Arena Football Cheats & Codes

Big Ball

Enter L Trigger + Y, Up, Up at the line of scrimmage.

Small Ball

Enter L Trigger + Y, Down, Down at the line of scrimmage.

Reset Ball

Enter L Trigger + Y, Up, Down at the line of scrimmage.

Iron Man

Load a profile called "IronMen". All attributes for all players are maxed out.

Arena Football Unlockables & Awards

Florida Bobcats

Return an interception for a TD

Fort Worth Calvary

Get 6 sacks in a game with one player

Houston Thunderbears

Make 8 tackles in a game with one player

Iowa Barnstormers

Return a fumble for a TD

Las Vegas Sting

Return a kick for a TD

Los Angeles Cobras

Kick a 20 yd FG

New Orleans Voodoo

Kick a 30 yd FG

Massachusetts Marauders

Kick a 40 yd FG

Memphis Pharohs

Force 4 turnovers in one game

Milwaukee Mustangs

Complete a 30+ yd pass

Minnesota Fighting Pike

Complete a 40+ yd pass

New England Sea Wolves

Get a safety

New England Steamrollers

Get 5 consecutive receptions

New Jersey Gladiators

Get 10 consecutive receptions

New Jersey Red Dogs

Get 15 consecutive receptions

New Orleans Night

Play a game with no interceptions thrown

New York Cityhawks

Play a game with no sacks allowed

New York Knights

Rush for 50+ yds with one player

Oklahoma Wranglers

Make 4 defensive stops in one game

Pittsburgh Gladiators

Get 2 TDs in one game using "Be The Receiver" mode

Toronto Phantoms

Get 4 TDs in one game using "Be The Receiver" mode

Portland Forest Dragons

Get 25 completions by QB in one game

Sacramento Attack

Beat an opponent by 25+ points

San Antonio Force

Get 2 interceptions by one player

All-star Champs

Win the ArenaBowl

Columbus Thunderbolts

Get 4 receptions for a TD by one player

Cincinnati Rockers

Get 2 rushing TDs in one game

Chicago Bruisers

Get 6 TDs in one game

Cleveland Thunderbolts

Get 15 receptions in one game by one player

Connecticut Coyotes

Get 100 rushing yds in one game

Dallas Texans

Get 300 receiving yds in one game

Denver Dynomite

Commit no penalties for one game

Detroit Drive

Get 4 interceptions in one game

Albany Firebirds

Complete the "Be The Reciever" challenge

Washington Commandos

Complete the "Coverage Maneuver" challenge

Anaheim Pirates

Complete the "Kicking" challenge


Complete the "Telemetry" challenge

Buffalo Destroyers

Complete the "Jack Linebacker" challenge

St. Louis Stampede

Complete the "Mac Linebacker" challenge

Charlotte Rage

Complete the "Wall Hit" challenge

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