Army Men Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level		Password
Desert: Cactus Flats
Ghost Town(none)Caution Grenade, Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep
En Route		Jeep, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep
Clean Up		Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun, Grenade
Desert: Casa Flats
Enter Town		Machine Gun, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun
To The Bank		Grenade, Grenade, Helicopter, Helicopter
Stop the Tans	Machine Gun, Jeep, Machine Gun, Helicopter
Tan's HQ		Jeep, Jeep, Grenade, Machine Gun
Desert: Winding Canyon
Find that Jeep	Machine Gun, Plane, Jeep, Helicopter
Clear Patrols	Tank, Helicopter, Jeep, Machine Gun
Clear the Radar	Mortar, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep
Play it Again	Machine Gun, Helicopter, Tank, Mortar
To the Helipad	Machine Gun, Mortar, Machine Gun, Helicopter
Alpine: Winding River
Patrol		Mortar, Mortar, Grenade, Machine Gun
Defense		Helicopter, Grenade, Jeep, Machine Gun
Radar Round Up	Jeep, Mortar, Machine Gun, Machine Gun
House Call		Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Plane
Movin' On		Plane, Tank, Mortar, Jeep
Alpine: Prison Camp
Assault Prep	Machine Gun, Tank, Helicopter, Jeep
Assault Start	Machine Gun, Mortar, Plane, Mortar
Destroy Camp	Mortar, Machine Gun, Grenade, Mortar
Escape		Plane, Machine Gun, Grenade, Machine Gun
Alpine: Construction
Secure Region	Mortar, Plane, Machine Gun, Plane
Get the Tank	Helicopter, Jeep, Grenade, Tank
Sack the Base	Machine Gun, Helicopter, Helicopter, Jeep
Final Assault	Mortar, Helicopter, Machine Gun, Jeep
Victory		Plane, Tank, Plane, Machine Gun

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