Backyard Hockey Cheats & Codes

Secret Players

The secret players are:
Buddy Check
Lemon boy
Beverly Backstop
Note: If you typed them correctly you will hear a sound.

Secret Coaches

The secret coaches are:
Ikan Trace
Ivanna Type
Mike Mcmeeting
Note: If you typed them correctly you will hear a sound.

Backyard Hockey Hints, Tips, Tricks, Secrets, & Glitches

Best Team

Ok. The last person who entered the "best team" hint was close. The actual best team is as follows:
Center- Mike Modano
Foward- Steve Yzerman
Defense- Brian Leetch
Goalie- Beverly Backstop

Center- Thor Herring (aka lemonboy)
Foward- Paul Kariya
Defense- Pablo Sanchez
Now, some of you might be thinking I'm crazy because I didn't put Thor Herring in the first line. Personally, I'm better with Modano. And let me just tell you this: using this exact team I won 35-0. Each player had 6 goals (except Modano who had 5). I promise you: this works.


To become unstopable you need to pick: Thor Herring who you have to create by typing Lemon boy, Beaverly backstop who you have to create just type her name, Pablo Sanchez, Jocinda Smith, Kiesha Phillips, Mike Madano, and Brian Leetch. And name your coach Ivanna Type and you will be unstopable if you are good enough. I went through the whole season without losing and I at least won by 7.

Best Team

The seven best overall players are:
Thor "Lemon Boy" Herring: 50
Dmitri Petrovich -40
Pablo Sanchez: 40
Jocinda Smith: 39
Mike Modano: 39
Brian Leetch: 37
Kenny Kawaguchi or Stephanie Morgan: 37 

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