AirForce Delta Storm Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Spy Planes And Bombers

In order to catch up to the red planes on the map (before you take flight), you must select the best plane with range. The higher the range, the faster you catch them. This is the only way to catch these red planes (Bombers or Spy). Otherwise, you will fly in circles trying to catch them.

Easier Kills

Always target the yellow section of a battleship, carrier, or any other type of target. Forget the turrets, as they explode once the yellow section is hit by your missiles or machine guns. You do not have time or missiles to try to get each target for more points.

Recommended Fighter Jets To Win The First Time Around

Use the F-14, F15C, F-18, F-22, BlackWidow, Funeral (end).

Even More Money

All you have to do is just use your machine guns to shoot down planes and objectives with just your machine guns and you get a bonus.

Play All Aircraft

If you want to play with all the aircraft offered in the game simply complete the free missions. If you have not already bought them in the campaign mode. For you plane junkies some of the planes are, the Mig-1.44 MAPO, the full line of Sukhoi craft (Su-27, Su-34, etc.) Several fantasy fighters, and many you will not see in campaign mode. Give it a spin

Earn Extra Money

Within the time limit, destroy as many other targets other than your "primary" target(s). If you time it correctly, destroy as many other land/air targets as you can before going after the mission objective, thus earning more money.

To Get More Planes

To get more planes, you have to beat any two levels at a time. When you have beaten two levels, you will receive money on both levels to purchase more planes.

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