2002 FIFA World Cup Cheats & Codes

Do A Cool Trick

Press down left and right trigger and press x or b and do a cool trick.

2002 FIFA World Cup Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

All-Americas Team

Win the World Cup with an North American or South American team to unlock the All-Americas team in a friendly match.

Matrix-style Goalie

When you have scored or had a good shot, pause game play and replay it. Then, press X repeatedly until you see free cam. Play the replay and when the goalie dives, press Y to pause the replay. Rotate the Left Analog-stick for a Matrix-style goalie.

Alternate Ending Music

Play the World Cup on World class mode and use any team except for France. Once you get to the World Cup finals, defeat your opponent with a score of 2-0, 4-2, or 6-4. At the end of the game, the music will not be what is normally played. Instead, it will have the title screen music blended in.


First stand still press down right or left trigger and you will be juggling!! Use other combbinations to: White button left foot. L button left thigh. black button right foot R button right thigh

All-European Team

Win the World Cup with an European team to unlock the All-European team in friendly match mode.

All-African Team

Win the World Cup with an African team to unlock the All-African team in friendly match mode.

All-Asian Team

Win the World Cup with an Asian team to unlock the All-Asian team in friendly match mode.

All-World Team

Unlock the All-Americas, All-European, All-Asian, and All-African teams to unlock the All-World team in friendly match mode.

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