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Golden Egg Locations

To unlock and so making all the Golden Eggs available, you will have to complete each Golden Egg level. You can do it by selecting the Angry Birds Golden Eggs menu, choose a golden egg level and finish it.
Golden Egg #1 Can be found in the Credits menu. Tab the settings icon, and then select the i help icon. Scroll down until you find the Golden Egg at the end of the credits. Tap it.
Golden Egg #2 Can be found by tapping the Sun picture, located at the levels menu.
Golden Egg #3 Select any level and press Pause (II buton), then tap on the question mark (?), and just click through the tutorial until you see a Golden Egg, being dropped by a white bird. Tap the Golden Egg to recover it.
Golden Egg #4 Achieve the maximum stars level (3 stars) that is available for the 1, 2 and 3 Themes. Another thing that you can try, is to beat all the previous high scores that you have achieved for all themes.
Golden Egg #5 Achieve the maximum star level for the Themes 4 and 5. Another way is to beat your previous high scores in those levels.
Golden Egg #6 Go to level 1-8 and tap the treasure chest.
Golden Egg #7 Go to level 2-2 and smash the Beachball.
Golden Egg #8 Go to level 4-7 and zoom out the map. In the top right hand corner of the map, you will notice a small yellow bird standing on the cliff. Hit that bird, and that will give you the Golden Egg.
Golden Egg #9 Go to level 5-19 and zoom out the map. The golden egg is located outside of the screen, above the rocket. You should use a yellow or a white bird to grab the golden egg.
Golden Egg #10 Go to level 6-14 and try to hit the yellow ballon, which is located under the tree-house. You will have to use the Green ?Boomerang? Bird to hit it. This will give you the golden egg.
Golden Egg #11 Go to theme 8 and slide it to the left, you will see the egg on the right. Tap it.--And now u found all 11 golden eggs.

Angry Birds Unlockables & Awards


  • Sound Board - Get 3 stars in every level worlds 1-3
  • Golden Egg Level 1 - Get 3 stars in every level worlds 4-5
  • Golden Egg Level 2 - In the level select screen, tap the sun
  • Golden Egg Level 3 - Watch the credits, tap the Golden Egg at the very end
  • Golden Egg Level 4 - Within any level, go to the help screen. Tap the egg at the end
  • Golden Egg Level 5 - In Level 1-8, tap the unreachable chest
  • Golden Egg Level 6 - In Level 2-2, break the beach ball
  • Golden Egg Level 7 - In Level 4-7,tap the egg at the very top right of the map (zoom out)
  • Golden Egg Level 8 - In Level 5-19, it's hiding on the top right of the left tower
  • Golden Egg Level 9 - In Level 6-14, pop the yellow balloon
  • Golden Egg 10 - In level 6-14 bust the yellow balloon in the lower right corner
  • Golden Egg 11 - In theme 8's level page, brush the screen right to left to reveal a golden egg
  • Golden Egg 12 - Get 3 stars for every level in Danger Above
  • Golden Egg 13 - In level 8-15 break the boxes in the far left corner
  • Golden Egg 14 - In level 9-14 fire the boomerang bird at the hat on the far right side of the screen on the small cliff.
  • Golden Egg 15 - Bust the rubber duck in the bottom left side In 10-3
  • Golden Egg 16 - Get three stars on all levels in the Big Setup
  • Achievements

  • Angry Birds Addict - Play Angry Birds for 30 hours.
  • Angry Birds Fan - Play Angry Birds for 5 hours.
  • Bird Slinger - Shoot 5,000 birds.
  • Block Smasher - Smash 50,000 blocks.
  • Defeat The King - Finish World 3.
  • Egg Cracker - Get 10 golden egg stars.
  • Egg Hunter - Find 10 golden eggs.
  • Episode 1-Score Addict Episode 1 - Get 4,000,000 points.
  • Episode 1-Total Destruction Episode 1 - Get three stars in all levels.
  • Episode 2-Score Addict Episode 2 - Get 3,300,000 points.
  • Episode 2-Total Destruction Episode 2 - Get three stars in all levels.
  • Episode 3-Score Addict Episode 3 - Get 4,800,000 points.
  • Episode 3-Total Destruction Episode 3 - Get three stars in all levels.
  • Episode 4-Score Addict Episode 4 - Get 3,900,000 points.
  • Episode 4-Total Destruction Episode 4 - Get three stars in all levels.
  • Green Baron - Finish World 8.
  • Hardhat Hidalgo - Finish World 9.
  • Herr Helmet - Finish World 1.
  • Hovering Helmet - Finish World 6.
  • Icepicker - Smash 5,000 ice blocks.
  • Mason Moustache - Finish World 10.
  • Mounting Moustache - Finish World 7.
  • Mr. Moustache - FInish World 2.
  • Pig Popper - Smash 1,000 pigs.
  • Royal Ringleader - Finish World 11.
  • Smash Maniac - Smash 500,000 blocks.
  • Star Collector - Get 750 Stars.
  • Star Gatherer - Get 1500 Stars.
  • Stonecutter - Smash 5,000 stone blocks.
  • The Imposter - Finish World 4.
  • The Mysterious - Escape Finish World 5.
  • True Angry Birds Fan - Play Angry Birds for 15 hours.
  • Woodpecker - Smash 5,000 wooden blocks.
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