18 Wheels of Steel: Extreme Trucker Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Choosing Trucks

This game is a blast but you CAN NOT choose your own truck in this game like you can in the other Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel Games.


This game is not like the other Hard Truck 18 Wheels of Steel games. So far to me I have observed that THERE ARE NO FUEL/GAS STATIONS to stop at to re-fuel your truck. So use your fuel wisely. As for if you run out of fuel you will FAIL your game. And have to RESTART you current load or choose a differant load.

Quick Loads

DO NOT spend to much time running loads as you will LOOSE POINTS if you take to long to deliver them.

Careful With Long Trucks

When in Australia and hauling a Road Train pulling 2 to 5 trailers, use extreme caution due to the extreme length of you truck and trailers. It is difficult to turn and make corners. Because of it's long length there is almost no way to turn around with out loosing your trailers so save your game often to avoid loosing any type of progress that you make in your game.