Advance Wars Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Slow Down Battle Animation

Hold L+R during a battle animation.

Automatic Fighting

On a "VERSES" battle, select 2 good CO's for the first one(orange) and 2 or 1 bad Co as the second one(blue). Then go to the top where it says P1 and CPU, if you change both to CPU, you can see them fight. (If more than 2 select CPU also)

Use Any CO

Beat the campain, purchase hard campain from Hachi and play it. The missions are harder but you can use any CO you've bought from Hachi. Also, your CO's will keep any experience they got in the first campain.

Change CO Costume

Level up any CO to level 10 and you can change their costume.

Character Combos

Jake and Rachel
Jugger and Koal
Colin and Sasha
Rachel and Nell
Max and Andy

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