102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue Cheats & Codes

Unlock Cruella Level

At password screen enter TOY,BONE(3) if you beat Cruella you are given two mini game psswords.

Garage Level

Enter Bone, Bone, Pawprint, Tank.

Level Passwords

Level	Password 

2 	Dice, Bone, Bone, Dice 
3 	Dice, Key, Bone, Machine 
4 	Dice, Bone, Food Bowl, Toy 
5 	Bone, Dice, Dog, Bone 
6 	Bone, Dice, Machine, Food Bowl 
7 	Bone, Bone, Paw, Dog 
8 	Bone, Bone, Paw, Toy 
9 	Bone, Toy, Key, Bone 
10 	Bone, Toy, Key, Dice 
11 	Bone, Toy, Bone, Machine 
12 	Bone, Machine, Dice, Toy 
13 	Bone, Machine, Toy, Key 
14 	Bone, Toy, Paw, Food Bowl 
15 	Bone, Toy, Toy, Machine 
16 	Bone, Paw, Toy, Toy 
17 	Toy, Bone, Key, Bone 
Bonus 1 	Machine, Dice, Dice, Dice 
Bonus 2 	Machine, Dice, Dice, Machine 

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