3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers Cheats & Codes

Easy Win

Far behind in the race with only one lap to go? Just pause the game and type win.


To have a totally awsome time, just hit p during a race and type in war, turbo, moon, and sticky. It's awsome!!


To use these cheat codes, type them in during a race (except the MONEY code, which must be typed while in the Upgrade menu). If you pause the game by hitting P, you can type in the cheats while the game is paused. Typing SLIPPERY, of course, will unpause and then pause the game again, so try to type it fast. Another good time to enter a code is after the loading screen, just before the track announcer shouts, “Go!”
bouncy-Extra springy vehicles and track boundaries 
ghost-All “ghosted” vehicles (no collisions) 
heavy-Increased gravity 
hitme-Aggressive computer drivers 
moon-Reduced gravity 
money-$200 - See instructions below 
sticky-Increased traction for all cars 
slippery-Loss of traction, like driving on ice 
turbo-Double your normal car speed 
war-Unlimited Bottle Rockets for everyone 
Money Cheat Instructions - Unlike the other cheat codes, your name must be “i cheat” and MONEY must be entered while you are in the Upgrade menu

Cool Codes

moon - toggles with gravity
hitme - makes everybody want to hit you
war - everybody gets bottle rockets for complete war
slippery - makes everybody slide around on track
turbo - gives everybody turbos
ghost - turns everybody into a ghost
bouncy - makes everybody really bouncy
(press 'p' to enter the code)

Freeze Other Players

Press 2, 3, 4, 5 over and over again before the race starts and you can freeze the other players!

3-D Ultra Radio Control Racers Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Stop The Dog

To stop the dog on the Backyard track use the ghost powerup while the dog is biting you, and the dog won't affect the next racer to hit it!

Track Compared To The Best Racer For It

frog pond--buggy
under constrution--baja bug
hillbilly hill--stadium truck
backyard--baja bug
R/C pro extreme--baja bug/monster truck
mini golf--stadium truck
haunted graveyard--monster truck
ultimate R/C--monster truck

Racer Analisis

Monster Truck--Great for beginers, turning is a bit sharp, accelaration below average, but the shocks are great, good for jumpy tracks.

Stadium Truck--Designed for intermediate drivers, great stearing, average accelaration, above average shocks, good for any type of track.

Baja Bug--Great for advanced drivers, above average stearing, great accelaration, sweet 
shocks, great for any type of track(my personal favorite).

Buggy--Speed demons only. Average stearing, best accelaration you can find, very poor shocks, best for smooth tracks.


At the main menu screen if you wait long enough you will see the computer players go at it!