Aliens vs. Predator Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Counter Attack

When in a fight press L1&R1together then counter attack with R1 (light attack) or L1 (heavy attack).

Tail Kill

If you are an alien, get on a wall. If a marine or other enemy is below you press L1 and your tail will kill them.

Easy Way To Kill Quietly

When playing as a predator or alien, sneak up to the back of an enemy and press square. It eliminates them violently, yet silently. Also, if your and alien doing this will some times harvest the weak human fool and grow an alien baby inside of them.

Aliens vs. Predator Unlockables & Awards

Unlockable Skins

  • Gibson (Marine) Obtain Rank 02
  • Claw (Predator) Obtain Rank 03
  • Warrior Dome (Alien) Obtain Rank 04
  • Connor (Marine) Obtain Rank 05
  • Stalker (Predator) Obtain Rank 07
  • Ridged (Alien) Obtain Rank 10
  • Moss (Marine) Obtain Rank 13
  • Hunter (Predator) Obtain Rank 16
  • Praetorian (Alien) Obtain Rank 19
  • Johnson (Marine) Obtain Rank 22
  • Wolf (Predator) Obtain Rank 25
  • Rookie (Marine) Obtain Rank 28
  • Spartan (Predator) Obtain Rank 31
  • Nethead (Alien) Obtain Rank 34
  • Gibson (Marine) Level 37
  • Lord (Predator) Level 40
  • Van Zandt (Marine) Level 43
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