Alex Rider: Stormbreaker Cheats & Codes

Full Password List

  • Allows you to purchase black belt : JESSICA PARKER
  • Allows you To purchase disk 6 after completing game : 6943059
  • Allows you to purchase M16 badge : VICTORIA PARR
  • Allows you to purchase the fugu : RENATO CELANI
  • Allows you to purchase the sunglasses : SARYL HIRSCH
  • Allows you to select level HARD : 9785711
  • Everthing at shop is at half price! : 4298359
  • Gallery is added to secret mode : 9603717
  • Get 10000 spy points : 5204025
  • Outfit change is added to secret mode: 6894098
  • FUGU,hard Mode

    hard mode=9785711.

    Buy Shades

    Enter the password: SARYL HIRSCH.

    Outfit Change

    Enter the password: 6894098.

    Buy Disc 6 (beat Game First)

    Enter the password: 6943059.

    M16 Badge

    Enter the password: VICTORIA PARR.

    Toy Shp Items 1/2 Off

    Enter the password: 4298359.

    Buy Black Belt

    Enter the password: JESSICA PARKER.


    Select password from the main menu and enter 9603717

    10,000 Spy Points

    Select password from the main menu and enter 5204025.

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