American Conquest Cheats & Codes

Easy Money

If you press Enter & type in babki you will get an amount of money, if you type in money you get 50k! Try it!

Cheat Codes

Win the battle: Type in VICTORY while in gameplay (in capitals).
Get Full Map: Type in babki
Toggle Fog of War: viewall
50k of all Resources: money
Remove Fog (US Version): supervizor

American Conquest Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

A Good Start

If you are playing as USA/Britian/Spanish/or French, build your fort then get 3 mills going. Then build 3 store houses. Build some dwells up make sure you are getting your resources while building. Also build 8 dwells and have them ready to be put in the fortress later. Next get a blacksmith going and upgrade fusilars in it. After that, get as many mines as you want. Then get 2 fortress up. Now you can get some men in fortress to get fusilars mostly. Build 2 town centers as well and get most of the upgrades on fusilars. If doing this in time you have a good start in multi-player mode.