Army Men: Air Attack 2 Cheats & Codes

Level 2 Password

Up, X, Triangle, Right, Left, Square, Circle, X.

Gameshark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On) 
EC87C074 1456E60A 

Infinite Health 
4C349DB2 1456E7AF 

Infinite Copter Ammo 
3C33E74E 1456E787 

Infinite Copilot Ammo 
3C33E62E 1456E787 

Fly as a Bee (Enemies Do Not Detect You) 
4C3FEEDC 1456E7A7 

Unlock All Missions

At the main menu, choose continue game, then select password. At the password menu, press UP, X, O, UP, LEFT, SQUARE, O, X. Choose single player or coop, and, if you entered it correctly all missions will be unlocked.

Level Passwords

Level	Password

3	Triangle, Circle, Down, Left, Square, Square, Up, Up
4	X, Right, Left, X, Circle, Square, Square, Triangle
5	Down, Down, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Right, X
6	Triangle, X, Up, Left, Right, Left, Circle, Triangle
7	Right, Square, Right, Down, Circle, X, X, Right
8	Triangle, Right, Square, Square, Circle, Down, Down, X
9	Up, X, Square, Left, Right, Circle, Left, Left
10	Triangle, Up, Circle, X, Square, Down, Down, Down
11	Circle, Circle, Up, Left, Right, X, Triangle, Square
12	Right, Up, X, Right, Circle, Square, Triangle, Circle
13	Left, Left, Triangle, Circle, X, X, Down, Right
14	Square, Right, Circle, Up, Down, Square, Down, X
15	Left, Right, Circle, X, Square, Down, Down, Circle
16	Triangle, Circle, X, Right, Right, Circle, Square, Down
17	Square, Up, Up, Right, Left, Square, Down, X
18	Circle, X, Right, Triangle, Square, Up, X, X
19	Down, Right, X, Square, Right, Up, Circle, Circle
20	Up, X, Circle, Up, Left, Square, Circle, X
21	Left, Circle, Triangle, Down, X, X, X, Circle
22	Triangle, X, Down, Left, Right, X, Circle, Square

Army Men: Air Attack 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Crate Supplies

This glitch must be used on a Coop. This glitch allows you to pick up a crate and drop it on an the other player, this will not damage who it has been dropped on. It will supply the player the crate hit with whatever is in it. However the crate will break.

Defeating The Final Level Boss

To kill the Boss, you must get the Osprey.

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