ATV Offroad Fury Cheats & Codes

All ATV's

Go to pro-career mode and as a career name enter "Chaching" in you entered it correctly you will have all the ATV's.

Increased Difficulty

In the Pro-career mode, enter "ALLOUTAI" for the name. This will increase the difficulty. I got this code after beating the game the second time (got a 1000cc Quad after the first win).

Disable Wrecks

Enter the "FLYPAPER" in the pro-career mode.

Ravage 1000

On the Menu Screen go down to Pro-Career... when the type screen comes up type in "CheeChin" that will give you the 4-wheeler Ravage 1000 ... you'll have to look for it in the list of 4- wheelers. But after you get it in their, you can use the 4-wheeler any where else.. freestyle etc...

Unlock All Stadium Tracks

Go to pro-career mode, and then enter "WHATEXIT" and a new pro-career name. If you entered the cheat correctly it will go back to the main page.

Secret Atv And Body Suit

Go to the professional menu and as your name enter "CHACHING." If you did this correctly it should go back to the main menu. Go to any type of game play except for training or professional. Then when cycling through the atv's you should see a (blue and orange) ravage atv ,and in the body suit section you should see a suit that says atv. (on the front)

Unlock Tracks

To unlock all tracks, go to pro-career option and put in "whatexit". If done properly you will go back to the main menu and all the tracks will be unlocked.

Expert Mode

Select pro-career mode, then enter "ALLOUTAI" as a name. If you entered the code correctly, the game will return to the name entry screen.

Increased Difficulty

In the Pro-career mode, enter "ALLOUTAI" for the name. This will increase the difficulty. I got this code after beating the game the second time (got a 1000cc Quad after the first win).

ATV Offroad Fury Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches


When you jump off a hill or cliff if you know you're going to crash, just press R1 and L1 at the same time, and it will look like you teleported where you were before you went into the air. HINT:if you are playing tag with a friend stay in the same spot for about 2 sec.,then keep pressing R1 and L1 over and over again and he or she will go right through you!!

Real Offroad Fury

When you start keep going strait forward and try not to crash. Then after a couple minutes you will reach an invisible mine [on any level] and you blast high in the sky.

How To Walk On Your ATV(it Is Cool)

You can walk on your ATV just by following some easy steps. First you do a wheely then you keep pressing X while your pressing left and right while holding down then you are walking on your ATV. Do this in a nice open feild.

Fort Roberts Lookout Tower

Select "Cross Country Enduro", then choose the "Fort Roberts" level. Choose "Lap Attack" and "Long Race". Choose a character and begin game play. There should be a gray building in front of you at the fourth gate. Enter the opening and go up the stairs to your right. Go up the stairs very slowly and when you get to the top you should be in the hallway. Keep going until you see more stairs. Go up the slowly and go straight up the next flight of stairs in front of you. You should then be on the lookout tower.

Hillarious Jump

In freestyle, go the the last course be pressing left and during it somewhere you will end up hitting a bump and go flying. This may take a while to do this.

Long Jump

When you are going up a hill and want to get mre air, all you have to do is pull back on the left analog joystick and push it farword. If you do it right your quad will get some more air. NOTE when you do your long jump, wait until the bar by the speedometer is green, if you do it correctly it will show red.

Infinite Tricks

Go to Fort Roberts and find the G.I. training ground. When you get there find the three stair like bars in front of the X looking things. Get right in front of the small one and back up. Do a wheelie onto the small one. If you do it right your ATV will get caught on the middle log and and you can do as many tricks as you want, but be sure to keep your balance.

1000cc Quad ATV

Successfully complete pro-career mode.