Alien Swarm Cheats & Codes

Cheat Mode: Cheat Codes

Press tilde ( ~ ) and type sv_cheats 1 to turn on cheat codes. You must also enable the developer console in the options menu. The codes do not work online unless the host has cheats allowed, and is not using an official map.
asw_auto_reload 0 - Disable auto-reload
asw_horde_override 1 - Enable The Director
exec 360_controller_pc - Enables 360 controller support (requires value set)
exec 360_controller_360 - Enables 360 controller support (requires value set)
asw_gimme_ammo - Full ammo (all weapons)
asw_gimme_health - Full health
asw_god 1 - God mode
firstperson - Let's you play in first person view
thirdperson - Let's you play in third person view (goes back to the regular top
down view)
asw_tilegen - Open the level tile-based generator
openserverbrowser - Open the server browser

FPS Mode!

You can play Alien Swarm in FPS (first person shooter) mode. First go to Options->Keyboard->Enable Developer Console. THen hit the apostrophe ` (it's the one to the left of the number 1 on most keyboards). In the console type:
asw_hide_maring 1
asw_controls 0

This turns it on! Alien swarm in FPS mode!

Alien Swarm Unlockables & Awards

Promotion Stars

Get to the 27th level and then select "PROMOTE", then you get the following promotions unlocked:

Titanium Star - 1st promotion
Carbide Star - 2nd promotion
Callium Cross - 3rd promotion