Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Cheats & Codes


Find the shortcut to the game and right-click on it to bring up "Properties." Change the "launch.exe" part of the target to "alone4.exe" and put "wizardmaster" after the filename. For example: "C:Alone in the Darklaunch.exe" cd 2 would become "C:Alone in the Darkalone4.exe" wizardmaster Now, when you double-click on the icon, the game will start up directly (instead of a menu with options like "play" or "uninstall"). You can then go into your inventory and choose "Cheat Mode". If you want to cheat, I recommend selecting "God mode" so that there's an asterisk in front of it -- creatures will no longer harm you. Some of the other cheats may possibly crash your game, so use them at your own risk. If you want that pre-game menu back, you'll have to undo your change to the shortcut properties -- change "alone4.exe" back to "launch.exe".

Cheat Mode

Start the game with the "wizardmaster" command line parameter to unlock a cheat option at the inventory screen.

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Defeating Morton

When fighting Allan Morton for the first time, it makes it obvious that you should use the shotgun. My advice, DONT! When you get the shotgun, use it in the small fights, and build up revolver ammunition. Use the revolver in the first Allan Morton fight, it's faster, more effective, and downright better than the shotgun, because it's better at close range. That's how you fight Morton more often than not. At the last one, use the crossbow and revolver.

Aline's Weapons

Revolver: in the smoking lounge (first floor)

Shotgun: on the stairs behind the mirror in the 
South Bedroom (where she's trapped)

Grenade Launcher: under the desk in Alan's 
office (second floor)

Rocket Launcher: Jeremy's tomb in the crypt

Photoelectric Pulsar: on the first screen after 
the oubliette (fort area)

Lightning Gun: in the trap door before the World 
of Darkness


In most cases, fighting is really just a matter of figuring out whether you want to fight or run. Monsters will often respawn when you leave and return to a room, so killing them may just be a waste of the limited ammunition that's available. If all you're doing is running through a room to get to another, I recommend that you run past the monster and skip the fight. If you're lucky, the creatures may have left by the time you go back through that room.

Infinite Saves

When leaving the manor's lobby as Carnby, a FMV sequence will play when you meet Edenshaw. In the sequence, he will give you a charm of saving. Immediately save the game when the FMV sequence completes. Keep saving the game repeatedly to get four save uses each time.

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