American McGee's Alice Cheats & Codes

Cheat Codes

Enable the "Console" window in the "Game Options" under the "Settings" 
selection. Then while playing a game, press "~" and enter one of the following 
codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:


Toggle god mode		God
Toggle no clipping mode		Noclip
All weapons			Wuss	
All weapons and full ammunition 	Give all
Set health level 		Health  [1-100]
First person view 		Cg_cameradist -45 
Return to default 		View cg_cameradist 128 
Disable enemy AI 		Notarget 
Level select 		Map  [map name]

Spawn Mallet


Spawn Card


Item Names

Use one of the following values with the "give [item name]" code: w_knife.tik w_cards.tik w_mallet.tik w_jackbomb.tik w_eyestaff.tik w_icewand.tik w_jacks.tik w_blunderbuss.tik w_demondice.tik (Use multiple times to get all three Demon Dice) w_ragebox.tik w_watch.tik

Map names

Use one of the following values with the "map [map name]" code: centipede1 centipede2 facade fortress1 fortress2 funhouse garden1 garden2 garden3 garden4 grounds1 grounds2 gvillage hedge1 hedge2 hedge3 jlair1 jlair2 keep pandemonium potears1 potears2 potears3 qlair rchess skool1 skool2 tower1 tower2 tower3 utemple wchess1 wchess2 wforest

American McGee's Alice Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Kill the Centipede!

To defeat the centipede, throw the cards at the bleeding gash on his belly when he rears up.

To Kill The Dutchess

You must get the Jack-In-The-Box and you have to throw the box at her when she is coming towards you!