Armored Core 4 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Money And Schematics

Select a good AC to start with and then get to at least Chapter 3. Start fighting the sim ACs in the ACSIS menu. A good amount of money is given for each fight, and as a bonus you get the defeated AC's emblem and schematic. You can use the defeated AC schematics to defeat more ACs because you only need a buildable AC to start a mission, and not a sim. The one drawback is that you can only use AC schematics that can be tuned to a certain level. If you have enough points to tune the AC up then you can use it, otherwise it will be highlighted in red instead of yellow or white. You can also use schematics earned in the sim online.

Armored Core 4 Unlockables & Awards

Hard Difficulty

Successfully complete a chapter on the Normal difficulty setting to unlock the ability to reply any mission from that chapter on the Hard difficulty setting. Press L1 and R1 to toggles between chapters and Square to toggle between the Normal and Hard difficulty setting.

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