Astonishia Story Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Easy Critical Hits

It's VERY hard to do it perfectly but if you press it as soon as Lloyd is done swinging press X and it will highly increase your chances of performing a critical hit. if you do it too early or too late it probably wont do anything.

Defeating The White Dragon

When fighting the white dragon after defeating Brimhild, try to stay out of its meteor attack range. The dragon does not move. Stay just outside it or it will probably knock out whichever character it hits. It can knock out more than one person. Line Ylenne up on a straight line with the dragon. Then, use Ylenne's Hell Fire attack. It should have the range to hit the dragon if you are just outside the meteor attack. Use the other characters to restore her MP so she can use Hell Fire repeatedly. For this strategy to work, you need lots of Magic Potions and Grilled Eels (30 each recommended if she is over level 20). If done correctly, the dragon should not kill anyone after you learn the meteor attack range.