Army Men: Air Combat Cheats & Codes

1 Extra Level

Go to password. Press Up(4), Right(2), Up(4).

Level Passcodes

On the passcode input screen put: Lv2 - Box, Cross, Box, Box, Lv3 - Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Cross Lv4 - Patch, Rocket, Box, Box Lv5 - Cross, Patch, Cross, Rocket Lv6 - Helmet, Rocket, Patch, Helmet Lv7 - Box, Cross, Rocket, Cross Lv8 - Rocket, Patch, Cross, Helmet Lv9 - Patch, Patch, Rocket, Rocket Lv10 - Cross, Helmet, Cross, Helmet Lv11 - Helmet, Patch, Cross, Helmet Lv12 - Box, Cross, Patch, Patch Lv13 - Rocket, Cross, Helmet, Helmet Lv14 - Patch, Cross, Box, Patch Lv15 - Cross, Box, Patch, Helmet Lv16 - Helmet, Cross, Rocket, Patch

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