Army Men 3D Cheats & Codes

Unlimited Ammo

Press sqaure circle L1 R1 L1+L2+R1+R2 @ the same time.

All Tools

During a mission, press start and press Square, Circle, R1, L1, R1+R2 until it says power up.

Campaign Select

At the Main menu, press Square, Circle, R1, L1, L1 + R1.

Level Select

Start a mission, pause the game and press Square, Circle, R1, L1, R1+R2.


Pause the game and quickly press Square, Circle, L1, L1+L2. Then Sarge will be invincible during the level.

First Person View

While playing a game, hold Start + Circle + Square. The game will pause. Press Start to resume the game in the first person view.

Army Men 3D Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Run Faster

To run faster hold Start, Square,and Circle during the game. The game will be paused. Resume the game and you will be able to fun faster.

Special Key

First go two player mode, and select the level titled, "Clean Up This Mess". When you get into actual gameplay, go into the closet, and on the right side of the wall between the two books, there's a key. It is used to unlock the door on the map.

Run Faster In Multi-player Mode

Hold Square + Triangle to chase your opponent quicker.