Aeon Flux Cheats & Codes

Action Movie

Bravo, Alpha, Golf, Mike, Alpha, November

How To Enter Cheats

At the main menu, press Y, then go into the enter cheats menu to enter the password.

Action Movie #2

Uniform, Kilo, Golf, Alpha, Mike, Echo, Romeo

Free Fatalities

Charlie, Uniform, Tango, India, Oscar, November, Echo

God Mode

Tango, Romeo, India, Romeo, Oscar, Xray

Restore Heath

Hotel, Echo, Alpha, Lima, Mike, Echo

Unlimited Ammo

Foxtrot, Uniform, Golf

Unlimited Heath

Charlie, Lima, Oscar, November, Echo

One Strike Kills

Bravo, Uniform, Charlie, Kilo, Foxtrot, Sierra, Tango

Aeon Flux Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Golden Gun Tip

With this gun, you recive a silencer that a P2K doesn't have. To do this easily, get as much accuracy as you can, tade as few hits as you can, doing all the Bond moves (Shooting barrels to expode, shooting vital enemy characters, and finding secrets areas).

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