ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 Cheats & Codes

Get All Tracks, Riders, ATV's And Bonues!

Enter GOLDRUSH as profile name to get: All tracks, riders, ATV's and Bonues(it not included the maximum stats: for maximum stats is GINGHAM).

Various Cheats

Enter the following names for your profile name to get the desired cheats:

DOUBLEBARREL - Get Challenges

ROADKILL - Get All Tracks

BUBBA - Get all riders


FIDDLERSELBOW - Get all Tricks

GINGHAM - Max out Stats

ATV: Quad Power Racing 2 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Through The Vents

When starting out on multiplayer freestyle turn around and you will see vents (you might have to look up) go up the ramp (try not to die) when you see the vents right in front of you do a backflip (use the vents to do the backflip) and die you will fall from the sky and go "Through The Vents".


In Freestyle mode you can do a flip without going off a ramp. First you do a wheelie and drive. Then you hold A down. Then let go of A. If you did this right you should do a flip.

Win ATC And Other ATV`s

Win atleast 8 out of 15 races in ARCADE mode. THIS THE ONLY ATV YOU WIN IN THE ARCADE MODE!ALL others ATV`s you win in Career mode.

Easy Turbo

When going off a huge jump do a 360 by pushing the direction stick right or left and do two tricks while doing the 360. The better the tricks the better the boost. If you can get more than two tricks in at that time thought it can help alot more and almost fill your boost totally in one trick.

To Get Viper And Dimension

Go to ATV academy (at top). Beat control training and trick training. Go to free-style mode,then it should show the ATVs.

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