Avatar: The Burning Earth Cheats & Codes

All Bonus Games And Gallery Items

Bonus games cheat code: 99801
All gallery items cheat code: 85061

One Hit Dishonor

Enter the cheat code: 28260

Maximum Level

Enter the cheat code: 89121

Unlimited Special Attacks

Enter the cheat code: 66206

Unlock Gallery

Enter 85061.

Double Damage For Enemies

Go to the code entry on the main menu an enter 90210.

Unlimited Health

Go to the code entry at the main menu and enter 65049.

Avatar: The Burning Earth Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Get All The Acheievment In Less Then A Min

On the first mission run to the left turn around where you are facing the guys and just keep pressing the B button and in like 1 min of doing this you will get them and don't quit the mission.

Throw a Fire Rock

Hit up down down left and the he will throw fire rock instad a normol rock.

Avatar: The Burning Earth Unlockables & Awards

Getting The 5 Achievements

To unlock all 5 achievements in this game is simple. During the beginning of the game, at the tutorial, just run to the right and press the B button from a far. You will get the first two achievements before a cut-scene. Keep on using the B button. In 2-5 minutes, you will get the other 3 achievements.

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