Army Men 2 Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level	Password 

1 	Mortar, Tank, Mortar, Jeep 
2 	Jeep, Jeep, Mortar, Plane 
3 	Tank, Grenade, Tank, Mortar 
4 	Rifle, Mortar, Jeep, Plane 
5 	Mortar, Rifle, Plane, Jeep 
6 	Mortar, Grenade, Rifle, Chopper 
7 	Plane, Grenade, Rifle, Tank 
8 	Grenade, Mortar, Chopper, Mortar 
9 	Tank, Mortar, Rifle, Tank 
10 	Jeep, Chopper, Tank, Mortar 
11 	Rifle, Mortar, Grenade, Mortar 
12 	Jeep, Chopper, Grenade, Chopper 
13 	Plane, Plane, Grenade, Mortar 
14 	Plane, Rifle, Plane, Chopper 
15 	Rifle, Chopper, Chopper, Tank 
16 	Chopper, Chopper, Rifle, Grenade 
17 	Rifle, Tank, Plane, Mortar 
18 	Rifle, Rifle, Grenade, Jeep 
19 	Rifle, Jeep, Chopper, Grenade 
20 	Chopper, Grenade, Rifle, Jeep 
21 	Mortar, Grenade, Chopper, Jeep 
22 	Rifle, Tank, Chopper, Rifle 
23 	Plane, Jeep, Tank, Mortar 
24 	Chopper, Rifle, Jeep, Mortar 
25 	Tank, Grenade, Plane, Grenade 
26 	Plane, Tank, Rifle, Mortar 
27 	Tank, Tank, Jeep, Tank 
28 	Jeep, Tank, Jeep, Mortar 

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