Aero Elite: Combat Academy Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Su-27 (Camouflage) Fighter

Successfully complete reconnaissance mission 3.


Successfully complete helicopter training.

FA-18 Hornet

Successfully complete the carrier landing training releases.

F-86 Fighter

Accumulate one hour in training mode.


Successfully complete fifty scrambles.

F-2A Support Fighter

Successfully complete the ACM maneuver objectives.


Successfully complete ten scrambles.


Successfully complete the ACM objectives at the Aero Meet.

F-15 Aggressor 7

Get a total of 350 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 6

Get a total of 300 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 5

Get a total of 250 kills.

F-15 Aggressor 4

Get a total of 200 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 3

Get a total of 150 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 2

Get a total of 100 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 1

Get a total of 50 aerial kills.

F-14B Test Bed

Successfully complete reconnaissance mission 2.

F-105 Drone

Fly over 50,000 feet in training mode.

F-104J Fighter

Fly at Mach 2.0 or faster. Note: Try getting to an extremely high altitude and go into a dive.


Successfully complete the maneuver objectives at the Aero Meet.

Blue Impulse T2 Trainer

Collect the Blue Impulse squadron icon under the suspension bridge in free flight mode on the bay level.

Blue Impulse F-86 Fighter

Collect the Blue Impulse squadron icon in free flight mode on the island level.

AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet

Successfully completing VTOL training releases.


Successfully complete all the surface attack objectives at the Aero Meet.

A-7E U.S. Navy Colors

Successfully complete twenty carrier landings.

A-7 Corsair

Successfully complete Air To Ground #4 at the Aero Meet.