Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 Cheats & Codes

Level Passwords

Level	Name		Password

2 	Bridge 		FLLNGDWN 
3 	Fridge 		GTMLK 
4 	Freezer 		CHLLBB 
5 	Inside Wall 		CLSNGN 
6 	Graveyard 		DGTHS 
7 	Castle 		FRNKNSTN 
8 	Tan Base 		BDBZ 
9 	Revenge 		LBBCK 
10 	Desk 		DSKJB 
11 	Bed 		GTSLP 
12 	Blue Town 		SMLLVLL 
13 	Cashier 		CHRGT 
14 	Train 		NTBRT 
15 	Rockets 		RDGLR 
16 	Pool Table 		FSTNLS 
17 	Pinball Table 	WHSWZRD 

All Weapons

Enter "GBZRK" as a password.

Maximum Ammunition

Enter "SLGFST" as a password.

Play as General Plastro

Enter "PLSTRLVSVG" as a password.

Play as Vikki

Enter "GRNGRLRX" as a password.

Mini Mode

Enter "DRVLLVSMM" as a password.

Tin Foil Uniform

Enter "TNMN" as a password. Note: This is not armor, although there is a resemblance.

Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Good Kill Zone

When you play in multiplayer mode you will find two areas with shields. The first and closest is on top of the table lamp. To get there jump on the cassettes and then on the boom box. The second plade is on top of the green book by the computer. To get there, jump on the cassettes by the shoe box and jump on the shoe box. Both of these places are good sniper shot areas and if you stand where the shield appears, you can get an infinite source of shields.

2 Vikkis

Put in the code to be Vikki (grngrlrx) then you can play as Vikki. Then start your game at bootcamp then when you are at the end Vikki will come out of the door and there are 2 Vikkis. (one of them is you).

Vikki On The GREY Team!

Start your game in boot camp then shoot every green soldier you see. Then when you get to the end, you will see Vikki in a GREY uniform and she is trying to attack you!!

Skeletons In The Graveyard Stage

Go to the graveyard stage and go to the area where there are 3 coffins and some gravestones. There is a nearby flamethrower, pick it up and you can burn the coffins and they have skeletons in them.

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