A Bug's Life Cheats & Codes

99 Lives

In the main menu hold R1 and press X, O, and L2.

A Bug's Life Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

High Flying Bugs

In the levels "ant island", "the tree" and "clover forest", find all the brown tokens to get the cannon plant. Once you've done this, plant a cannon plant and a dandelion. Fly the dandelion into the cannon plant and you'll shoot so high you can fly anywhere on the level.

Infinite Lives

Return to training mode and find the letters to spell "FLIK" to gain an extra life. Repeat this to obtain as many lives as needed before resuming the regular game.

Bonus Training Level

Begin a game in the training level and finish all of Mr. Soil's objectives. Then, bounce on all the spiders to kill them and reach a bonus level. Complete this new level to view three FMV sequences.

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