Ape Escape 3 Cheats & Codes

Catch Special Kinds Of Apes Passwords

The words that are in quote are the passwords for the special apes.
"grobyc" - Make SAL-1000 appear in the Castle stage. 

"2nd man" - Make Shimmy appear in the Winterville stage. 

"blackout" - Make Dark Master appear in the Kung 
Fu Alley stage. 

"krops" - Make Spork appear in the Hide-n-Seek 
Forest stage. 

"redman" - Make Pipotron Red appear in the 
Toytown stage. Alternate "redmon". 

"coolblue" - Make Pipotron Blue appear in the 
Air Squadron stage. 

"yellowy" - Make Pipotron Yellow appear in the 
Winterville stage. 

"SAL3000" - Make SAL-3000 appear in the Space TV 
Fortress stage.

Ape Escape 3 Secret Passwords Screen

On the Title Screen, press L1, R1, L2, R2, SELECT, and START at the same time to bring up the Secret Password Screen.


On start screen, click R1+R2+L1+L2+START and a screen that says 'Enter The Secret Code' should pop up. Enter '2nd man' and Shimmy will be on the loose.

Ape Escape 3 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Final Morph

To get the final morph,The Super Monkey,you must beat specter the first time. The Super monkey allows you enter the monkeys break room.

Beating White Monkey the 2nd Time

The easier way to beat him the 2nd time is using the miracle Ninja, Just get close to him because he cant hit you with his fire attack. and from there just attack the dragon until he is defeated.

Ape Escape 3 Unlockables & Awards

Morph Fantasy Knight

Beat stage 3.