All-Star Baseball 2005 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

All-Star Teams In Franchise Mode

When you are in the franchise menu and you have to choose your team, pick your team and then under where you pick your team there is a thing that says gm control. Move that to all teams. Start you franchise. Go to trade players. Click the players you want and trade. The opposing team will never reject. Exp: You could trade Pokey Reese and Bronson Arroyo(BOS) for Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter(NYY).

Homerun Hit

When you hit a homerun when your guy is coming home from third hit L or R or X to give a chant from the player.


After hitting a homerun, hold or tap the R trigger to blow kisses to the crowd and tap L trigger to do other celebrations.

Get Barry Bonds

Ok, so you see that on the Giants roster Barry isn't there, he signed some deal that said he couldn't be there this year. You see a guy named Wes Mailman right? Well he took Barry's spot. Just change his name and skin color and BOOM you have Barry Bonds.

Announcer Taunts

If you let your pitcher stay still for a while you will be taunted by the announcers. (You may have to stay still for a long time, but the taunts are about your girlfriend)

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