Afterlife Cheats & Codes

Type In The Following Codes During Gameplay

SAMNMAX (all caps) three times in a row and see what happens. Hint: it`s funny. (Make sure you save your game before you do this.)

Ten Million Pennies

Type $@! during game play. Note: This code may only be enabled a total of five times.

Secret Building

Change the view to north in Hell. Locate an unused corner and build a square road surrounding an empty 7x7 space. Change time mode to "Divine Intervention". Build the following pattern in that space, where B is Blue, BR is Brown, O is Orange, G is Green, P is Purple, Y is Yellow, and R is Red: G Y O BR P R B Y O BR P R B G O BR P R B G Y BR P R B G Y O P R B G Y O BR R B G Y O BR P B G Y O BR P R Change time mode to normal to reveal a secret building and text.

Hidden Monster

Type SAMNMAX three times (case-sensitive), and ignore the windows that appear in response.