102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue Cheats & Codes

Level 2 Password

Dice, Bone, Bone, Dice

Level 3 Password

Dice, Key, Bone, Machine

Level 4 Password

Dice, Bone, Food Bowl, Toy

Level 5 Password

Bone, Dice, Dog, Bone

Level 6 Password

Bone, Dice, Machine, Food Bowl

Level 7 Password

Bone, Bone, Paw, Dog

Gameshark Codes

Infinite Lives 8001DB40 2400 
Infinite Health 8001DF94 2400 
Have All Puppies Found 8007E1AC 0006 
Have All Bones Found 8007E23C 0064 
Unlock All Levels & Mini-Games 8007E5F8 001F 

Final Level - Cruella

At the password entry screen you can enter Toy, Bone, Bone, Bone.

Cafeteria Level

Enter Domino, Bone, Key, Paw Print.

Unlimited Lives

While playing the game pause it and type: L1,R2,Square,Circle,R2,L2,R1,L1. If you entered the code correctly you will hear a particular sound of a dog barking.

102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the Rescue Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Find All The Bones

When you begin a level, pick up the obvious bones and defeat all of cruella's toys. After that you should have around 93 - 96 bones. Now go to the beginning of the level. Use sniff(O) and follow the arrows and dig(O) when an 'X' appears. Sometimes your sniff will lead you to a secret area!

Secret Way

In level ont when you go near the 102 mark look around. You will find a gate. When you go the left side of the gate (not inside) you will find an arrow pointing to the right. Go near the arrow and turn right. You will find a secret entrance!

Find All The Bones in The 1st Level

The hardest level to find all the bones is level one. What you need to do is find the pigeon that is wandering around and make him move to the pigeon statue. When you do this the pigeons will do a dance and you will receive the 12 bones that you need to equal 100.

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