007 Legends Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

  • Unlocks a James Bond jacket for local multiplayer : f1n3att1r3
  • Unlocks James Bond's astronaut suit for local multiplayer : astr0b0y
  • Unlocks the 007 Pack, which includes the Walther PPK for single player and multiplayer and the Fast Switch gadget for multiplayer : g3tb0nd
  • Unlocks the Goldfinger Pack, which includes Goldfinger and Pussy Galore for multiplayer : au43v3r
  • Unlocks the Moonraker Pack, which includes the Moonraker Laser Mk2 for multiplayer : m00nlas3r
  • Unlocks the Nemesis Pack, which includes Jaws' astronaut suit and Baron Samedi's skeleton suit for multiplayer : v00d00f1sh
  • Unlocks the Stealth Pack, which includes the Long Reach and Acute Hearing gadgets for multiplayer : qbranch3d
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