Armored Core: Formula Front: Extreme Battle Cheats & Codes

Manual Controlled Tricks

  • Drop Extentions : D-Pad UP and D-Pad Right Simultaneously
  • Drop Left Arm Weapon : D-Pad UP and O Simultaneously
  • Drop Right Arm Weapon : D-Pad UP and Square Simultaneously
  • Fire Energy Wave : Boost Forward on the ground and press O
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    Best Ac Unit

    Back unit R:Cr-WB91mb
    Back unit L:Wb17r-Siren3
    Arm unit R:Cr-wr93rl
    Arm unit L:Cr-wl88s2
    Opitinal:1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15, 17, 19
    This ac is good at close range and long range. use it well. It's the best ac design I ever made.

    Exhibition Matches

    Complete the Formula Regular League.

    Ending Credits Movie

    Win all 50 exhibition matches.

    Control Manual Battles

    The following actions to your AC can only be done in a manually controlled battle.
    Drop all extensions: Press Up/Right.
    Drop left arm weapon: Press Up + Circle.
    Drop right arm weapon: Press Up + Square.
    Fire energy wave: Press Circle while boosting forward on the ground.

    Armored Core: Formula Front: Extreme Battle Unlockables & Awards

    Unlockable Features

  • 50 Exhibition Matches : Beat Formula Regular League
  • Ending Credits (movie attachment) : Beat all 50 Exhibition Matches