Backyard Baseball 2009 Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Getting People In Regular 9 Inning Games

Instead of working yourself to get players in season play, you should just do regular 9 inning games and unlock people that way instead(its much easier).

Backyard Baseball 2009 Unlockables & Awards

Jake Peavy

To unlock this great pitcher you must get 50 strikeouts in one season. You should go with 35 9 inning games to unlock him.

Vladamere Guerrero

If you want to unlock "Vlady" then you must hit the cycle in a game(easier in regular 9 inning games).

Big League Field

To get big league field, beat the backyard world series on easy.

Derek Jeter

To get Derek Jeter, you need to get two double plays in one game.

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