (2). Step on the Half Moon pad. Finally move the plaform: Right and Down and step on the Quarter Moon pad. All you have to do is take the platform up and putting it into place by: Up, Left and Up. Cross the platform, climb the ladder to the left, throw the switch and then kill the two enemies below. Freeze one while you fight the other.

Important Observatory Gamesave Tip

After beating the enemies on this stage DO NOT save your game if you have very little health left at this stage. You will soon have to make a jump that will cost you some health, which could render you dead and reloading the game won't help because you will have the same low health when you reload. Make sure you have at least 50% health before saving your game at this point.

Solution To "There's Something Glowing Up There"

The second activate switch box is located on top of the crates on the left side of the save point. Go up the stacked crate and drag the box down. Once doing so, then the lift behind the save point will rise, which will lead you to open the gate and move on.

Beat The First Boss

Freeze the enemies with the triangle button and slash them to eventually make them disappear. Vault over red enemies, slash the blue ones and when faced by the boss who blocks alot, try and either roll to the side or vault over to the back of him to attack. If you take him on, dodge his attack then quick attack, while ensuring Farah is safe.

Farah's Comments

Look at Farah at various times using the first person view (R2) and she will make different comments.

Regenarate Health

Connect your GBA to the GC and put in the original Prince of Persia, and on the Sands of time you should regenerate health.

Enemy VS Enemy

While in combat, hold down block (R) when multiple foes surround you. By continuingly holding block, the foes may end up hiting one another (note: that this works best with foes that have wide swings)


Prince Of Persia (Original) Passcodes

Use these to start on different levels when playing the original Prince of Persia.

Level 2 - KIEJSC
Level 3 - VNNNPC
Level 4 - IYVPTC
Level 5 - RWSWWC
Level 6 - GONWUC
Level 7 - DEFNUC
Level 8 - SVZMSC
Level 9 - DBJRPC
Level 10 - MZFYSC
Level 11 - BRAYQC
Level 12 - UUGTPC
Final Battle - LRARUC

Unlock Prince Of Persia Level In 3D

Plug a controller into slot 1 and one into slot 4. Start a new game and enter this code as soon as you gain control of the prince: While holding B on controller 4, press A, B, Y, X, Y, A, B, X on controller 1.


We have no unlockables for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

Easter eggs

Unlock Prince Of Persia 1 (original 2D Game) Hidden Easter Egg

This code is actually located within the game instead of being a "pushbutton code which makes it more fun to locate it. It's right after the 33% mark. You've just obtained the second sword and you break the wall that leads to a downward staircase. Farah says "That's not the sword you have before!" and comments are made about how the castle was built on an older one. The stairs lead to a cavern. At the other end of this cavern is a room. It's not obscured. It's where you'd logically go to continue the game. In this room is the crank switch. Turn it to the opposite direction it's facing when you first encounter it. You'll hear a gate open though you can't see it yet. Then smash through the wall in the same direction. The game should be unlocked now in the main menu.


We have no glitches for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.


We have no guides or FAQs for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time yet. If you have any unlockables please submit them.

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