All-Star Baseball 2003 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Unlock Mickey Mantle

In exibiton mode, hit a homerun over 600 feet.

Taunt Croud

AFter you hit a home run before you get to the plate press R2 and L2 and the person will taunt the croud.


You can only receive a save, if you are only 3 or less runs ahead of the opposite team.

Create A Outfielder

Contact: A: 
Power: A+
Hitting: A: 
Speed: A+
Bunt: D: 
Patience: D: 
Glove: D: 
Range: D: 
Arm Accuracy: A
Arm Strength: A
Overall: A- 

Changing Uniforms

When at the team selection menu you can change your uniforms by pressing L1 for the left team and R1 for the right team. You have three selections your alternate, your throwback or your regular uniform. Note : THIS DOES NOT WORK IN THE FRANCHISE.

Get Over 100 Card Points

To get over 100 card points play a 2 player game. The teams do not matter. Then chose one team to throw 27 K's no walks and a perfect game.To do that just throw a pitch that is right down the middle and the other person does not swing for the entire game. When the game is over you should have about 200 points.

Easy Hitting

Turn on the Easy Hitting Mode in Options. This way, you will not have to guess on where the pitch will be. You just swing, and most of the time hit it. One problem, you cannot control the power of your hit.

Get Stick Bats, Funny Players, And Football And Hockey Helmets.

After you get a lot of cards press "L1" to bring up the cheat menu at the controller select. Then under cheats select the cheat you want.

Get Aluminum Bats

After you get a bunch of cards start a game. When it shows the controller select screen press "L1". Then select aluminum bats under the cheat menu.

Better Franchise Or Expansion Mode Teams

Use trades to get rid of your older less talented players for slightly better players. Even if the CPU rejects your trade, keep trying repeatedly and it will usually eventually accept it. However, make the trade reasonable, such as a B- player for a B or B+ player. If the player you really want just does not seem to want to join your team, try trading for another player who is slightly better, then return to that player you want and try again. Do this every season to keep good young players.

Restore Pitcher's Energy

In season, franchise or expansion mode, go to the DL, and put any pitcher on the 15 day DL. Then immediately take him back into your lineup. He will have recovered all of his energy.

Better Pitching

The best pitchers have a pitch called a "Slurve" (for example, Mark Burhele of the Chicago White Sox). Also try the "Dominate Curve" with Pedro.

Better Hitting

Immediately after the pitcher releases the ball, press Start. You will see where the ball is going and if it will be a strike or ball. Resume the game and move your batting cursor over it to get a nice powerful swing. Note: You do not need to press Start directly after the pitcher lets go of the ball -- it just gives you more time to move your cursor after the game is resumed. Use the pause technique before batting. When you see where the ball is going, try your best to get the ball as close to the point of the contact triangle (the part closest to the batter, not the thick part of the triangle). You will usually get homeruns or at least doubles.

Easier Home Runs

While at bat hold down "L3" and "R3" (While easy batting is on) and press X to swing. You will have a better chance of hitting a homer.

Charge The Mound

Get hit by a pitch and the batter will charge the mound. NOTE: The batter will not charge the mound every time you are hit.

Control Homerun Replay

After hitting a homerun, a replay of it will be displayed. When you see your batter heading home from third base, press various buttons to see different camera angles.

Infinite Points

You can gain points for certain feats performed during a game. You can use these points to buy cards which unlock cheats, stadiums, jerseys, producers, and players. An easy way to get a lot of points is to throw a perfect game. This is worth 100 points. Switch controls every time the CPU is up at bat and intentionally strike out. This will get you points for 27 strikeouts, and for a perfect game. Repeat this as many times as needed to get an unlimited amount of points.

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