Alien Hominid Cheats & Codes

All Levels, Mini Games and Hats

Select player one setup or player 2 setup and change your name to ROYGBIV.

Shaggy Wig

Enter TOMFULP as code.


Enter SUPERFLY as a code.


Enter PRINCESS as a code.

Frower Wreath

Enter GRRL as a code.

Curly Hair

Enter GOODMAN as a code.

Sunflower Cap

Enter DANDY as a code.

Ski Hat

Enter CLETUS as a code.

Top Hat

Enter ABE as a code.

Blonde Wig And Pearl Necklace

Enter APRIL as a code.

Hats For 2-Player Game

Go to the options and rename your alien: abe or april or behemoth or cletus or dandy or goodman or grrl or princess or superfly.

Alien Hominid Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Hat 1

To get the first hat you must achieve this: on 3-4, after you have defeated the master tank, jump out before the credits goes on.

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