50 Cent: Bulletproof Cheats & Codes

All Weapons


All Music Videos


Infinite Ammo

Pause the game. Go into options, then enter the cheat menu, then type in "GrizzSpecial".

All Songs

Pause the game, select "Options" then choose "Cheats". Enter "graballthat50" as a code.

Bloodhound Counter Kill

Pause the game, select "Options", then choose "Cheats". Enter "gunrunner" as a code.

Unlock All Weapons


My Buddy The Song


Video So Suductive

Press start to pause the game select "Options' then select "Codes" then "Enter Code" then type the code "yayoshome"

Action 26

Enter orangejuice as a code.

God Mode

Enter in "ny'sfinestyo" as a code. Note: Make sure you get the ' thing.

Stronger Weapons

Enter "the hub is broken" as a code.

50 Cent: Bulletproof Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

K-Dog's House

While in K-Dog's House, leave the kitchen and go to a black door. Go in that hallway and you will find him dead. Then, you will find yourself in the bathroom. Go out carefully, as there are a lot of enemies. Using a counter kill is recommended. You will then get a task to find K- Dog's phone. It is in the room where you found him dead. You will then get a task to open four locks. All the locks are in the room, but you may need to activate things. Note: You are with Lloyd Banks so this is easier.

Extra Money

Grab your opponent and interrogate him until he drops a credit card or his wallet. Then, execute him and choose to steal. He will either give you a credit card or wallet, depending on what you got the first time. Normally when you kill an enemy and steal from them, you will only get either a wallet or a credit card, and not both. Additionally, get a close range head shot to get $5,000 or more in credit cards or money, jewelry, and armor depending whether you need it or not.

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